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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1159 playlist up with 49457 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-29Swallow The SunMemory Of LightSongs From The North I, II & IIICentury Media Records
2. 2020-06-29Dark Morbid DeathSpawn of the WormsSatanic KillsOld Cemetery Records
3. 2020-06-29Smouldering in ForgottenAll Is One Until DeathLegions Into Black FlamesOld Cemetery Records
4. 2020-06-22HexvesselDrugged Up On The UniverseWhen We Are DeathCentury Media Records
5. 2020-06-22DevastatorFour EmperorsThe SummoningOld Cemetery Records
6. 2020-06-22MorgothSubmissionOdiumCentury Media
7. 2020-06-22Black TormentUnholy Hymns to the Triumph of EvilSatanic HolocaustOld Cemetery Records
8. 2020-06-22EntrailsMidnight CoffinObliterationMetal Blade Records
9. 2020-06-22StormwindThunder & LightningTaken By StormCastle Music America
10. 2020-06-15Fragments of UnbecomingLive for This Moment, Stay 'Til the EndSterling Black IconMetal Blade Records
11. 2020-06-15FalconerRedeem and RepentFrom a Dying EmberMetal Blade Records
12. 2020-06-15Liege LordSoldiers' FortuneMaster ControlMetal Blade
13. 2020-06-08MorgothWhite GalleryEternal Fall - Resurrection AbsurdCentury Media
14. 2020-06-08MIEA02 Under the Healing StoneChaos and PerfectionsSlovak Metal Army
15. 2020-06-08Despised IconAll For NothingDay of MourningCentury Media Records
16. 2020-06-08Liege LordMaster ControlMaster ControlMetal Blade
17. 2020-06-01ImmolithRites of the Blood
18. 2020-06-01Dominion of Suffering04 A Starborn OverlordThe Birth of Hateful ExistenceSlovak Metal Army
19. 2020-06-01ImmolationDawn of PossessionDawn of PossessionMetal Mind Productions
20. 2020-06-01Coffin Curse02 Where Sickness ThrivesCeased to BeMemento Mori
21. 2020-05-25Cryptworm03 Self-DismembermentReeking Gunk AbhorrenceMe Saco Un Ojo
22. 2020-05-25SorcererLamenting of the InnocentLamenting of the InnocentMetal Blade Records
23. 2020-05-25Bolt ThrowerGranite WallThose Once LoyalMetal Blade Records
24. 2020-05-25Cirith UngolNightmareForever BlackMetal Blade Records
25. 2020-05-18MegadethIn My Darkest HourThat One NightImage Entertainment
26. 2020-05-18ASGKillers For HireFeeling Good Is Good EnoughVolcom Entertainment
27. 2020-05-18BorknagarIn a Deeper WorldUrdCentury Media Records
28. 2020-05-18BehemothShadows ov Ea Cast Upon GolgothaA ForestMetal Blade Records
29. 2020-05-18Mist, TheJesus LandGottverlassenPavement Music
30. 2020-05-18Since the FloodLaid to RestNo CompromiseMetal Blade
31. 2020-05-11BloodbathThe SoulcollectorResurrection Through CarnageCentury Media
32. 2020-05-11TesseractDeceptionConcealing FateCentury Media Records
33. 2020-05-11ArchitectHouse of 1000 Habeus CorpsesGhost of the Salt Water MachinesMetal Blade
34. 2020-05-11the_NetworkPlay DeadThis Is Your Pig's PortraitMetal Blade/Blackmarket Activitie
35. 2020-05-11Crown, TheWorld BelowCrowned Unholy, Disc 1Metal Blade Records
36. 2020-05-11Criminal ElementUnjust IncarcerationGuilty as ChargedLacerated Enemy Records - via Metalhit
37. 2020-05-11Stray From The PathOutbreakSubliminal CriminalsSumerian Records
38. 2020-05-11FinntrollDen Frusna MunnenNifelvindCentury Media Records
39. 2020-05-04The Black Dahlia MurderSunless EmpireVerminousMetal Blade Records
40. 2020-05-04Pyre (Russia)Across the Shores of Emerald FractalsChained to OssuariesMemento Mori
41. 2020-05-04ExtolIn ReversalBlueprintCentury Media Records
42. 2020-05-04Amon AmarthArmy of DarknessVersus the World (Bonus CD)Metal Blad (SPV)
43. 2020-04-27Kurnugia (U.S.)03 Crown of SufferForlorn and ForsakenMemento Mori
44. 2020-04-27Cancer BatsArsenic in the Year of the SnakeSearching for ZeroMetal Blade Records
45. 2020-04-20Cannabis CorpseSworn To The BagBeneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt RiseTankcrimes
46. 2020-04-20The Black Dahlia MurderRemoval of the Oaken StakeVerminousMetal Blade Records
47. 2020-04-20Funeralopolis02 Crawling Caskets...of Deceit and Utter MadnessMemento Mori
48. 2020-04-20Cirith UngolThe Frost MonstremeForever BlackMetal Blade Records
49. 2020-04-20EthernalColossusGrim EthernityUnholy Design - via Metalhit
50. 2020-04-20CanvasFortyonesixtyonefortythreeCanvasMetal Blade Records
51. 2020-03-16CaliginosityUpon My Silent GraveIn Celebration of the SerpentBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
52. 2020-03-16Orphaned Land- Disciples Of The Sacred Oath IiThe Never Ending Way Of ORwarriorCentury Media Records
53. 2020-03-09Formosa04 Night of the WitchDanger ZoneMetalville Records
54. 2020-03-02Savage MessiahHellblazerThe Fateful DarkCentury Media Records
55. 2020-03-02Cannibal CorpseCarrion Sculpted EntityEvisceration PlagueMetal Blade
56. 2020-03-02AtomicideOrange RainRawsouthamericanwarmetalOld Cemetery Records
57. 2020-03-02VultureTyrantulaGhastly Waves & Battered GravesMetal Blade Records
58. 2020-02-24GraveWinds Of ChainsEndless Procession Of SoulsCentury Media Records
59. 2020-02-24BloodbathMass StrangulationResurrection Through CarnageCentury Media
60. 2020-02-24DeicideWitness of DeathTo Hell With GodCentury Media Records
61. 2020-02-24IntronautThe CullFluid Existential InversionsMetal Blade Records
62. 2020-02-24NeaeraFalse ShepherdsNeaeraMetal Blade Records
63. 2020-02-17EnthronedTales from a Blackened HordeBlackend, Vol. 2Metal Blade
64. 2020-02-17WarhammerCurse of the Sabbath (Necronom's Evocation)Curse of the Absolute EclipseMetal Mind Productions
65. 2020-02-17WitcheryPlague RiderDon't Fear the ReaperCentury Media
66. 2020-02-17ImpietyVientos de HolocaustoTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)Agonia Records - via Metalhit
67. 2020-02-10Cannibal CorpseThey Deserve to DieThe Wretched Spawn, Disc 1Metal Blade Records
68. 2020-02-10Chronicles of Hate5 - The Beast WithinThe Birth of Hate (Extreme Metal Music) Feb 28, 2020Extreme Metal Music
69. 2020-02-10EndseekerEpitome of DecadenceThe HarvestMetal Blade Records
70. 2020-02-10ManticoreAbhorrent Baptism In The Vestal CavityBehold The Ascention Of The ExcreatedOld Cemetary Records
71. 2020-02-03...And OceansAngelinaCypherCentury Media
72. 2020-02-03SvyatogorRavens and WolvesWith Wolfish Stalk and by Wings of BlackBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
73. 2020-02-03God DethronedBook of LiesIlluminatiMetal Blade Records
74. 2020-02-03Into The MoatGruntThe CampaignMetal Blade
75. 2020-01-27Divine HeresyMonolithic Doomsday DevicesBringer of PlaguesCentury Media Records
76. 2020-01-27Ancient WrathIn the fires of the ancient starsDarkness upon the face of the depthBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
77. 2020-01-27AnthraxI Am the LawAmong the LivingMegaforce/Island
78. 2020-01-27EliteVolvens Vinter SeidWe Own the MountainsFolter Records - via Metalhit
79. 2020-01-20Broken HopeDevourer of SoulsSwamped in GoreMetal Blade Records
80. 2020-01-20Ekpyrosis04 Immolate The DeniedAsphyxiating DevotionMemento Mori
81. 2020-01-20Aethyrick03 Stellar FleshGnosisThe Sinister Flame
82. 2020-01-20PestilenceHate SuicideResurrection MacabreMascot/Mega Force
83. 2020-01-13ImpalerMalignant DreamsCharnel DeityCentury Media
84. 2020-01-13AnteriorOf Gods and MenEchoes of the FallenMetal Blade
85. 2020-01-13Coffin Curse04 Descend into AbhorrenceCeased to BeMemento Mori
86. 2020-01-13Proscrito02 Tronos de OprobioLlagas y EstigmasMemento Mori
87. 2020-01-13Paul Di'Anno04 Remember TomorrowHell Over Waltrop - Live in GeMetalville Records
88. 2020-01-13Surgical Strike (Germany)04 ConspiracyPart of a Sick WorldMetalville Records
89. 2020-01-06NaglfarAn Extension Of His Arm And WilTérasCentury Media Records
90. 2020-01-06Angel WitchWindow of DespairAngel of LightMetal Blade Records
91. 2020-01-06UnleashedA Life BeyondShadows in the DeepCentury Media
92. 2020-01-06DaggerspawnAwakeningSuffering Upon The Throne Of DepravitySevared Records - via Metalhit
93. 2019-12-30Ashen HordeFinal AscentFallen Cathedrals - Out March 22, 2019Extrem Metal Music
94. 2019-12-30Snowfalluit de baarmoeder gerukte boskDelerium Tremens [NHR2008]NHR Records - via Metalhit
95. 2019-12-30TurmoilKilling Today For A Better TomorrowThe Process ofCentury Media
96. 2019-12-30Ed GeinKilling a Co-WorkerJudas Goats and DieseleatersMetal Blade
97. 2019-12-23Austrian Death MachineJingle BellsA Very Brutal ChristmasMetal Blade
98. 2019-12-16Harm's WayRepressionReality ApproachesMetal Blade Records
99. 2019-12-16Tony Danza Tapdance ExtravaganzaI Don't Mean to Impose, But I Am the OceanDanza IIMetal Blade
100. 2019-12-09BelfegorWe Go Through the SnowKingdom of Glacial PalacesWorld War III (American Music Corp)
101. 2019-12-02Rapheumets WellSecrets of The Demigods - Rapheumets Well - End...Enders DoorTest Your Metal Records
102. 2019-12-02Ocean, TheKilling the FliesAeolianMetal Blade
103. 2019-11-25Killswitch EngageKnow Your EnemyAtonementMetal Blade Records
104. 2019-11-25Nocturnal Hollow04 Devilish BloodDeathless and FleshlessUndeground Movement
105. 2019-11-18Cattle DecapitationApex BlasphemyThe Anthropocene ExtinctionMetal Blade Records
106. 2019-11-18SwampbeastChant Of BolotnikHolocaust of Terrestrial EmpiresMe Saco Un Ojo
107. 2019-11-18Angel WitchDeath from AndromedaAngel of LightMetal Blade Records
108. 2019-11-11SlayerAngel of DeathReign in Bloodamerican
109. 2019-11-11SacrificeLight Of The EndForward to Terminationmetalblade
110. 2019-11-11Nasty SavageAbstract RealityAbstract RealityMetal Blade
111. 2019-11-11HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATHSatans CrusadeHobbs' Angel Of Deathsteam_hammer
112. 2019-11-11Cirith UngolWar EternalOne Foot In HellMetal Blade Records
113. 2019-11-11ExciterDelivering To The MasterVoilence and Forcemegaforce
114. 2019-11-11Mad MaxShout And CryRollin' ThunderMetal Blade Records
115. 2019-11-11AngusDragon ChaseCrack Of Doommedusa
116. 2019-11-04Rose FuneralGod DemiseThe Resting SonataMetal Blade
117. 2019-10-28GWARI Love the PigsBeyond HellDRT Entertainment
118. 2019-10-28NevermoreSound of SilenceBelieve in NothingCentury Media
119. 2019-10-28SanctuaryWaiting For The SunThe Year The Sun DiedCentury Media Records
120. 2019-10-21ImpiousSuicide ParkHellucinateMetal Blade
121. 2019-10-14Crown, TheZombifiedPossessed 13, Disc 1Metal Blade Records
122. 2019-10-14Die Kunst der Finsternis02 GrotesqueRevenant in a Phantom World (Queen of Owls Addendum)Lamech Records
123. 2019-10-14OrthodoxyFlame of Primordial EssenceNovus Lux DominusThe Sinister Flame
124. 2019-10-07Anaal NathrakhA Firm Foundation of Unyielding DespairDesideratumMetal Blade Records
125. 2019-10-07CathedralInfestation of Grey DeathThe Last Spiremetalblade
126. 2019-10-07Ectoplasma05 Ghostly Emanations In The MortuarWhite-Eyed TranceMemento Mori
127. 2019-10-07Lvx Caelis02 Fading into GolgothaMaher Shalal Hash BazLamech Records
128. 2019-10-07Vultur03 High on AdrenochromeDrowned in Gangrenous BloodMemento Mori
129. 2019-09-30ImpaledWrought in HellDeath After LifeCentury Media Records
130. 2019-09-30EntrailsIn the Shape of the DeadRise of the ReaperMetal Blade Records
131. 2019-09-30Crown, TheGive You HellHell Is HereMetal Blade Records
132. 2019-09-30InfestationSelf ImpaledMass ImmolationPavement Music
133. 2019-09-23ImmolationAfter My PrayersDawn of PossessionMetal Mind Productions
134. 2019-09-23DisgorgeViscose Oseal FibromaChronic Corpora InfestAmerican Line Productions
135. 2019-09-23Sacred ReichKilling MachineAwakeningMetal Blade Records
136. 2019-09-16EyehategodTake as Needed for PainTake as Needed for PainCentury Media Records
137. 2019-09-16TýrWhere Eagles DareValkyrjaMetal Blade Records
138. 2019-09-16RAMViolence (Is Golden)The Throne WithinMetal Blade Records
139. 2019-09-09Strapping Young LadSkeksisAlienCentury Media
140. 2019-09-09Carcinoid04 The DrowningMetastatic DeclinationMemento Mori
141. 2019-09-09AcheronBlood Oath (Pactum Tacitum)The Final ConflictDispleased Records - via Metalhit
142. 2019-09-02Unborn SufferMass SuicideDesecrate/Retaliate/ObliterateSoulflesh Collector Records - via Metalhit
143. 2019-09-02EndseekerSpiritual EuphoriaThe HarvestMetal Blade Records
144. 2019-09-02THE LURKING FEARVortex SpawnOut Of The Voiceless GraveCentury Media Records
145. 2019-08-26NecrotRather Be DeadBlood OfferingsTankcrimes
146. 2019-08-19AnnihilatorCouple SuicideMetalSteamhammer
147. 2019-08-19Tengger Cavalry8 Horseman [Tengger Cavalry]Tengger Cavalry Nine Treasures Ego FallMongol Metal
148. 2019-08-19GWARRagnarokRagNaRokMetal Blade Records
149. 2019-08-19ExecrationNekrocosmReturn to the VoidMetal Blade Records
150. 2019-08-12Criminal ElementSuicide by CopGuilty as ChargedLacerated Enemy Records - via Metalhit
151. 2019-08-12CaliginositySuicide SeductionIn Celebration of the SerpentBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
152. 2019-08-12Killswitch EngageI Am Broken TooAtonementMetal Blade Records
153. 2019-08-12Sacred ReichSalvationAwakeningMetal Blade Records
154. 2019-08-12ImmolationInto Everlasting FireDawn of PossessionMetal Mind Productions
155. 2019-08-12Od'SaheAn Astral Suicide - The Wonderpath ov Curse, Plague n' LeprosyPhilosophy ov Self-destructionBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
156. 2019-08-05ImmolationFall from a High PlaceClose to a World BelowMetal Blade
157. 2019-07-29EvildeadGlobal WarmingThe UnderworldSteamhammer UK [SPV]
158. 2019-07-29Bastard SaplingLantern At The End Of TimeInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
159. 2019-07-29Mystic CircleUndestructable Power of DarknessInfernal Satanic VersesWorld War III (American Music Corp)
160. 2019-07-29Soul ReaperWritten in BloodWritten in BloodMetal Mind Productions
161. 2019-07-22VomitoryAutopsy ExtravaganzaPrimal MassacreMetal Blade
162. 2019-07-15AsphyxEmperors of SalvationAsphyxCentury Media/Grind Core
163. 2019-07-15VomitoryShrouded in DarknessOpus Mortis VIIIMetal Blade
164. 2019-07-15EntrailsBeyond the FleshObliterationMetal Blade Records
165. 2019-07-08EyehategodKill Your BossTake as Needed for PainCentury Media Records
166. 2019-07-08TurmoilStaring BackThe Process ofCentury Media
167. 2019-07-08Bison b.c.Finally AsleepLovelessnessMetal Blade
168. 2019-07-01BloodbathLike FireResurrection Through CarnageCentury Media
169. 2019-07-01NecrotBreathing MachineBlood OfferingsTankcrimes
170. 2019-07-01DaggerspawnI Am The Thousand PlaguesSuffering Upon The Throne Of DepravitySevared Records - via Metalhit
171. 2019-07-01Type O NegativeThe Profits of DoomDead AgainSteamhammer
172. 2019-06-24Od'SaheIn the Embrace ov the EmptynessPhilosophy ov Self-destructionBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
173. 2019-06-17IngestedExtinction EventThe Architect of ExtinctionCentury Media (Universal Music)
174. 2019-06-17Dark FortressEvenfallYlemCentury Media Records
175. 2019-06-03AbigailDark ImaginationsMantak / The Eastern Desekratorzold_cemetery
176. 2019-06-03Black TormentBlasphemous Altars of the ImpureBloody Signs Of DevastationOld Cemetery Records
177. 2019-06-03DevastatorThe Summoning/A Thousand and One NightsThe SummoningOld Cemetery Records
178. 2019-06-03Charred Walls of the DamnedVoices Within the WallsCharred Walls of the DamnedMetal Blade
179. 2019-06-03Pestifer08 - Riding the Storms of Hate MMXVIExecration DiatribesLavadome Productions
180. 2019-06-03VultureGhastly Waves & Battered GravesGhastly Waves & Battered GravesMetal Blade Records
181. 2019-05-27OmenPrince Of DarknessBattle CryMetal Blade
182. 2019-05-27BloodclotManicUp in ArmsMetal Blade Records
183. 2019-05-27NeaeraWalk with FireOurs Is the StormMetal Blade
184. 2019-05-20Anaal NathrakhThe Apocalypse Is About You!A New Kind of HorrorMetal Blade Records
185. 2019-05-20UnleashedDead ForeverIn the Eyes of DeathCentury Media
186. 2019-05-20VomitoryRotting HillBlood RaptureMetal Blade
187. 2019-05-20DEICIDECompliments of ChristOvertures Of BlasphemyCentury Media Records
188. 2019-05-20TheoriesCycle of DecayRegressionMetal Blade Records
189. 2019-05-20Amon AmarthThe Fate of Norns (Live at Summer Breeze T-Stage)The Pursuit of VikingsMetal Blade Records
190. 2019-05-20BelowThe Whitechapel MurdererAcross the Dark RiverMetal Blade Records
191. 2019-05-20AbnormalityAssimilationMechanisms of OmniscienceMetal Blade Records
192. 2019-05-13PrimordialSons of the MorriganStorm Before CalmMetal Blade
193. 2019-05-13Misery SpeaksStorm Of IdealsCatalogue Of CarnageDrakkar Entertainment
194. 2019-05-13DestrageAt the Cost of PleasureThe Chosen OneMetal Blade Records
195. 2019-05-06AeonI Will BurnPath Of FireMetal Blade
196. 2019-04-29Between the Buried and MeThe Coma Machine (Live)Coma EclipticMetal Blade Records
197. 2019-04-29Morbid Goat FornicatorInvocators of the Nuclear GoatNuclear VaticanoOld Cemetery Records
198. 2019-04-15Nasty SavageHypnotic TranceIndulgencemetalblade
199. 2019-04-15ProphetAssylumCycle Of The Moonmegaforce
200. 2019-04-15AttackerKick Your FaceBattle At Helm's Deepmetalblade
201. 2019-04-15AssassinAbstract WarInterstellar Experiancesteamhammer
202. 2019-04-15SlayerRaining BloodReign in Bloodamerican
203. 2019-04-15VoivodNuclear WarWar and Painmetalblade
204. 2019-04-15SatanKey To OblivionInto The Futuresteam_hammer
205. 2019-04-15JuggernautBurn TonightBaptism Under FireMetal Blade Records
206. 2019-04-15DestructionThe RitualInfernal Overkillmetalblade
207. 2019-04-08Into The MoatFrom 1,000 MetersThe CampaignMetal Blade
208. 2019-04-08The OceanMesoarcheanPrecambrianMetal Blade Records
209. 2019-04-08Red Death, TheTwilight of the IdolsExternal Frames of ReferenceMetal Blade
210. 2019-04-08WitcheryOath BreakerIn His Infernal Majesty's ServiceCentury Media Records
211. 2019-04-08RUINThe Embrace of DemonsHuman AnnihilationMemento Mori
212. 2019-04-08Iced EarthThe Number of the BeastTribute to the Gods, Disc 2Century Media
213. 2019-04-01GhostCon Clavi Con DioOpus EponymousMetal Blade
214. 2019-04-01Thou Art LordSociety of the DiletantiGrimoier Compilation 7Metal Age Productions
215. 2019-04-01Black TormentOwner of Profane ProphecyBloody Signs Of DevastationOld Cemetery Records
216. 2019-04-01God DethronedClose to VictoryThe World AblazeMetal Blade Records
217. 2019-04-01FleshcrawlDeathvastationSoulskinnerMetal Blade Records
218. 2019-03-25The OceanNeoarcheanPrecambrianMetal Blade Records
219. 2019-03-25Filtheater05 Swallowed at DuskBlight of Sempiternal PutrefactionMemento Mori
220. 2019-03-25Solitude AeturnusPainThrough the Darkest HourPavement Music
221. 2019-03-25God ForbidBroken PromiseDeterminationCentury Media Records
222. 2019-03-25PerverserapHSavage MessiahNamtaruWorld War III (American Music Corp)
223. 2019-03-18Bastard SaplingSubterranean Rivers Of BloodInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
224. 2019-03-18Exumer03 Carnage RiderHostile DefianceMetal Blade Records
225. 2019-03-18PeccatumI Breathe Without Access to AirBlackend, Vol. 4, Disc 2Metal Blade
226. 2019-03-18BorknagarPanoramaWinter ThriceCentury Media Records
227. 2019-03-18Crown, The1999-Revolution 666Hell Is HereMetal Blade Records
228. 2019-03-11Fates WarningDon't Follow MeParallelsMetal Blade Records
229. 2019-03-11SodomRemember the FallenAgent OrangeSteamhammer/SPV
230. 2019-03-11Rivers of NihilThe Silent LifeWhere Owls Know My NameMetal Blade Records
231. 2019-03-11Despised IconSheltered ReminiscenceIlls of Modern ManCentury Media Records
232. 2019-03-04NephasthFlames TriumphImmortal Unholy TriumphWorld War III (American Music Corp)
233. 2019-03-04Ashen HordeProfound DarknessFallen CathedralsExtrem Metal Music
234. 2019-03-04CaliginosityThe Bitter PoisonIn Celebration of the SerpentBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
235. 2019-02-25ApiarySolidified FoundationLost in FocusMetal Blade/Ironclad
236. 2019-02-25Red Chord, TheIt Came from Over TherePrey for EyesMetal Blade
237. 2019-02-25Into the MoatThe Last CenturyThe CampaignMetal Blade
238. 2019-02-18ZoroasterBlack HoleMatadorE1 Entertainment
239. 2019-02-18DisgorgeLymphatic Orgy in a Ulcerated IncubationChronic Corpora InfestAmerican Line Productions
240. 2019-02-18AT THE GATESThe ChasmTo Drink From The Night ItselfCentury Media Records
241. 2019-02-11Electric WizardPatterns Of EvilBlack MassesMetal Blade
242. 2019-02-11Downfall Of Gaia02 The Grotesque Illusion of BeingEthic Of Radical FinitudeMetal Blade Records
243. 2019-02-11Thy PrimordialBlodsgräsUnder Iskall Troll ManeWorld War III (American Music Corp)
244. 2019-02-11PeccatumI Breathe Without Access to AirBlackend, Vol. 4, Disc 2Metal Blade
245. 2019-02-04MoonspellThe Southern DeathstyleThe AntidoteCentury Media
246. 2019-02-04GWARHell IntroViolence Has ArrivedMetal Blade Records
247. 2019-02-04GWARBattle-LustViolence Has ArrivedMetal Blade Records
248. 2019-02-04Demolition HammerPyroclastic AnnihilationEpidemic of ViolenceCentury Media Records
249. 2019-01-28TerrorMarch to RedemptionThe Damned, The ShamedCentury Media
250. 2019-01-28Downfall Of Gaia03 We Pursue the Serpent of TimeEthic Of Radical FinitudeMetal Blade Records
251. 2019-01-21MayhemFreezing MoonA Tribute to the Black EmperorsWarhammer
252. 2019-01-14LIKCelebration of the TwistedCarnageMetal Blade Records
253. 2019-01-14KrisiunThe Sword of OrionThe Great ExecutionCentury Media Records
254. 2019-01-14HorrisonousPerpetual MincingA Culinary CacophonyMemento Mori
255. 2019-01-07SpeirlingWrath of the WildThe PiperUnholy Design - via Metalhit
256. 2019-01-07Ravenous DeathEvil Dementia (The Voices of the Nobodies)Chapters of an Evil TransitionMemento Mori
257. 2019-01-07Vile ApparitionDissect to EnucleateDepravity OrdainedMemento Mori
258. 2019-01-07AntropomorphiaIn Bestial DecadenceSermon ov WrathMetal Blade Records
259. 2019-01-07Black Dahlia MurderChrist DeformedDeflorateMetal Blade
260. 2018-12-31VomitoryBlessed and ForsakenBlood RaptureMetal Blade
261. 2018-12-31GWARRagnarokRagNaRokMetal Blade Records
262. 2018-12-31SarcofagoOrgy of FliesHateCogumelo
263. 2018-12-31MacabreApartment #213DahmerHammerheart Records
264. 2018-12-31EnthrallmentBonegrinderImmerse into Bloody BlissMetal Age Productions - via Metalhit
265. 2018-12-31BelphegorPurity Through FireBlutsabbathWorld War III (American Music Corp)
266. 2018-12-24TombsSaturnalianThe Grand AnnihilationMetal Blade Records
267. 2018-12-24MayhemPagan FearsArmageddon Over Wacken Live 2004, Disc 1Armageddon Entertainment
268. 2018-12-24Brutally Deceased06 Ruthless CleansingSatanic Corpse CDDoomentia Records
269. 2018-12-24MiasmalA Veiled RemembranceCursed RedeemerCentury Media Records
270. 2018-12-17TyrantGhost WaltzUnder the Dark Mystic SkyChrome Dreams
271. 2018-12-10Warrel DaneBrotherPraises to the War MachineCentury Media
272. 2018-12-03WarhammerInfernal TempestCurse of the Absolute EclipseMetal Mind Productions
273. 2018-12-03MorgothUnreal ImaginationCursedCentury Media
274. 2018-12-03HellhammerReaperDemon Entrailsmetalblade
275. 2018-12-03Bastard SaplingThe Killer In Us AllInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
276. 2018-11-26Bolt Thrower7th OffensiveHonour Valour PrideMetal Blade
277. 2018-11-26Soulrot (Chile)03 From My GraveNameless Hideous ManifestationsMemento Mori
278. 2018-11-26IntercourseBeyond HumanEverything Is Pornography In You Have An ImaginationConstant Disappointment Records
279. 2018-11-19RAMRelease MeDeathMetal Blade
280. 2018-11-19Cirith UngolAtom SmasherKing of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)Metal Blade Records
281. 2018-11-19Cattle DecapitationTurn on the MastersMedium RaritiesMetal Blade Records
282. 2018-11-19Skull PitSoul RaidersSkull PitMetal Blade Records
283. 2018-11-19Amon AmarthWith Oden on Our Side (Live at Summer Breeze T-Stage)The Pursuit of VikingsMetal Blade Records
284. 2018-11-19IntercourseThe Kids Are Alt-RightEverything Is Pornography In You Have An ImaginationConstant Disappointment Records
285. 2018-11-19AmputatorDeathcamp ImpureIntolerance DeathsquadsOld Cemetery Records
286. 2018-11-12PsyopusThe Pig Keeperís DaughterOur Puzzling Encounters ConsideredMetal Blade
287. 2018-11-12ArtillerySworn UtopiaThe Face of FearMetal Blade Records
288. 2018-11-12InsomniumEvery Hour WoundsOne For SorrowCentury Media Records
289. 2018-11-05Nasty SavageYou Snooze, You LoseAbstract RealityMetal Blade
290. 2018-11-05IntercourseBeyond HumanEverything Is Pornography In You Have An ImaginationConstant Disappointment Records
291. 2018-11-05SacrificeTurn in Your GraveTorment in Firemetalblade
292. 2018-11-05Cirith UngolDoomed PlanetOne Foot In Hellmetalblade
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834. 2016-09-19Brain DrillAwaiting Imminent DestructionQuantum CatastropheMetal Blade
835. 2016-09-19RavenAgainst The GrainWalk Through FireMetal Blade
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846. 2016-09-05Animals Killing PeopleKentucky Fried KillingKentucky Fried KillingSevared Records - via Metalhit
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854. 2016-08-29Heaven Shall BurnPassage Of The CraneWandererCentury Media Records
855. 2016-08-29Amon AmarthFor the Stabwounds in Our BacksVersus the Worldmetalblade
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860. 2016-08-22DevastatorSorceressNoctural SlutOld Cemetery Records
861. 2016-08-22GWARThe Private Pain of Techno DestructoCarnival of ChaosMetal Blade Records
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863. 2016-08-22Dark Morbid DeathThe Horns of DeathSatanic KillsOld Cemetery Records
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865. 2016-08-15Iced EarthThe Path I ChooseNight of the StormriderCentury Media
866. 2016-08-08Blood AxisEternal SoulBlótCold Meat Industry
867. 2016-08-08AsphyxInitation into the OssuaryAsphyxCentury Media/Grind Core
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869. 2016-08-08AllegaeonTartessosFormshifterMetal Blade
870. 2016-08-08GomorahBattle of the GodsBy the Means of
871. 2016-08-08GWARDeath PodScumdogs Of The UniverseMetal Blade
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878. 2016-07-25GWARBattle-LustViolence Has ArrivedMetal Blade Records
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881. 2016-07-25PsyopusDuct Tape SmileOdd SensesMetal Blade
882. 2016-07-18Broken HopeAwakened by StenchSwamped in GoreMetal Blade Records
883. 2016-07-18RevocationMonolithic IgnoranceGreat Is Our SinMetal Blade Records
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886. 2016-07-18GWARSurf of SynRagNaRokMetal Blade Records
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888. 2016-07-11Amon AmarthWhere Is Your God?Twilight of the Thunder GodMetal Blade Records
889. 2016-07-11KalmahEvil in YouSwamplordCentury Media
890. 2016-07-11ReflectionsAutumnusThe Color ClearE1 Entertainment
891. 2016-07-11Satanic WarmasterWhere Eternity AwaitsBehexen / Satanic WarmasterHammer of Hate - via Metalhit
892. 2016-07-11GWARNone But the BraveRagNaRokMetal Blade Records
893. 2016-07-04Twitching TonguesDisharmonyDisharmonyMetal Blade Records
894. 2016-07-04WitherscapeRapture BalletThe Northern SanctuaryCentury Media Records
895. 2016-07-04ArtilleryMercy of IgnorancePenalty by PerceptionMetal Blade Records
896. 2016-07-04God DethronedSwallow the SpikesRavenousMetal Blade Records
897. 2016-07-04Bastard SaplingSplintering OuroborosInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
898. 2016-07-04NokturnelKnight of DemonEmbracer of Dark AgesWorld War III (American Music Corp)
899. 2016-06-27The ForeshadowingTwo HorizonsSeven Heads Ten HornsMetal Blade Records
900. 2016-06-27CandiriaSigns of Discontent300 Percent DensityCentury Media Records
901. 2016-06-20NevermoreTomorrow Turned into YesterdayEnemies of RealityCentury Media
902. 2016-06-20NaglfarTwelfth RisingSatanic Ritescenturymedia
903. 2016-06-20ArtilleryKing Their Name Is SlayerFear Of Tomorrowmetalblade
904. 2016-06-20Num SkullPray For AgonyFuture - Our Terrormedusa
905. 2016-06-20This EndingPlague AngelInside the MachineMetal Blade
906. 2016-06-20Dark FuneralThe Eternal EclipseWhere Shadows Forever ReignCentury Media Records
907. 2016-06-20If These Trees Could TalkEarth CrawlerThe Bones of a Dying WorldMetal Blade Records
908. 2016-06-20Hellsworn03 LifelessRepulsive ExistenceUnderground Movement
909. 2016-06-20EyehategodThe Concussion Machine ProcessConfederacy of Ruined LivesCentury Media Records
910. 2016-06-13Cannibal CorpsePsychotic PrecisionThe Wretched Spawn, Disc 1Metal Blade Records
911. 2016-06-13IntruderThe Enemy WithinPsycho SavantMetal Blade
912. 2016-06-13Mystic CircleHordes of the UnderworldInfernal Satanic VersesWorld War III (American Music Corp)
913. 2016-06-06Amon AmarthWhere Is Your GodTwilight Of The Thunder GodMetal Blade
914. 2016-06-06Dark FuneralBeast Above ManWhere Shadows Forever ReignCentury Media Records
915. 2016-06-06Poison HeadacheRot with MePoison HeadacheMetal Blade Records
916. 2016-05-30GoreventBleedingAbnormal Exaggerationmacabre_mentos
917. 2016-05-30EyehategodCrimes Against SkinTake as Needed for PainCentury Media Records
918. 2016-05-30Rose FuneralBeyond the EntombedGates of PunishmentMetal Blade
919. 2016-05-30Demolition HammerEpidemic of ViolenceEpidemic of ViolenceCentury Media Records
920. 2016-05-30Smouldering In ForgottenThou Shall Attain What Thou DeserveLegions Into Black Flamesold_cemetery
921. 2016-05-23DemonicalReturn in FleshDeath InfernalMetal Blade
922. 2016-05-23ExciterWorld War III (Bonus Track)Heavy Metal Maniacmegaforce
923. 2016-05-23Rotten Casket05 Culpable HomicideEmerged From BeyondUnderground Movement
924. 2016-05-23SamaelMask of the Red DeathCeremony of OppositesCentury Media
925. 2016-05-23Severe TorturePerverse SufferingA Taste for ButcheryHammerheart Records
926. 2016-05-23DesasterEnd of TyrannyThe Oath of an Iron RitualMetal Blade Records
927. 2016-05-23Demolition HammerCarnivorous ObsessionEpidemic of ViolenceCentury Media Records
928. 2016-05-23OmenThe AxemanBattle CryMetal Blade
929. 2016-05-16EyehategodLack of Almost EverythingDopesickCentury Media
930. 2016-05-16DemonizerBestial EjaculationTriumphatorFolter Records - via Metalhit
931. 2016-05-16Cannibal CorpseBloodlandsVileMetal Blade Records
932. 2016-05-16SlayerJesus SavesReign In Bloodmetalblade
933. 2016-05-09AbnormalityIrreversibleMechanisms of OmniscienceMetal Blade Records
934. 2016-05-09MOONSORROWRuttolehto incl. Päivättömän Päivän KansaJumalten AikaCentury Media Records
935. 2016-05-09GWARThe Song of WordsViolence Has ArrivedMetal Blade Records
936. 2016-05-09Entombed A.D.Total DeathDead DawnCentury Media Records
937. 2016-05-02BorknagarDominant WindsWinter ThriceCentury Media Records
938. 2016-05-02NephasthScreams for the Supreme ForceMercenary Musik Sampler 2001World War III (American Music Corp)
939. 2016-05-02PsyopusMannequinIdeas of ReferenceMetal Blade
940. 2016-05-02AbnormalitySwarmMechanisms of OmniscienceMetal Blade Records
941. 2016-05-02SodomObsessed By CrueltyObsessed By Cruelty (SPV)Steamhammer
942. 2016-05-02Bolt ThrowerLaid to WasteMercenaryMetal Blade Records
943. 2016-05-02King DiamondDressed in WhiteDreams of HorrorMetal Blade Records
944. 2016-05-02GwarStorm is ComingBloody Pit of HorrorMetal Blade
945. 2016-04-25Cannibal CorpseHammer Smashed FaceTomb of the MutilatedMetal Blade Records
946. 2016-04-25AbnormalitySynthetic PathogenesisMechanisms of OmniscienceMetal Blade Records
947. 2016-04-25Zealotry03 Cybernetic EucharistThe Last WitnessLavadome Productions
948. 2016-04-25SurvivalLiving in AmericaNo GriefMerdumgiriz Records
949. 2016-04-25Amon AmarthOn a Sea of BloodJomsvikingMetal Blade Records
950. 2016-04-25SourveinMermaidsAquatic OccultMetal Blade Records
951. 2016-04-18Primal ScreamScream Til You BleedVolume Onemercenary
952. 2016-04-18SacrificeFlames Of ArmageddonForward to Terminationmetalblade
953. 2016-04-18Silent RageSome Kind Of WomanShattered Heartschameleon
954. 2016-04-18Nasty SavageYou Snooze, You LoseAbstract Realitymetalblade
955. 2016-04-11CriminalScream of ConsciousnessFear ItselfMetal Blade Records
956. 2016-04-11BODYFARMFrontline MassacreThe Coming Scourgemetalblade
957. 2016-04-11Hail Of BulletsKamikazeOn Divine WindsMetal Blade
958. 2016-04-11DesasterThe Cleric's ArcanumThe Oath of an Iron RitualMetal Blade Records
959. 2016-04-11The FacelessXenoChristPlanetary Dulaitysumerian
960. 2016-04-11AmputatorNerve Gas MolestationSatanic Forcefucked Annihilationold_cemetery
961. 2016-04-11Black TormentEjaculation Over the Face of Christ (Infernal Feast)Satanic HolocaustOld Cemetery Records
962. 2016-04-11Cannibal CorpsePost Mortal EjaculationTomb of the MutilatedMetal Blade Records
963. 2016-04-11Thy PrimordialDe Viskande Trädens SkogUnder Iskall Troll ManeWorld War III (American Music Corp)
964. 2016-04-04SourveinAquanautAquatic OccultMetal Blade Records
965. 2016-04-04Amon AmarthThe Way of VikingsJomsvikingMetal Blade Records
966. 2016-03-28Cryptic SlaughterBorn Too SoonSpeak Your PeaceMetal Blade Records
967. 2016-03-28Twitching TonguesDisharmonyDisharmonyMetal Blade Records
968. 2016-03-28Amon AmarthOne Against AllJomsvikingMetal Blade Records
969. 2016-03-28AbortedCadaverous CollectionRetrogoreCentury Media Records
970. 2016-03-21EyehategodPeace Thru War (Thru Peace and War)DopesickCentury Media
971. 2016-03-21Demolition HammerOrgy of DestructionEpidemic of ViolenceCentury Media Records
972. 2016-03-21AntropomorphiABirth Through DeadNecromantic Love SongsMetal Blade Records
973. 2016-03-21SamaelCelebration of the FourthCeremony of OppositesCentury Media
974. 2016-03-14AccuserUnreal PerceptionThe Forlorn DivideMetal Blade Records
975. 2016-03-14GehennahGehennah Will Destroy Your LifeToo Loud to Live, Too Drunk to DieMetal Blade Records
976. 2016-03-14MOONSORROWSuden TuntiJumalten AikaCentury Media Records
977. 2016-03-07Charred Walls of the DamnedForever Marching OnCold Winds on Timeless DaysMetal Blade
978. 2016-03-07Amon AmarthWar of the GodsSurtur RisingMetal Blade
979. 2016-03-07DevastatorPazuzu, Demon of PlaguesConjuring EvilOld Cemetery Records
980. 2016-03-07Crown, TheAre You Morbid?Possessed 13Metal Blade Records
981. 2016-02-29AnthraxA Skeleton in the ClosetAmong the LivingMegaforce/Island
982. 2016-02-29MOONSORROWJumalten AikaJumalten AikaCentury Media Records
983. 2016-02-29Rapheumetas WellThe Epic of DarmakThe ExileTest Your Metal Records
984. 2016-02-29ImmolationFather, You're Not a FatherClose to a World BelowMetal Blade
985. 2016-02-29Baphomet's HornsBlessed By HellfireSatanic War Fucking Metalold_cemetery
986. 2016-02-22Blind GuardianSadly Sings DestinyA Night at the OperaCentury Media Records
987. 2016-02-22Entombed A.D.Silent AssasinDead DawnCentury Media Records
988. 2016-02-22RedemptionDamagedThe Art of LossMetal Blade Records
989. 2016-02-22Cannibal CorpseUnleashing the BloodthirstyBloodthirstMetal Blade Records
990. 2016-02-22ExumerThere Will Always Be BloodThe Raging TidesMetal Blade Records
991. 2016-02-22King DiamondSix Feet UnderThe Spider's Lullabye (Deluxe Version)Metal Blade Records
992. 2016-02-15Anger as ArtPISSING ON YOUR GRAVEAd Mortem FestinamusOld School Metal Records
993. 2016-02-15Medieval SteelTo kill a kingThe Dungeon TapesMedieval Steel
994. 2016-02-08Razor Of OccamFlame BearersHomage To MartyrsMetal Blade
995. 2016-02-01OnwardWitches Winter EternalIdentity 7Century Media
996. 2016-02-01Entombed A.D.As The World FellDead DawnCentury Media Records
997. 2016-02-01BehemothBlow Your Trumpets GabrielThe SatanistMetal Blade Records
998. 2016-02-01CryptopsyWhite WormsWhisper SupremacyCentury Media Records
999. 2016-02-01Oceans Of SlumberNight In White SatinWinterCentury Media Records
1000. 2016-02-01Broken Hope10 The Flesh Mechanic RadioEditLive Disease at Brutal AssaultCentury Media Records
1001. 2016-02-01VoivodWe Are ConnectedPost Society EPCentury Media Records
1002. 2016-02-01AnthraxCaught in a MoshAmong the LivingMegaforce/Island
1003. 2016-02-01Nasty SavageFear Beyond The VisionNasty SavageMetal Blade
1004. 2016-01-25SviergLight Obscured by Earth's DebrisMMIXmetalhit_dot_com
1005. 2016-01-25KetzerWhen Milk Runs DryStarlessMetal Blade Records
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1007. 2016-01-25Into The MoatThe Last CenturyThe CampaignMetal Blade
1008. 2016-01-25Sordid ClotZu Atrapartu ArteTuberSoulflesh Collector Records - via Metalhit
1009. 2016-01-18At The GatesHeroes and TombsAt War With RealityCentury Media Records
1010. 2016-01-18BorknagarCold Runs The RiverWinter ThriceCentury Media Records
1011. 2016-01-18Cannibal CorpseEvisceration PlagueEvisceration PlagueMetal Blade Records
1012. 2016-01-18Entombed A.D.Down To Mars To RideDead DawnCentury Media Records
1013. 2016-01-18KetzerCount to TenStarlessMetal Blade Records
1014. 2016-01-18ExumerSacred DefenseThe Raging TidesMetal Blade Records
1015. 2016-01-18King DiamondFrom the Other Side (Demo)The Spider's Lullabye (Deluxe Version)Metal Blade Records
1016. 2016-01-18EnsiferumWarrior Without A WarOne Man ArmyMetal Blade Records
1017. 2016-01-11Twitching TonguesCannibalDisharmonyMetal Blade Records
1018. 2016-01-11Hadesgloomy sundayBorn to MetalizeMegaforce Records
1019. 2016-01-04Phoenix MourningOne January MorningWhen Excuses Become AntiquesMetal Blade
1020. 2016-01-04BombusHead Of FliesRepeat Until DeathCentury Media Records
1021. 2015-12-27EnslavedOne Thousand Years of RainIn TimesCentury Media Records
1022. 2015-12-27Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The WitchesAlchemistSalem's WoundsCentury Media Records
1023. 2015-12-27Maltese FalconMetal RushMetal RushMetal Mind Records
1024. 2015-12-27BorknagarWhen Chaos CallsWinter ThriceCentury Media Records
1025. 2015-12-27AbortedVestal Disfigurement Upon the SacTermination Redux EPCentury Media Records
1026. 2015-12-27Malevolent Creation12th ProphecyDead Man's PathCentury Media Records
1027. 2015-12-27Broken HopeDismembered CarcassSwamped in GoreMetal Blade
1028. 2015-12-21ObeisanceDecember 21, 2012666 War!!!old_cemetery
1029. 2015-12-21Winter SolsticeCourtesy BowThe Fall of RomeMetal Blade
1030. 2015-12-21Vio-LenceOfficer NiceOppressing the Massesmegaforce
1031. 2015-12-21Gomorrah02 - GOMORRAH - NINE KINGS OF SULPHURThe HaruspexTest Your Metal Records
1032. 2015-12-21ValkyrjaSolstice in WithdrawalContaminationMetal Blade
1033. 2015-12-21Twitching TonguesLove Conquers NoneDisharmonyMetal Blade Records
1034. 2015-12-21Austrian Death MachineJingle BellsA Very Brutal ChristmasMetal Blade
1035. 2015-12-21Cannibal CorpseIntestinal CrankTortureMetal Blade
1036. 2015-12-21A Breath Before SurfacingDisharmony Among ChoirsDeath Is Swallowed in VictoryMediaskare
1037. 2015-12-21Dawn of AshesThe Ancient Draining RoomGenocide ChaptersMetal Blade
1038. 2015-12-21Sturmgewehr666Seeking Christian PossessionChallenging CrossReich Cowardsold_cemetery
1039. 2015-12-14ManowarHoly WarFighting The Worldmetalblade
1040. 2015-12-14NachtmystiumDawn Over the Ruins of JerusalemSilencing MachineCentury Media Records
1041. 2015-12-14AnthraxCaught in a MoshAmong the LivingMegaforce/Island
1042. 2015-12-14Twitching TonguesSacrifice MeDisharmonyMetal Blade Records
1043. 2015-12-07Cirith Ungol100 MPHOne Foot In Hellmetalblade
1044. 2015-12-07Into EternityThe Incurable Tragedy III (December 15, 2007)The Incurable Tragedycenturymedia
1045. 2015-12-07Shadows FallDecemberFallout from the WarCentury Media
1046. 2015-12-07God ForbidPrecious LieGone ForeverCentury Media Records
1047. 2015-12-07NevermoreSell My Heart for StonesThis Godless EndeavorCentury Media
1048. 2015-12-07In FlamesDecember FlowerThe Jester Race / Black-Ash Inheritancecenturymedia
1049. 2015-12-07FirespawnLucifer Has SpokenShadow RealmsCentury Media Records
1050. 2015-12-07Cannibal CorpseUnite the DeadGallery of SuicideMetal Blade Records
1051. 2015-12-07Iced EarthLast DecemberBurnt Offerings, Disc 2Century Media
1052. 2015-11-30Cut UpBrain Cell HolocaustForensic NightmaresMetal Blade Records
1053. 2015-11-30The AgonistThank You, PainLullabies For The Dormant MindCentury Media
1054. 2015-11-30MoonspellBlood Tells!MemorialSteamhammer
1055. 2015-11-23Mercyful FateBurn In Hell9metalblade
1056. 2015-11-23OverkillWrecking CrewTaking Overmegaforce
1057. 2015-11-23Culture KillerExterminate FilthThroes Of Mankindmetalblade
1058. 2015-11-23Borknagarthe inner ocean hypothesisEpiccenturymedia
1059. 2015-11-16Twitching TonguesDisharmonyDisharmonymetalblade
1060. 2015-11-16Charred Walls Of The DamnedThe Beast Outside My WindowCold Winds On Timeless Daysmetalblade
1061. 2015-11-16SanctusNovemberAeon Skymetalblade
1062. 2015-11-16WarlockSpeed Of SoundTrue As Steelmercury
1063. 2015-11-16AbortedA Murmur in Decrepit WitsStrychnine.213centurymedia
1064. 2015-11-09Amon AmarthVaryags of MiklagaardTwilight of the Thunder Godmetalblade
1065. 2015-11-09NevermoreMedicated NationThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
1066. 2015-11-09GwarLicksoreVolence Has Arrivedmetalblade
1067. 2015-11-09Swallow The SunHeartstrings ShatteringSongs From The North I,II, & IIIcenturymedia
1068. 2015-11-09Arch EnemyNemisisTyrants Of The Rising Sun (live In Japan)centurymedia
1069. 2015-11-02Nasty SavageYou Snooze, You LoseAbstract Realitymetalblade
1070. 2015-11-02Attackerthe Wrath of NevermoreBattle at Helms Deepmetalblade
1071. 2015-11-02Flotsam and JetsamMetal ShockDoomsday For The Deceivermetalblade
1072. 2015-11-02BansheeI BelieveCry In The Nightmetalblade
1073. 2015-11-02Have MercyThe OmenVarious Artists - Metal Massacre VIImetalblade
1074. 2015-11-02SlayerHaunting the ChapelHaunting the Chapelmetalblade
1075. 2015-11-02SlayerCrionicsShow No Mercymetalblade
1076. 2015-11-02Liege LordFalloutMaster Controlmetalblade
1077. 2015-11-02VoivodNuclear WarWar and Painmetalblade
1078. 2015-11-02Mercyful FateEvilMelissamegaforce
1079. 2015-10-26King DiamondHalloweenDangerous Meetingmetalblade
1080. 2015-10-26CryptopsyCrown of HornsNone So Vilecenturymedia
1081. 2015-10-26Twitching TonguesCruci-FictionDisharmonymetalblade
1082. 2015-10-26Electric WizardNight ChildBlack Massesmetalblade
1083. 2015-10-26Old Man's ChildSaviours Of DoomSlaves of the Worldcenturymedia
1084. 2015-10-26YobAdrift In The OceanAtmametalblade
1085. 2015-10-19Cannibal CorpseStriped, Raped, and StrangledThe Bleedingmetalblade
1086. 2015-10-19Arch EnemyNo Gods, No MastersKhaos Legionscenturymedia
1087. 2015-10-19AsphyxWe Doom You To DeathDeathhammercenturymedia
1088. 2015-10-19RAMEnslaverSvbversvmmetalblade
1089. 2015-10-19Twitching TonguesAsylum AvenueDisharmonymetalblade
1090. 2015-10-12Lord Belialthe Ancient SlumberKiss The Goatmetalblade
1091. 2015-10-12Cannibal CorpseNecrosadistic WarningKILLmetalblade
1092. 2015-10-12EyeHateGodRuptured Heart TheoryDopesickcenturymedia
1093. 2015-10-12ThouMonstranceTyrantgilead_media
1094. 2015-10-12Goat HornTo The CliffStorming The Gatesbasement metal
1095. 2015-10-12Iced EarthDraculaHorror Showcenturymedia
1096. 2015-10-05IntronautThe Pleasant SurpriseThe Direction Of Last Thingscenturymedia
1097. 2015-10-05The AgonistAnd Their Eulogies Sang Me To SleepLullabies For The Dormant Mindcenturymedia
1098. 2015-10-05CryptopsyShroudAnd Then You'll Begcenturymedia
1099. 2015-10-05Tengger CavalryExpeditionVarious Artists - Mongolian MetalMongol Metal
1100. 2015-10-05KrisiunBurning Of The HereticForged In Furycenturymedia
1101. 2015-09-28Bolt ThrowerDying CreedThe IVth Crusademetalblade
1102. 2015-09-28MayhemCarnageTribute to the Black EmperorsWarhammer
1103. 2015-09-28Only Living WitnessNinevehProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
1104. 2015-09-28Denner/ShermanWar WitchSatan's Tombmetalblade
1105. 2015-09-28VampirePyre Of The Harvest QuenCimmerian Shadecenturymedia
1106. 2015-09-28EntrailsBloodhammerRaging Deathmetalblade
1107. 2015-09-28HellhammerPower Of SatanDemon Entrailsmetalblade
1108. 2015-09-21Malevolent CreationSoul RazorDead Man's Pathcenturymedia
1109. 2015-09-21The Black Dahlia MurderThe FogAbysmalmetalblade
1110. 2015-09-21Rivers Of NihilSand BaptismMonarchymetalblade
1111. 2015-09-21GravePlain Pine BoxOut Of Respect For The Deadcenturymedia
1112. 2015-09-14ArtchRazamanazFor The Sake Of Mankindmetalblade
1113. 2015-09-14God DethronedAutumn Equinox - Winter Campaign 2002Ravenousmetalblade
1114. 2015-09-14Malevolent CreationBlood Of The FallenDead Man's Pathcenturymedia
1115. 2015-09-14Num SkullFriday's ChildRitually Abusedmedusa
1116. 2015-09-14MercylessAgrazabethColoured Funeralcenturymedia
1117. 2015-09-07SarkeWalls Of RuAruagintmetalblade
1118. 2015-09-07Armored SaintLeft Hook From Right FieldLa Razametalblade
1119. 2015-09-07The Black Dahlia MurderRe-FacedAbysmalmetalblade
1120. 2015-09-07HarlottRestlessProliferationmetalblade
1121. 2015-09-07MoonspellVampiriaWolfheartcenturymedia
1122. 2015-09-07Arch EnemyAs The Pages BurnWar Eternalcenturymedia
1123. 2015-09-07GoatwhoreWhen Steel and Bone MeetBlood For The Mastermetalblade
1124. 2015-09-07CripperBloodshot Monkey EyeHyenametalblade
1125. 2015-08-31Cannibal Corpsethe Undead Will FeastEaten Back to Lifemetalblade
1126. 2015-08-31Rivers Of NihilDehydrateMonarchymetalblade
1127. 2015-08-31AsphyxWasteland of Terrorthe Rackcenturymedia
1128. 2015-08-31CretusDarkness BitesDux Mea Luxpavement
1129. 2015-08-31Job for a CowboyTarnished GluttonyDemonocrasymetalblade
1130. 2015-08-31OverkillEliminationThe Years of Decaymegaforce
1131. 2015-08-24DesecrationBonesawForensixmetal_age
1132. 2015-08-24Six Feet UnderBonesawMaximum Violencemetalblade
1133. 2015-08-24Cattle DecapitationTooth Enamel And ConcreteThe Harvest Floormetalblade
1134. 2015-08-24Liege LordBroken WastelandMaster Controlmetalblade
1135. 2015-08-24WitheringThe 29th Of AugustFestum MelancholiaMetalhit
1136. 2015-08-24Tengger CavalryLegend On HorsebackVarious Artists - Mongolian MetalMongol Metal
1137. 2015-08-24IwrestledabearonceI'm Cold And There Are Wolves After MeIt's All Happeningcenturymedia
1138. 2015-08-24Fear My ThoughtsWastelandVulcanuscenturymedia
1139. 2015-08-17Dead LordMindlessHead Held Highcenturymedia
1140. 2015-08-17PanteraHot And HeavyI Am the Nightmetal_magic
1141. 2015-08-17CandlemassInto The Unfathomed TowerTales of Creationmetalblade
1142. 2015-08-17DisgorgeMonument To My RemainsChronic Corpora Infestamerican_line
1143. 2015-08-10EyeHateGodSelf Medication BluesConfederacy Of Ruined LivesPessimer
1144. 2015-08-10Black TongueYoung GloomThe Unconquerable Darkcenturymedia
1145. 2015-08-10Act Of DefianceThy Lord BelialBirth And The Burialmetalblade
1146. 2015-08-10WormedYlemPlanisphaeriummacabre_mentos
1147. 2015-08-10Visceral DamageCadaver, The AmphytrionIcons Of Massive Murdermetal_age
1148. 2015-08-03Warrel DaneAugustPraises to the War Machinecenturymedia
1149. 2015-08-03NevermoreMoonriseThe Obsidian Conspiracycenturymedia
1150. 2015-08-03Angel WitchUpon This CrowdAs Above, So Belowmetalblade
1151. 2015-08-03BattlecrossAbsenceRise To Powermetalblade
1152. 2015-08-03NoctumUntil Then... Until the EndUntil Then... Until the Endmetalblade
1153. 2015-08-03Oceans Of SlumberThe Wanderer (Emperor)Bluecenturymedia
1154. 2015-08-03Cattle DecapitationPlagueborneThe Anthropocene Extinctionmetalblade
1155. 2015-08-03Rivers Of NihilReign Of DreamsMonarchymetalblade
1156. 2015-08-03Hammers Of MisfortuneA Room And A RiddleThe August Enginemetalblade
1157. 2015-08-03PowerwolfMoscow After DarkThe History Of Heresy II (2009-2012)metalblade
1158. 2015-07-27The CrownBlack LightningHell is Heremetalblade
1159. 2015-07-27VomitoryTerrorize Brutalize SodomizeTerrorize Brutalize Sodomizemetalblade
1160. 2015-07-27Dying FetusGrotesque ImpalementInfatuation with Malevolencecenturymedia
1161. 2015-07-27YskelgrothAscension To The NaughtUnholy Primitive Nihilismregimental
1162. 2015-07-27SkyforgerCurse of the WitchKurbadsmetalblade
1163. 2015-07-27WitchavenConflagrationTerrorstormmetalhit_dot_com
1164. 2015-07-27Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The WitchesThe Sword And The StoneSalem's Woundscenturymedia
1165. 2015-07-20Celtic FrostEternal SummerTo Mega Therionmetalblade
1166. 2015-07-20Bolt ThrowerSuspect HostileHonor Valour Pridemetalblade
1167. 2015-07-20Cannibal CorpseShredded HumansEaten Back to Lifemetalblade
1168. 2015-07-20Napalm DeathDope FiendLeaders Not Followers: Part 2centurymedia
1169. 2015-07-20Cut UpA Butchery ImprovedForensic Nightmaresmetalblade
1170. 2015-07-20ArtilleryFear Of TomorrowFear Of Tomorrowmetalblade
1171. 2015-07-20MayhemFreezing MoonTribute to the Black EmperorsWarhammer
1172. 2015-07-20EyeHateGodDogs Holy LifeDopesickcenturymedia
1173. 2015-07-13AsphyxThe KrusherLast One On Earthmetalblade
1174. 2015-07-13MorgothPits Of UtummoThe Eternal Fallcenturymedia
1175. 2015-07-13Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The WitchesMotherSalem's Woundscenturymedia
1176. 2015-07-13CryptopsyGraves Of The FathersNone So Vilecenturymedia
1177. 2015-07-13Bloodbaththe SoulcollectorResurrection Through Carnagecenturymedia
1178. 2015-07-13KrisiunWays Of BarbarismForged In Furycenturymedia
1179. 2015-07-13Sonic ProphecyDark Is The DawnApocalyptic PromenadeMaple Metal
1180. 2015-07-13Tengger Cavalry2 War HorseVarious Artists - Mongolian MetalMongol Metal
1181. 2015-07-13NecrowretchZombie RitualBestial Rites 2009-2012centurymedia
1182. 2015-07-13SlayerAt Dawn, they sleepHell Awaitsmetalblade
1183. 2015-07-06At The GatesUnder a serpent SunPurgatory Unleashed: Live At Wakencenturymedia
1184. 2015-07-06Between the Buried and MeFamine WolfComa Eclipticmetalblade
1185. 2015-07-06TribulationIn The Dreams Of The DeadThe Children Of The Nightcenturymedia
1186. 2015-07-06The Gates of SlumberBeneath The eyes Of MarsHymms Of Blood And Thundermetalblade
1187. 2015-06-29Vattnet ViskarColonySettlercenturymedia
1188. 2015-06-29Cannibal Corpsethe Cryptic StenchTomb of the Mutilatedmetalblade
1189. 2015-06-29Cut UpForensic NightmareForensic Nightmaresmetalblade
1190. 2015-06-29NecrophobicSacrificial RitesThe Noctural Silencehammerheart
1191. 2015-06-22ApophysMiscreantsPrime Incursionmetalblade
1192. 2015-06-22TheoriesBathing In Pigs BloodRegressionmetalblade
1193. 2015-06-22OppressorGenocideEuropean TourMegalithic
1194. 2015-06-22Cut UpRemember The FleshForensic Nightmaresmetalblade
1195. 2015-06-22OverkillEliminationThe Years of Decaymegaforce
1196. 2015-06-15Vattnet ViskarHeirsSettlercenturymedia
1197. 2015-06-15Distant SunGodsdoomDark Mattermetalism
1198. 2015-06-15ApophysRequien For The AbsurdPrime Incursionmetalblade
1199. 2015-06-08ManowarBridge Of DeathHell On Stagemetalblade
1200. 2015-06-08God DethronedInto a Dark MilleniumThe Grand Grimoiremetalblade
1201. 2015-06-08PerpetuaMind CrisisIrrationalpavement
1202. 2015-06-01Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The WitchesGoddess Of LightSalem's Woundscenturymedia
1203. 2015-06-01Armored SaintAn Exercise In DebaucheryWin Hands Downmetalblade
1204. 2015-06-01MiasmaAncient RhymesChangescenturymedia
1205. 2015-05-25PrimordialFallen To RuinStorm Before Calmmetalblade
1206. 2015-05-25EyeHateGodServing time in the Middle of NowhereSouthern Discomfortcenturymedia
1207. 2015-05-25KrisiunSentinel Of The Fallen EarthWorks of Carnagecenturymedia
1208. 2015-05-25CuntscrapeBreastaurantSplitroastprime_cuts_music
1209. 2015-05-18Anaal NathrakhUnleashDesideratummetalblade
1210. 2015-05-18DimentianonDawn ov ShadowsHossanas Novus Ordo Sechurumnon_compos_mentis
1211. 2015-05-18Caustic MethodLeft To Die AloneThe Viruspavement
1212. 2015-05-18SodomDeathlike SilenceObsessed By Crueltysteam_hammer
1213. 2015-05-18Gehennah666 Drunks & RockMetal Policemetalblade
1214. 2015-05-18DoomhammerBlack Metal RevoltThe Law Of The Drunk 0 Demo Collectionold_cemetery
1215. 2015-05-18VomitoryGore ApocalypsePrimal Massacremetalblade
1216. 2015-05-11Sturmgewehr666Demons Laugh LoudChallenging Cross Reich Cowardsold_cemetery
1217. 2015-05-11CryptopsyWhite Worms (live)None So Livecenturymedia
1218. 2015-05-11Six Feet UnderLost RemainsCrypts Of The Devilmetalblade
1219. 2015-05-11Satan's WrathDiabolical ShudderDie Evilmetalblade
1220. 2015-05-11TribulationHoly LibationsThe Children Of The Nightcenturymedia
1221. 2015-05-11God DethronedTypoid MaryThe Toxic Touchmetalblade
1222. 2015-05-11Lord BelialBlack Winter Blood-bathEnter Monlight Gatemetalblade
1223. 2015-05-04Vattnet ViskarFog Of ApathySky Swollowercenturymedia
1224. 2015-05-04God DethronedSlaughtering the FaithfulInto the Lungs Of Hellmetalblade
1225. 2015-05-04AntiversumFinis AeternitumTotal Vacuummetalblade
1226. 2015-05-04AllegaeonFrom the Stars Death CameFormshiftermetalblade
1227. 2015-05-04FinntrollGryningUr Jordens Djupcenturymedia
1228. 2015-05-04AeonForever NailedBleeding the Falsemetalblade
1229. 2015-04-27AbattoirGame Of DeathVicious Attackmetalblade
1230. 2015-04-27Nasty SavageThe MorgueNasty Savagemetalblade
1231. 2015-04-27TytonMind Over MetalMind Over Metalmedusa
1232. 2015-04-27HadesProccess of AssimilationIf At First You Don't Succeedmedusa
1233. 2015-04-27OverkillFeel The FireFeel The Firemegaforce
1234. 2015-04-20InfestationBlack PopeMass Immolationpavement
1235. 2015-04-20Savage GraceBound To Be FreeMaster Of Disguisemetalblade
1236. 2015-04-20The Red ChordSend in the Death StormPrey for Eyesmetalblade
1237. 2015-04-20Creative WasteDrowning In IgnoranceCreulty Beyond Conceptionold_cemetery
1238. 2015-04-13TribulationSjälaflyktThe Children Of The Nightcenturymedia
1239. 2015-04-13TheoriesFirst World's Last BreathRegressionmetalblade
1240. 2015-04-13PowerwolfMoscow After DarkThe History Of Heresy II (2009-2012)metalblade
1241. 2015-04-06BloodbathMass StrangulationResurrection Through Carnagecenturymedia
1242. 2015-04-06TribulationWindsThe Children Of The Nightcenturymedia
1243. 2015-04-06At The GatesOrder From ChaosAt War Wtih Realitycenturymedia
1244. 2015-03-30TribulationThe Motherhood Of GodThe Children Of The Nightcenturymedia
1245. 2015-03-30ApophysThe Final SleepPrime Incursionmetalblade
1246. 2015-03-30AllegaeonThe Azrael TriggerFormshiftermetalblade
1247. 2015-03-23Arch EnemyBeast Of ManStigmatacenturymedia
1248. 2015-03-23Ad NauseamLost In The AntiverseNihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Estlavadome_productions
1249. 2015-03-23Ashes In VeinAshes In VeinAshes In Veinpavement
1250. 2015-03-23MorgothGod Is EvilUngodcenturymedia
1251. 2015-03-23ToxikWastelandVarious Artists - Metal Massacre IXmetalblade
1252. 2015-03-16Amon AmarthVictorious MarchOnce Sent from the Golden Hallmetalblade
1253. 2015-03-16King Of AsgardBrethern Of The NorthFi'mbulvintrmetalblade
1254. 2015-03-16ExciterViolence and ForceVoilence and Forcemegaforce
1255. 2015-03-16ZoaxClickIs Everybody Listening?centurymedia
1256. 2015-03-16VomitoryMarch into OblivionTerrorize Brutalize Sodomizemetalblade
1257. 2015-03-16DesecrationDeep FreezeForensixmetal_age
1258. 2015-03-16Black TormentEverlasting Flame Of Satan In My HeartSatanic Holocaustold_cemetery
1259. 2015-03-16CryptopsyFlame to the SurfaceWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
1260. 2015-03-16EyeHateGodQuitter's OffensiveEyeHateGodcenturymedia
1261. 2015-03-09EnslavedBuilding With FireIn Timescenturymedia
1262. 2015-03-09Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The WitchesAncient WaysSalem's Woundscenturymedia
1263. 2015-03-09SorcererExorcise The DemonIn The Shadow Of The Inverted Crossmetalblade
1264. 2015-03-09TheoriesAbortive CrescentRegressionmetalblade
1265. 2015-03-09Borknagarthe Ruins of FutureQuintessencecenturymedia
1266. 2015-03-09Old Man's ChildThe Plague Of SorrowVermincenturymedia
1267. 2015-03-09EntrailsDescend To The BeyondRaging Deathmetalblade
1268. 2015-03-09AbortedThe Gangrenous EpitaphThe Archaic Abattoircenturymedia
1269. 2015-03-02Entombed A.D.The UnderminerBack To The Frontcenturymedia
1270. 2015-03-02RevocationA Debt Owed To The GraveDeathlessmetalblade
1271. 2015-03-02NevermoreAll Play DeadDreaming Neon Blackcenturymedia
1272. 2015-03-02SanctuaryThe Dying AgeThe Year The Sun Diedcenturymedia
1273. 2015-03-02Warrel DaneThe Day The Rats Went To WarPraises to the War Machinecenturymedia
1274. 2015-03-02NecrowretchFeast Off Their DoomWith Serpents Scourgecenturymedia
1275. 2015-03-02MorgothBlack EnemyUngodcenturymedia
1276. 2015-03-02The CrownStruck By LightningDeath Is Not Deadcenturymedia
1277. 2015-03-02CryptopsyCold Hate, Warm BloodWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
1278. 2015-03-02VomitoryNailed, Quarted, ConsomedBlood Rapturemetalblade
1279. 2015-02-23EnsifersumHeathen HordeOne Man Armymetalblade
1280. 2015-02-23Carnal ForgeDivine Killing Breed MachineThe More You Suffercenturymedia
1281. 2015-02-16The WrathMidnight MadmanVarious Artist - Metal Massacre IXmetalblade
1282. 2015-02-16NatronOnly Living WitnessRot Among Usmetal_age
1283. 2015-02-16GehennahBlack Jack LoserMetal Policemetalblade
1284. 2015-02-16AllegaeonAtrophy Of HippocratesFragments of Form and Functionmetalblade
1285. 2015-02-09VisigothBlood SacrificeThe Revenant Kingmetalblade
1286. 2015-02-02Heaving EarthDoomed Before InceptionDenouncing The Holy Thronelavadome_productions
1287. 2015-01-26SahgBlizzardborneDelusions Of Grandeurmetalblade
1288. 2015-01-26NepenteShow Me That You Are SufferingI Wil lGet Your SoulCimmerian Shade
1289. 2015-01-26Demolition HammerPyroclastic AnnihilationEpidemic of Violencecenturymedia
1290. 2015-01-26EyeHateGodRobotussin And RejectionEyeHateGodcenturymedia
1291. 2015-01-26Napalm DeathObstinate DirectionFom Enslavement To Obliterationcenturymedia
1292. 2015-01-19VisigothDungeon MasterThe Revenant Kingmetalblade
1293. 2015-01-19RAMWelcome To My FuneralUnder Commandmetalblade
1294. 2015-01-12IngestedThe Heirs To Mankind's AtrocitiesThe Architect Of Extinctioncenturymedia
1295. 2015-01-12Angelus ApatridaTug Of WarHidden Evolutioncenturymedia
1296. 2015-01-12The CrownHeadhunterDeath Is Not Deadcenturymedia
1297. 2015-01-12SanctuaryQuestion Existence FadingThe Year The Sun Diedcenturymedia
1298. 2015-01-05God Dethroned2014The Toxic Touchmetalblade
1299. 2015-01-05The OceanOne With The OceanAeolianmetalblade
1300. 2015-01-05Only Living WitnessTwitching TonguesProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
1301. 2015-01-05NatronHeads Are RollingRot Among Usmetal_age
1302. 2015-01-05Phoenix MourningOne January MorningWhen Excuses Become Antiquesmetalblade
1303. 2015-01-05Cannibal CorpseButchered at BirthButchered At Birthmetalblade
1304. 2014-12-29Liege LordKill The King (Rainbow)Master Controlmetalblade
1305. 2014-12-29EntrailsThe Cemetery HorrorsRaging Deathmetalblade
1306. 2014-12-29ThanatosWorld JihadGlobal Purificationcenturymedia
1307. 2014-12-29Miasmal2013Cursed Redeemercenturymedia
1308. 2014-12-29The Red ChordUpper DeckerClientsmetalblade
1309. 2014-12-29CandiriaWithout WaterIdentity 7: Deadly Sinscenturymedia
1310. 2014-12-29GorelordNecrophilac Orgy in Entrails & CumForce Fed on Human Fleshbaphoment
1311. 2014-12-29Winter SolsticeMalice In WonderlandThe Fall Of Romemetalblade
1312. 2014-12-29At The GatesDeath And The LabyrinthAt War Wtih Realitycenturymedia
1313. 2014-12-22Austrian Death MachineJingle BellsA Very Brutal Christmasmetalblade
1314. 2014-12-22Savage GraceBound To Be FreeMaster Of Disguisemetalblade
1315. 2014-12-22Downfall Of GaiaOf Stillness And SolitudeAeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decaymetalblade
1316. 2014-12-22Destroying DivinityScent Of DeathHollow DominionLavadome Productions
1317. 2014-12-22Despised IconWarm Bloodedthe Healing Processcenturymedia
1318. 2014-12-22VenomS.A.D.I.S.T. (Mistress Of The Whip)Skeletons In The ClosetMetal is
1319. 2014-12-22Hobbs' Angel Of DeathLucifer's DomainHobbs' Angel Of Deathsteam_hammer
1320. 2014-12-22Internal BleedingInhuman SufferingVoracious Contemptpavement
1321. 2014-12-22MayhemFreezing MoonTribute to the Black EmperorsWarhammer
1322. 2014-12-22SanctuaryI Am LowThe Year The Sun Diedcenturymedia
1323. 2014-12-15Morbus ChronTowards A Dark SkySwevencenturymedia
1324. 2014-12-15Anaal NathrakhRage & RedDomine Non Es Dignusmetalblade
1325. 2014-12-08Job for a CowboySon Of NihilitySun Eatermetalblade
1326. 2014-12-08Cannibal CorpseFuneral CremationA Skeletal Domainmetalblade
1327. 2014-12-08At The GatesUpon Pillars Of DustAt War Wtih Realitycenturymedia
1328. 2014-12-08EntrailsEaten By The DeadThe Tomb Awaitsmetalblade
1329. 2014-12-01Bolt ThrowerPowder BurnsMercenarymetalblade
1330. 2014-12-01Morbus ChronRipening LifeSwevencenturymedia
1331. 2014-12-01Ion DissonanceCleansed In SilenceSolacecenturymedia
1332. 2014-12-01Into the MoatDead Before I StrayThe Designmetalblade
1333. 2014-12-01Amon AmarthAerials (System Of A Down)Surtur Risingmetalblade
1334. 2014-12-01Sacred ReichDeath SquadIgorancemetalblade
1335. 2014-12-01CripperAnimated FleshHyenametalblade
1336. 2014-11-24SoulburnHymn Of The Forsaken IIThe Suffocating Darknesscenturymedia
1337. 2014-11-24King DiamondSleepless NightsDreams Of Horrormetalblade
1338. 2014-11-24EntrailsMidnight DeathResurrected From The Grave (Demo Collection)metalblade
1339. 2014-11-24Anaal NathrakhDesideratumDesideratummetalblade
1340. 2014-11-24RevocationScorched Earth PolicyDeathlessmetalblade
1341. 2014-11-17Hobbs' Angel Of DeathLucifer's DomainHobbs' Angel Of Deathsteam_hammer
1342. 2014-11-17Amon AmarthSabbath Bloody SabbathVersus the Worldmetalblade
1343. 2014-11-17PrimordialCome The FloodWhere Greater Men Have Fallenmetalblade
1344. 2014-11-17CripperA Dime For The EstablishmentHyenametalblade
1345. 2014-11-17Downfall Of GaiaTo Carry My self To The GraveAeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decaymetalblade
1346. 2014-11-17Job for a CowboyThe Stone CrossSun Eatermetalblade
1347. 2014-11-17ThanatosQueen Of GoreGlobal Purificationcenturymedia
1348. 2014-11-17Cannibal CorpseHeadlong Into CarnageA Skeletal Domainmetalblade
1349. 2014-11-10Liege LordCast OutBurn To My Touchmetalblade
1350. 2014-11-10HereticLet There Be BloodThe Breaking Pointmetalblade
1351. 2014-11-10TestamentPractice what you preachPractice what you preachmegaforce
1352. 2014-11-10CandlemassAncient DreamsAncient Dreamsmetalblade
1353. 2014-11-10SlayerChemical WarfareHaunting the Chapelmetalblade
1354. 2014-11-03At The GatesHeroes And TombsAt War Wtih Realitycenturymedia
1355. 2014-11-03Heart In HandPoison Pen LettersA Beautiful Whitecenturymedia
1356. 2014-11-03NecrowretchEven Death May DieEven Death May Diecenturymedia
1357. 2014-11-03PrimordialGraven IdolA Journey's Endmetalblade
1358. 2014-11-03RevocationDeathlessDeathlessmetalblade
1359. 2014-11-03Jungle RotHumans Shall PayDead and Buriedcenturymedia
1360. 2014-11-03Cannibal CorpseIcepick LobotomyA Skeletal Domainmetalblade
1361. 2014-10-27Mercyful FateSold My Soul9metalblade
1362. 2014-10-20King DiamondAt The GravesConspiracymetalblade
1363. 2014-10-20Cannibal CorpseSadistic EmbodimentA Skeletal Domainmetalblade
1364. 2014-10-20RevocationThe Blackest ReachesDeathlessmetalblade
1365. 2014-10-20Anaal NathrakhThe One Thing NeedfulDesideratummetalblade
1366. 2014-10-20AllegaeonTyrants Of The Terrestrial ExodusElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
1367. 2014-10-20Cattle DecapitationOne Thousand Times DecapitationKarma Bloody Karmametalblade
1368. 2014-10-20PredatorDemon WitchEasy Preymetalblade
1369. 2014-10-20Entombed A.D.Digitus MediusBack To The Frontcenturymedia
1370. 2014-10-13Hail of BulletsFull Scale WarOn Divine Windsmetalblade
1371. 2014-10-13Bastard SaplingSubterranean River Of BloodInstinct Is Forevergilead media
1372. 2014-10-13GoatwhoreRazor Flesh DevouredCarving Out the Eyes of Godmetalblade
1373. 2014-10-13Cannibal CorpsePut Them To DeathEaten Back to Lifemetalblade
1374. 2014-10-13AbominantSet You To BurnConquestmetalhit_dot_com
1375. 2014-10-13PredatorShrieks Of TerrorEasy Preymetalblade
1376. 2014-10-06The FacelessTen Billion YearsAutotheismsumerian
1377. 2014-10-06RevocationMadness OpusDeathlessmetalblade
1378. 2014-10-06TriptykonBreathingMelana Chasmatacenturymedia
1379. 2014-10-06MiasmalWhisky TrainCursed Redeemercenturymedia
1380. 2014-10-06Bastard SaplingForbidden SorrowInstinct Is Forevergilead media
1381. 2014-09-29Morbus ChronAurora In The OffingSwevencenturymedia
1382. 2014-09-29WarlockWrathchildHellboundmercury
1383. 2014-09-29Between the Buried and MeLay Your Ghost To RestFuture Sequence: Live From The Fidelitoriummetalblade
1384. 2014-09-29AmuletHeathen CastleThe Firstcenturymedia
1385. 2014-09-29SanctuaryFrozenThe Year The Sun Diedcenturymedia
1386. 2014-09-29AbortedAnd Carnage Basked In Its EbullienceSlaughtered & Apparatus : A Methodical Overturecenturymedia
1387. 2014-09-29CenotaphSickened by His Own Pathologic Favey about collection inguts of Human MeatPuked Genital Purulencyhammer_muzik
1388. 2014-09-22Into EternityThe Incurable Tragedy I (Septemeber 21, 2006)the Incurable Tragedycenturymedia
1389. 2014-09-22Cattle Decapitationthe Regurgitation of CorpsesTo Serve Manmetalblade
1390. 2014-09-22The HauntedPsychonautExit Woundscenturymedia
1391. 2014-09-22Entombed A.D.Pandemic RageBack To The Frontcenturymedia
1392. 2014-09-22Arch EnemyNo More RegretsWar Eternalcenturymedia
1393. 2014-09-22ManowarDark AvengerBattle Hymnsmetalblade
1394. 2014-09-22SlayerAggressive PerfectorHaunting the Chapelmetalblade
1395. 2014-09-15SentencedNorthern LightsNorth From Herecenturymedia
1396. 2014-09-15ManowarBrothers Of Metal Part ILouder than Hellmetalblade
1397. 2014-09-15NevermoreThe Heart CollectorDead Hearts in a Dead Worldcenturymedia
1398. 2014-09-15Population ReductionYuppie Assault VehicleEach Birth a New Disastertankcrimes
1399. 2014-09-15Cannibal CorpseKill Or BecomeA Skeletal Domainmetalblade
1400. 2014-09-15Bolt ThrowerAnti-Tank (Dead Armour)Those Once Loyalmetalblade
1401. 2014-09-08Celtic FrostA Dying God Coming Into Human FleshMonotheistcenturymedia
1402. 2014-09-08AntropomorphiaCrowned In Smoldering AshRites Ov Perversionmetalblade
1403. 2014-09-08Population ReductionPhoenix Program RevistedEach Birth a New Disastertankcrimes
1404. 2014-09-08Demolition HammerPyroclastic AnnihilationEpidemic of Violencecenturymedia
1405. 2014-09-01BlasfemiaFuneral Poetico con el Alma en AgoniaEl Indice De los Libros Prohibidosold_cemetery
1406. 2014-09-01AbortedSurprise You're Dead!Slaughtered & Apparatus : A Methodical Overturecenturymedia
1407. 2014-09-01MossSerpentTombs of the Blind Druggedmetalblade
1408. 2014-08-25UnleashedCountess BathoryShadow in the Deepcenturymedia
1409. 2014-08-25MorgothGod Is EvilGod Is Evilcenturymedia
1410. 2014-08-25WitheringThe 29th Of AugustFestum MelancholiaMetalhit
1411. 2014-08-18Arch EnemyNever Forgive, Never ForgetWar Eternalcenturymedia
1412. 2014-08-18Dark FortressBaphometEidoloncenturymedia
1413. 2014-08-18SodomTombstoneOn Night In Bangkoksteam_hammer
1414. 2014-08-18DragonForceSymphony Of The NightMaximum Overloadmetalblade
1415. 2014-08-18DictatedThe BasherThe Deceivedmetalblade
1416. 2014-08-18BorknagarCyclusEpiccenturymedia
1417. 2014-08-18IwrestledabearonceI'd Buy That For A DollarLate For Nothingcenturymedia
1418. 2014-08-18BehemothPenetrationSlaves Shall Serve EPcenturymedia
1419. 2014-08-18EntrailsHeadless DawnRaging Deathmetalblade
1420. 2014-08-11DevastatorSepulchral ScreamsNocturnal Slutold_cemetery
1421. 2014-08-11Rotting ChristTime Stands StillKhronoscenturymedia
1422. 2014-08-11NevermoreMy Acid WordsThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
1423. 2014-08-04NevermoreA Future UncertaintyThis Godless Endeavorcenturymedia
1424. 2014-08-04Warrel DaneAugustPraises to the War Machinecenturymedia
1425. 2014-08-04Jeff LoomisRace Againist DissasterZero Order Phazecenturymedia
1426. 2014-08-04AllegaeonThe Phylogenesis StretchElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
1427. 2014-08-04Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
1428. 2014-08-04Liege LordCast OutBurn To My Touchmetalblade
1429. 2014-08-04Sturmgewehr666Nailbomb For GodChallenging Cross Reich Cowardsold_cemetery
1430. 2014-08-04DevastatorVengeance of DeathConjuring Evilold_cemetery
1431. 2014-08-04WargoatcultWalls Of JerichoBlasphemization Through Toleranceold_cemetery
1432. 2014-07-28Vattnet ViskarApexSky Swollowercenturymedia
1433. 2014-07-28Bastard SaplingThe Killer In Us AllInstinct Is Forevergilead media
1434. 2014-07-28Festival Of MutilationThone Of HadesGods Of Infernal Desolationold_cemetery
1435. 2014-07-28WovenwarTempestWovenwarmetalblade
1436. 2014-07-28King Of AsgardRisingKargmetalblade
1437. 2014-07-28Napalm DeathThe Wolf I FeedUtilitariancenturymedia
1438. 2014-07-21Hallow's EveMetal MerchantsTales of Terrormetalblade
1439. 2014-07-21Entombed A.D.Waiting For DeathBack To The Frontcenturymedia
1440. 2014-07-21AllegaeonOur Cosmic CasketElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
1441. 2014-07-21ApiaryLustrumLost In Focusmetalblade
1442. 2014-07-21Arch EnemyNo More RegretsWar Eternalcenturymedia
1443. 2014-07-21EntrailsStormy DeathResurrected From The Grave (Demo Collection)metalblade
1444. 2014-07-14MorgothFemale InfanticideThe Eternal Fallcenturymedia
1445. 2014-07-14AllegaeonDyson SphereElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
1446. 2014-07-14Bastard SaplingSubterranean River Of BloodInstinct Is Forevergilead media
1447. 2014-07-14GodhateAntichristianityEqual In he Eyes Of Deathmetal_age
1448. 2014-07-14GorelordCrushed Skull On Christian ShouldersForce Fed on Human Fleshbaphoment
1449. 2014-07-07King Of AsgardRemnant Of The PastKargmetalblade
1450. 2014-07-07EntrailsYour Dead Dog SmileResurrected From The Grave (Demo Collection)metalblade
1451. 2014-07-07Liege LordFalloutMaster Controlmetalblade
1452. 2014-07-07Solitude AeturnusFallingThrough the Darkest Hourpavement
1453. 2014-07-07VikingThey Raped The LandMan Of Strawmetalblade
1454. 2014-07-07Population ReductionLegalize EverythingEach Birth a New Disastertankcrimes
1455. 2014-07-07EyeHateGodKill Your BossTake as Needed for Paincenturymedia
1456. 2014-06-30SlayerHate WorldwideWorld Painted Bloodamerican
1457. 2014-06-30AsphyxDiabolical Existencethe Rackmetalblade
1458. 2014-06-23AllegaeonGravimetric Time DilationElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
1459. 2014-06-23Population ReductionBlack Metal Beach PartyEach Birth a New Disastertankcrimes
1460. 2014-06-23MartyrvoreKatrinaMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
1461. 2014-06-23Morbus ChronChainsSwevencenturymedia
1462. 2014-06-23AbortedVoracious Haemoglobinic SyndromeThe Archaic Abattoircenturymedia
1463. 2014-06-16TriptykonBoleskine HouseMelana Chasmatacenturymedia
1464. 2014-06-16ExciterCry Of The BansheeHeavy Metal Maniacmegaforce
1465. 2014-06-16GoatwhoreReanimated SacrificeConstricting Rage Of The Mercilessmetalblade
1466. 2014-06-16Liege LordEye Of The StormMaster Controlmetalblade
1467. 2014-06-16MassacreDarkness FellBack From Beyondcenturymedia
1468. 2014-06-09LuceraHeavy Metal MachetePure Assold_cemetery
1469. 2014-06-09AllegaeonThe Phylogenesis StretchElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
1470. 2014-06-09IwrestledabearoncePazuzu For The WinIt's All Happeningcenturymedia
1471. 2014-06-02CryptopsyPhobophileNone So Vilecenturymedia
1472. 2014-06-02CandiriaSigns Of Discontent300 Percent Densitycenturymedia
1473. 2014-06-02VomitoryFlesh PassionTerrorize Brutalize Sodomizemetalblade
1474. 2014-06-02MiasmalWhisky TrainCursed Redeemercenturymedia
1475. 2014-06-02Winter SolsticeWatcherThe Fall Of Romemetalblade
1476. 2014-06-02DisgorgeStygmatodermuropyanephrosism on Impetiginose UrogenismChronic Corpora Infestamerican_line
1477. 2014-06-02DevastatorNecromantical Sleepthe Summoningold_cemetery
1478. 2014-06-02BehemothAmenThe Satanistmetalblade
1479. 2014-05-26EyeHateGodPeace thru War (thru Peace and War)Southern Discomfortcenturymedia
1480. 2014-05-19Amon AmarthEmbrace Of The Endless OceanTwilight of the Thunder Godmetalblade
1481. 2014-05-19SlayerExpendable YouthSeasons in the Abyssmetalblade
1482. 2014-05-19TriptykonAltar Of DeceitMelana Chasmatacenturymedia
1483. 2014-05-19VallenfyreOdious BlissSplinterscenturymedia
1484. 2014-05-19EntrailsChained And DraggedRaging Deathmetalblade
1485. 2014-05-19ImpaledPreservation Of DeathDeath After Lifecenturymedia
1486. 2014-05-19Creative WasteScreamerCreulty Beyond Conceptionold_cemetery
1487. 2014-05-12Savage MessiahCross Of BabylonThe Fateful Darkcenturymedia
1488. 2014-05-12GwarA Gathering Of GhoulsBloody Pit Of Horrormetalblade
1489. 2014-05-12CryptopsySlit Your GutsThe Best Of Us Bleedcenturymedia
1490. 2014-05-12DemiricousBeyond ObsceneOne (Hellbound)metalblade
1491. 2014-05-12Messiah Propheteavy Metal ThunderMaster Of The Metalpure_metal
1492. 2014-05-05Morbus ChronBeyond Life's Sealed AbodeSwevencenturymedia
1493. 2014-05-05MassacreHonor The FallenBack From Beyondcenturymedia
1494. 2014-05-05InsomniumThe Promethean SongShadows Of The Dying Suncenturymedia
1495. 2014-05-05The FacelessTen Billion YearsAutotheismsumerian
1496. 2014-05-05SlayerThresholdGod Hates us Allamerican
1497. 2014-05-05NecrophobicBefore The DawnThe Noctural Silencehammerheart
1498. 2014-04-28SorcererStrike Of The RavenVarious Artist - Cleveland's Heavy Metal: Etched In Steelheavy metal rendezvous
1499. 2014-04-28Bolt ThrowerThis Time It's WarThe IVth Crusademetalblade
1500. 2014-04-28MaismalCall Of The RevenantCursed Redeemercenturymedia
1501. 2014-04-28SodomDeadlike SilenceObsessed By Crueltysteam_hammer
1502. 2014-04-28JuggernautWeeping In FireTrouble Withinmetalblade
1503. 2014-04-28WarlockTouch Of EvilTriumph and Agonymercury
1504. 2014-04-21Sound BarrierOn The LevelThe Speed Of Lightmetalblade
1505. 2014-04-21IntruderGenetic GenocideA Higher Form Of Killingmetalblade
1506. 2014-04-21Sentinel BeastCorpseDepths Of Deathmetalblade
1507. 2014-04-21TyranntLegions Of The DeadLegions Of The Deadmetalblade
1508. 2014-04-21Satanwho dies winsSuspended Sentencesteam_hammer
1509. 2014-04-21ThrustPosers Will DieVarious Artists - Best Of Metal Blade Vol Imetalblade
1510. 2014-04-21Not FragileWith All My MightWho Dares WinsMean Machine
1511. 2014-04-21SlayerTormentorShow No Mercymetalblade
1512. 2014-04-21Sacred RiteI've Seen The WizardIs Nothing Sacredmedusa
1513. 2014-04-21Lizzy BordenEyes Of A StrangerVisual Liesmetalblade
1514. 2014-04-14VassagoTotal War brings Total DeathKnights From Hellmercenary_musik
1515. 2014-04-14InsomniumRevelationsShadows Of The Dying Suncenturymedia
1516. 2014-04-14Morbus ChronBeyond Life's Sealed AbodeSwevencenturymedia
1517. 2014-04-14MassacreShield Of The SonBack From Beyondcenturymedia
1518. 2014-04-14Vattnet ViskarBreath Of The AlmightySky Swollowercenturymedia
1519. 2014-04-07The Black Dahlia MurderA Vulgar PictureMiasmametalblade
1520. 2014-04-07Cannabis CorpseSickening PhotosynthesisThe Weedingtankcrimes
1521. 2014-04-07AmputatorBring Hell On EarthSplit: Satanic Forcefucked Annihilationold_cemetery
1522. 2014-04-07Sons of AzraelThe Left Hand PathScouting The Boneyardmetalblade
1523. 2014-04-07Lightning Swords Of DeathPsychic WatersBaphometic Chaosiummetalblade
1524. 2014-04-07The AbsenceSummoning The DarknessFrom Your Gravemetalblade
1525. 2014-04-07SatanCalculated ExecutionSuspended Sentencesteam_hammer
1526. 2014-03-31FleshcrawlMetal GodsSoulskinnermetalblade
1527. 2014-03-31Cannibal CorpseThe Pick-Axe MurdersThe Bleedingmetalblade
1528. 2014-03-31BelowGhost Of A ShepherdAcross The Dark Rivermetalblade
1529. 2014-03-31PaganfireMapangwasakTasteless Revengeold_cemetery
1530. 2014-03-31EmperorHe Who Sought the FirePrometheus - The Discipline of Fire and Demisecenturymedia
1531. 2014-03-31Solitude AeturnusThe 9th Day: AwakeningThrough the Darkest Hourpavement
1532. 2014-03-24AbortedCoronary ReconstructionGlobal Flatlinecenturymedia
1533. 2014-03-24GwarLet Us SlayLust In Spacemetalblade
1534. 2014-03-24Dave Brockie ExperienceMusic Is Like BeerSongs From The Wrongmetalblade
1535. 2014-03-24Liege LordEye Of The StormMaster Controlmetalblade
1536. 2014-03-24MassacreSuccumb To RaptureBack From Beyondcenturymedia
1537. 2014-03-24HereticThe CircleThe Breaking Pointmetalblade
1538. 2014-03-24SlayerDeath's HeadDiabolus In Musicaamerican
1539. 2014-03-17Morbus ChronThe Perennial LinkSwevencenturymedia
1540. 2014-03-17MassacreAscension Of The DeceasedBack From Beyondcenturymedia
1541. 2014-03-17PilgrimThe PaladinII. Void Worshipmetalblade
1542. 2014-03-17Savage MessiahCross Of BabylonThe Fateful Darkcenturymedia
1543. 2014-03-17GwarAntartican Drinking SongCarnival Of Chaosmetalblade
1544. 2014-03-10Demolition HammerHuman DissectionEpidemic of Violencecenturymedia
1545. 2014-03-10SlayerBorn Of FireSeasons in the Abyssmetalblade
1546. 2014-03-10EvocationCorporal Jigsore QuandryExcised And Anatomizedmetalblade
1547. 2014-03-03ManowarFight Until We DieWarriors Of The Worldmetalblade
1548. 2014-03-03Cattle DecapitationGristle LickerMonolith Of Inhumanitymetalblade
1549. 2014-03-03WitchsorrowGommorahWitchsorrowmetalblade
1550. 2014-03-03SlayerDie By The SwordShow No Mercymetalblade
1551. 2014-03-03Morbus ChronRipening LifeSwevencenturymedia
1552. 2014-02-24FinntrollUnder Bergets RotNifelvindcenturymedia
1553. 2014-02-24IwrestledabearonceBlack-Eyed BushIt's All Happeningcenturymedia
1554. 2014-02-24EyeHateGodDepressSouthern Discomfortcenturymedia
1555. 2014-02-24Iron Hand122 Hours Of Fear (Screamers)Liquid Assets 7-inchsafety_meeting
1556. 2014-02-24DestrageG.O.D.Are You Kidding Me? No.metalblade
1557. 2014-02-24Flotsam and JetsamN.E.TerrorNo Place For Disgracemetalblade
1558. 2014-02-24Morbus ChronIt Stretches In The HollowSwevencenturymedia
1559. 2014-02-24Mount SalemLucidEndlessmetalblade
1560. 2014-02-24HadesRogues MarchBorn To Metalizemegaforce
1561. 2014-02-24Cannabis CorpseLunatic Of Pot's CreationBeneath The Grow Lights Thou Shalt Risetankcrimes
1562. 2014-02-17ImmolationFather, You're Not A FatherClose To A World Belowmetalblade
1563. 2014-02-17Into EternitySelling GodDead or Dreamingcenturymedia
1564. 2014-02-17Sentinel BeastEvil Is The NightDepths Of Deathmetalblade
1565. 2014-02-17WitcheryShallow GraveSymphony For The Devilcenturymedia
1566. 2014-02-10SarkeStrange Pungent OdysseyAruagintmetalblade
1567. 2014-02-03Bloodbaththe SoulcollectorResurrection Through Carnagecenturymedia
1568. 2014-02-03BehemothFuror DivinusThe Satanistmetalblade
1569. 2014-02-03The Lord Weird Slough FegHabeas CorpusDigital Resistancemetalblade
1570. 2014-02-03SahgFirechildDelusions Of Grandeurmetalblade
1571. 2014-02-03Vital RemainsDevoured ElysiumDechristianizecenturymedia
1572. 2014-02-03Nihil DominationThe Rising Of SatanasSudamerican Worshop To Sathanas Cult to Bestial Desecration Of Jehovahold_cemetery
1573. 2014-02-03SatanSuicidal JusticeSuspended Sentencesteam_hammer
1574. 2014-01-27EyeHateGodCorupption SchemeConfederacy Of Ruined Livescenturymedia
1575. 2014-01-27Lizzy BordenFlesheaterThe Murderess Metal Road Showmetalblade
1576. 2014-01-27Napalm DeathWhen All Is Said And DoneSmear Campaigncenturymedia
1577. 2014-01-27BodyfarmThe Coming ScourgeThe Coming Scourgemetalblade
1578. 2014-01-27Down Among The Dead MenThe EpochDown Among The Dead Menmetalblade
1579. 2014-01-27Rivers Of NihilBirth Of The OmnisaviorThe Conscious Seed Of Lightmetalblade
1580. 2014-01-20NightwishSlaying The DreamerCentury Childcenturymedia
1581. 2014-01-20Amon AmarthDeath in FireVarious Artists - Uncorrupted Steel, Vol. 2metalblade
1582. 2014-01-13Cattle DecapitationCloacula: the Anthropophagic Compromantik (demo)Various Artists - Uncorrupted Steel, Vol. 2metalblade
1583. 2014-01-13IwrestledabearonceMind The GapLate For Nothingcenturymedia
1584. 2014-01-13Satan's WrathDeath PossessedGalloping Blasphemymetalblade
1585. 2014-01-06ImmolationFailures for GodsFailures For Godsmetalblade
1586. 2014-01-06SlayerBlood RedSeasons in the Abyssmetalblade
1587. 2014-01-06DevastatorPazuzu, Demon of PlaguesConjuring Evilold_cemetery
1588. 2014-01-06Sturmgewehr666Hell Hoaxes HeavenChallenging Cross Reich Cowardsold_cemetery
1589. 2014-01-06IwrestledabearonceIt is "Bro" Isn't It?Ruining It For Everybodycenturymedia
1590. 2014-01-06Rivers Of NihilRain EaterThe Conscious Seed Of Lightmetalblade
1591. 2013-12-30EntrailsCadaverous StenchRaging Deathmetalblade
1592. 2013-12-30IwrestledabearonceDanger in the MangerIt's All Happeningcenturymedia
1593. 2013-12-30Cannibal CorpseSentenced To BurnGallery Of Suicidemetalblade
1594. 2013-12-23Only Living WitnessDecemberProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
1595. 2013-12-23Austrian Death MachineJingle BellsA Very Brutal Christmasmetalblade
1596. 2013-12-23Internal BleedingInhuman SufferingVoracious Contemptpavement
1597. 2013-12-23ZombifiedCorrosive SpiralCarnage Slaughter And Deathmetalblade
1598. 2013-12-23AncientsSleeping Princess Of The ArgesMad Grandoise Bloodfriendsmetalblade
1599. 2013-12-23IntronautSore Sight For EyesHabitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)centurymedia
1600. 2013-12-16DemonicalKing Of AllDarkness Unboundmetalblade
1601. 2013-12-16Hail of BulletsDeath Of A Field MarshalIII The Rommel Chroniclesmetalblade
1602. 2013-12-16Satan's WrathEcstasies Of SorceryAeons Of Satan's Reignmetalblade
1603. 2013-12-16IwrestledabearonceSnake CharmerLate For Nothingcenturymedia
1604. 2013-12-16Ereb AltorNifelheimFire Meets Icemetalblade
1605. 2013-12-09IwrestledabearonceTastes Like Kevin BaconIt's All Happeningcenturymedia
1606. 2013-12-02WatainAll That May BleedThe Wild Huntcenturymedia
1607. 2013-12-02Rivers Of NihilPlace Of SerpentsThe Conscious Seed Of Lightmetalblade
1608. 2013-12-02Napalm DeathBedtime StoryLeaders Not Followers: Part 2centurymedia
1609. 2013-12-02AbortedClinical ColostomyGoremageddoncenturymedia
1610. 2013-12-02Malevolent CreationPremature BurialThe Ten Commandmentspavement
1611. 2013-11-25Hail of BulletsFarewell To AfricaIII The Rommel Chroniclesmetalblade
1612. 2013-11-25SepsisTime To Pull A Gun...With No Mercymetal_age
1613. 2013-11-25SlayerChemical WarfareHaunting the Chapelmetalblade
1614. 2013-11-25Satan's WrathAll Of Us WitchesAeons Of Satan's Reignmetalblade
1615. 2013-11-18Pentagram clSpontaneous CombustionThe Maleficemetalblade
1616. 2013-11-18ArtilleryGlobal FlatlineLegionsmetalblade
1617. 2013-11-18SlayerRichard Hung HimselfUndisputed Attitudeamerican
1618. 2013-11-18Rivers Of NihilA Fertile AltarThe Conscious Seed Of Lightmetalblade
1619. 2013-11-18Hail of BulletsPour Le MeriteIII The Rommel Chroniclesmetalblade
1620. 2013-11-11AssassinAbstract WarInterstellar Experiancesteamhammer
1621. 2013-11-11Nasty SavageIncursion DemetiaIndulgencemetalblade
1622. 2013-11-11CitiesDecieverAnnihilation Absolutemetalblade
1623. 2013-11-11CandlemassAt The Gallows EndAt The Gallows Endmetalblade
1624. 2013-11-11SodomEquinoxObsessed By Crueltymetalblade
1625. 2013-11-11Cirith UngolChaos DescendsOne Foot In Hellmetalblade
1626. 2013-11-11OverkillDeny the CrossTaking Overmegaforce
1627. 2013-11-04VildhjartaTracesMasstadencenturymedia
1628. 2013-11-04Hail of BulletsThe Desert FoxIII The Rommel Chroniclesmetalblade
1629. 2013-11-04Satan's WrathArchfiendAeons Of Satan's Reignmetalblade
1630. 2013-11-04TerrorRise Of The Poisoned YouthThe Damned, the Shamedcenturymedia
1631. 2013-11-04Kill DivisionSadistic OppressorDestructive Forcemetalblade
1632. 2013-11-04CancerGruesome TasksDeath Shall Raisemetalblade
1633. 2013-11-04Rivers Of NihilMechanical TreesThe Conscious Seed Of Lightmetalblade
1634. 2013-10-28GriefIf The World Was FlatAnd Man Becomes The Huntedcenturymedia
1635. 2013-10-28EyeHateGodJack Ass In The Will Of GodConfederacy Of Ruined Livescenturymedia
1636. 2013-10-21Internal BleedingAnoited In ServitudeAlien Breed (1991-2001)centurymedia
1637. 2013-10-21InfectedPredeterminedCrawlspaceprime_cuts_music
1638. 2013-10-21Hail of BulletsDestroyerWarsaw Risingmetalblade
1639. 2013-10-21OmenRuby Eyes (Of The Serpent)Various Artist - The Best Of Metal Blademetalblade
1640. 2013-10-21NecrowretchFrom A Hideous SummoningBestial Rites 2009-2012centurymedia
1641. 2013-10-21InsomniumEphemeralEphemeralcenturymedia
1642. 2013-10-21the AbsenceMy RuinFrom Your Gravemetalblade
1643. 2013-10-21ManowarThe Gods made Heavy MetalLouder than Hellmetalblade
1644. 2013-10-21In SolitudeDeath Knows WhereSistermetalblade
1645. 2013-10-21PrimordialThe Burning SeasonA Journey's Endmetalblade
1646. 2013-10-21Ereb AltorSacrificeFire Meets Icemetalblade
1647. 2013-10-14AghastEnter The Hall Of IceHexerei In Zweilicht Der Finsterniscold_meat_industry
1648. 2013-10-14NecrowretchSadistic ExpiationBestial Rites 2009-2012centurymedia
1649. 2013-10-14InsomniumThe DescentEphemeralcenturymedia
1650. 2013-10-14Ereb AltorNifelheimFire Meets Icemetalblade
1651. 2013-10-14In SolitudeSisterSistermetalblade
1652. 2013-10-14Rivers Of NihilSoil & SeedThe Conscious Seed Of Lightmetalblade
1653. 2013-10-14Kill DivisionMade Of LiesDestructive Forcemetalblade
1654. 2013-10-14NoctumLiberty In DeathFinal Sacrificemetalblade
1655. 2013-10-14WitchkillerCry WolfDay Of The Saxonsmetalblade
1656. 2013-10-14UnleashedFor They Shall Be SlainWhere No Life Dwellscenturymedia
1657. 2013-10-07InsomniumThe DescentEphemeralcenturymedia
1658. 2013-10-07Paradise LostLonelines RemainsTragic Illususions 25 (The Rarities)centurymedia
1659. 2013-10-07Ereb AltorThe Chosen OnesFire Meets Icemetalblade
1660. 2013-10-07NecrowretchUnholy Stench Of SinBestial Rites 2009-2012centurymedia
1661. 2013-10-07HorisontBackstreetTime Warriorsmetalblade
1662. 2013-10-07In SolitudePallid HandsSistermetalblade
1663. 2013-10-07Iron ManThe Worst And Longest DaySouth Of The Earthmetalblade
1664. 2013-10-07Kill DivisionFear Of LifeDestructive Forcemetalblade
1665. 2013-10-07NoctumResurrected In EvilFinal Sacrificemetalblade
1666. 2013-10-07Rivers Of NihilCentral AntheneumThe Conscious Seed Of Lightmetalblade
1667. 2013-09-30Sturmgewehr666Nailbomb For GodChallenging Cross Reich Cowardsold_cemetery
1668. 2013-09-30Charred Walls Of The DamnedIn A World So CruelCharred Walls Of The Damnedmetalblade
1669. 2013-09-23Fates WarningGiant's Lore (Heart Of Winter)Awaken the Guardianmetalblade
1670. 2013-09-23GraveVenial SinMorbid Ascentcenturymedia
1671. 2013-09-23Dark FortressHirudineansYlemcenturymedia
1672. 2013-09-23Cattle DecapitationReduced To PasteHumanuremetalblade
1673. 2013-09-23MonstrosityAbysmal GodsRise To Powermetalblade
1674. 2013-09-23The CrownFace The Destruction-Deep Hit Of DeathPossessed 13metalblade
1675. 2013-09-23Internal BleedingDespoilment of Rotting FleshAlien Breed (1991-2001)centurymedia
1676. 2013-09-16HelstarWinds Of WarRising From The Gravemetalblade
1677. 2013-09-16WarlockAfter The BombBurning The Witchesmercury
1678. 2013-09-16TYRMare Of My NightValkyrjametalblade
1679. 2013-09-16Bloodbaththe SoulcollectorResurrection Through Carnagecenturymedia
1680. 2013-09-16FacebreakerZombie Flesh CultDedicated To The Fleshmetalblade
1681. 2013-09-16We Butter The Bread With ButterPyroman & AstronautGoldkindercenturymedia
1682. 2013-09-16IwrestledabearonceMind The GapLate For Nothingcenturymedia
1683. 2013-09-16IconDouble LifeRight Between The Eyesmegaforce
1684. 2013-09-16Population ReductionRoad Are At The Farmer's MarketEach Birth a New Disastertankcrimes
1685. 2013-09-16EvocationEnigmaExcised And Anatomizedcenturymedia
1686. 2013-09-09Hail of BulletsOperation ZOn Divine Windsmetalblade
1687. 2013-09-09HellhammerBlood InsanityDemon Entrailsmetalblade
1688. 2013-09-09EntrailsCarved To The BoneRaging Deathmetalblade
1689. 2013-09-09FacebreakerMutilatorDedicated To The Fleshmetalblade
1690. 2013-09-09SlayerSkeletons of SocietySeasons in the Abyssmetalblade
1691. 2013-09-09EvocationYou SufferExcised And Anatomizedcenturymedia
1692. 2013-09-02Only Living WitnessProne Mortal FormProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
1693. 2013-09-02ScatterbrainBeer MusclesMundus Intellectualispavement
1694. 2013-09-02EvocationTerminal Spirit DiseaseExcised And Anatomizedmetalblade
1695. 2013-09-02FacebreakerCatacombDedicated To The Fleshmetalblade
1696. 2013-09-02ShakhtyorShakhtyorHandschuhmannmetalblade
1697. 2013-09-02TyrHel Hath No FuryValkyrjametalblade
1698. 2013-09-02WatainAll That May BleedThe Wild Huntcenturymedia
1699. 2013-09-02GravePossessedMorbid Ascentcenturymedia
1700. 2013-09-02CryptopsyCrown of HornsNone So Vilecenturymedia
1701. 2013-09-02Cannibal CorpseAddicated to Vaginal SkinTomb of the Mutilatedmetalblade
1702. 2013-09-02Dying FetusBathe in EntrailsInfatuation with Malevolencecenturymedia
1703. 2013-08-26BlasfemiaEl Hechizo del Espejo Ha Roto este Pacto EntereoEl Indice De los Libros Prohibidosold_cemetery
1704. 2013-08-26ExciterViolence and ForceVoilence and Forcemegaforce
1705. 2013-08-26GraveMorbid AscentMorbid Ascentcenturymedia
1706. 2013-08-26EvocationCorporal Jigsore QuandryExcised And Anatomizedcenturymedia
1707. 2013-08-26WatainSleepless EvilThe Wild Huntcenturymedia
1708. 2013-08-26SlayerRichard Hung HimselfUndisputed Attitudeamerican
1709. 2013-08-19OmenDie By The BladeBattle Crymetalblade
1710. 2013-08-19Amon AmarthBlood EagleDeceiver Of The Godsmetalblade
1711. 2013-08-19DesecrationFormaldehighForensixmetal_age
1712. 2013-08-19In SolitudeDemonsThe World The Flesh The Devilmetalblade
1713. 2013-08-19Cattle DecapitationLong-pig Chef and the Hairless GoatTo Serve Manmetalblade
1714. 2013-08-12Terminally, Your Aborted GhostEntry StabwoundSlowly Peeling the Flesh from the Inside of a Folded Handmacabre_mentos
1715. 2013-08-12EnthronedSatan Never SleepsRegie Sathanas: A Tribute To Cernunnosmetalblade
1716. 2013-08-12GwarAbyss Of WoeVolence Has Arrivedmetalblade
1717. 2013-08-05TestamentPractice what you preachPractice what you preachmegaforce
1718. 2013-08-05WitchkillerRiders Of DoomDay Of The Saxonsmetalblade
1719. 2013-08-05Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
1720. 2013-08-05BattlecrossMy VaccineWar Of Willmetalblade
1721. 2013-08-05The Gates of SlumberThe Scourge Ov DarknessThe Wretchmetalblade
1722. 2013-08-05DisgorgeFaecalizedChronic Corpora Infestamerican_line
1723. 2013-08-05EyeHateGodJack Ass In The Will Of GodConfederacy Of Ruined Livescenturymedia
1724. 2013-08-05In This MomentThe Gun ShowA Star-Crossed Wastelandcenturymedia
1725. 2013-08-05The Lord Weird Slough FegThe WickermanTwilight Of The Idolsmetalblade
1726. 2013-07-29CandlemassA Cry From The CryptAncient Dreamsmetalblade
1727. 2013-07-29Fates WarningShades Of Heavenly DeathNo Exitmetalblade
1728. 2013-07-29RAMHypnosDeathmetalblade
1729. 2013-07-29SacrificeHomocidal BreathTorment in Firemetalblade
1730. 2013-07-29AmputatorMachine Gun SodomyIntolerance Deathsquadsold_cemetery
1731. 2013-07-29OmenBring Out The BeastBattle Crymetalblade
1732. 2013-07-22MartyrvoreIron SatanMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
1733. 2013-07-22CryptopsyOpen Face SurgeryBlasphemy Made Fleshcenturymedia
1734. 2013-07-15Austrian Death MachineGet To The ChoppaA Very Brutal Christmasmetalblade
1735. 2013-07-15Amon AmarthWe Shall DestroyDeceiver Of The Godsmetalblade
1736. 2013-07-15At The GatesSouls of the Evil DepartedAt the Gates/Grotesquecenturymedia
1737. 2013-07-15EntrailsHeadless DawnRaging Deathmetalblade
1738. 2013-07-08UnleashedWhere No Life DwellsWhere No Life Dwellscenturymedia
1739. 2013-07-08UnleashedDead ForeverWhere No Life Dwellscenturymedia
1740. 2013-07-08SlayerRichard Hung HimselfUndisputed Attitudeamerican
1741. 2013-07-08ManowarGod's Made Heavy MetalLouder than Hellmetalblade
1742. 2013-07-01BehemothThy Winter KingdomDemoniametalblade
1743. 2013-07-01Amon AmarthFather Of The WolfDeceiver Of The Godsmetalblade
1744. 2013-07-01Winter Solsticefollowing caligulaThe Fall Of Romemetalblade
1745. 2013-07-01Cannibal CorpseBeheading and BurningEvisceration Plaguemetalblade
1746. 2013-07-01AmputatorBring Hell On EarthSplit: Satanic Forcefucked Annihilationold_cemetery
1747. 2013-07-01CitiesStop The RaceAnnihilation Absolutemetalblade
1748. 2013-07-01Tomorrow's ChildWalk In The WoodsVarious Artists: Street Survivorsmetalblade
1749. 2013-07-01AttackerThe HermitBattle at Helms Deepmetalblade
1750. 2013-06-24TriptykonI Am The TwilightShatteredcenturymedia
1751. 2013-06-24Amon AmarthAs Loke FallsDeceiver Of The Godsmetalblade
1752. 2013-06-24FinntrollRosets KungBlodsveptcenturymedia
1753. 2013-06-24Hiraxlightning thunderVarious Artists - Speed Metalmetalblade
1754. 2013-06-24ExumerI Dare YouFire & Damnationmetalblade
1755. 2013-06-24NatronDead BeatRot Among Usmetal_age
1756. 2013-06-24Broken HopeEngored With ImpietyRepulsive Conceptionmetalblade
1757. 2013-06-24BehemothAtlas, Lord Is Upon MeEvangelionmetalblade
1758. 2013-06-17Amon AmarthWe Shall DestroyDeceiver Of The Godsmetalblade
1759. 2013-06-17Dark TranquillityThe Silence In BetweenConstructcenturymedia
1760. 2013-06-17AeonDead Means DeadAeons Blackmetalblade
1761. 2013-06-17EntrailsCarved To The BoneRaging Deathmetalblade
1762. 2013-06-10Cannibal CorpseScalding HailEvisceration Plaguemetalblade
1763. 2013-06-10Age Of TaurusAlways In The EyeDesperate Souls Of Tortured Timesmetalblade
1764. 2013-06-10The Devil's Blood...If Not A Vessel?III: Tabila Rasa OR Death And The Seven Pillarsmetalblade
1765. 2013-06-10Amon AmarthFather OF The WolfDeceiver Of The Godsmetalblade
1766. 2013-06-10The Black Dahlia MurderPhantom Limb MasturbationEverblackmetalblade
1767. 2013-06-10EntrailsDeath LeagueRaging Deathmetalblade
1768. 2013-06-10ImmolationNo Forgivenes (without Bloodshed)Dawn of Possessionmetalblade
1769. 2013-06-10Beyond The ShoreTransitionsGhostwatchermetalblade
1770. 2013-06-10Num SkullPirate's NightRitually Abusedmedusa
1771. 2013-06-10FireNever RunVarious Artists: Street Survivorsmetalblade
1772. 2013-06-03Hallow's Evemetal merchantsVarious Artists - Speed Metalmetalblade
1773. 2013-06-03FinntrollNar Jattar MarscheraBlodsveptcenturymedia
1774. 2013-06-03Satanic Goat RitualBorn Of Goat's BloodSplit - Satanic Goat Ritual/Warlock 666old_cemetery
1775. 2013-06-03Beyond The ShoreGlass HousesGhostwatchermetalblade
1776. 2013-06-03AbioticVermosapienSymbiosismetalblade
1777. 2013-06-03DevastatorPazuzu, Demon of PlaguesConjuring Evilold_cemetery
1778. 2013-06-03Razor of OccamHomage To MartyrsHomage to Martyrsmetalblade
1779. 2013-06-03SlayerEvil Has no BoundariesVarious Artists - Speed Metalmetalblade
1780. 2013-06-03AttackerDownfallBattle at Helms Deepmetalblade
1781. 2013-06-03CitiesCruel SeaAnnihilation Absolutemetalblade
1782. 2013-05-27Sacred RiteI've Seen The WizardIs Nothing Sacredmedusa
1783. 2013-05-27King DiamondSleep tight Little BabyThe Graveyard (reissue)metalblade
1784. 2013-05-27OmenRadar LoveEscape To Nowheremetalblade
1785. 2013-05-27EntrailsCadaverous StenchRaging Deathmetalblade
1786. 2013-05-27FleshwroughtFinal NauseaDementia Dyslexiametalblade
1787. 2013-05-27Satanic Goat RitualDarkness Of DeathSplit - Satanic Goat Ritual/Warlock 666old_cemetery
1788. 2013-05-27GloryholeDeath By DeformityInfestation Of Evilized Deformitiesold_cemetery
1789. 2013-05-27ArmageddonBurn The SunEmbrace The Mysterycenturymedia
1790. 2013-05-27Bolt ThrowerThe KillchainThose Once Loyalmetalblade
1791. 2013-05-27Dark FortressNemesisYlemcenturymedia
1792. 2013-05-27AttackerDiscipleVarious Artists - the Best Of Metal Blade vol Imetalblade
1793. 2013-05-20WitchkillerDay Of The SaxonsDay Of The Saxonsmetalblade
1794. 2013-05-20Silent RageRebel With A CauseShattered Heartschameleon
1795. 2013-05-20Sky ForgerThe Nine-HeadedKurbadsmetalblade
1796. 2013-05-20Sacred ReichCrimes Against HumanityLive At Wackenmetalblade
1797. 2013-05-20Broken HopeEngored With ImpietyRepulsive Conceptionmetalblade
1798. 2013-05-20Fragments Of UnbecomingDear Floating WaterSterling Black Iconmetalblade
1799. 2013-05-20TyptonWill You FollowMind Over Metalmedusa
1800. 2013-05-13EntrailsHeadless DawnRaging Deathmetalblade
1801. 2013-05-13Krisiunscourged centuriesWorks of Carnagecenturymedia
1802. 2013-05-13Fragments Of Unbecomingthe seventh sunray enlights my pathwaySkywards I A Sylphe's Ascensionmetalblade
1803. 2013-05-13God DethronedPoison FogPassiondalemetalblade
1804. 2013-05-13Hail of BulletsOperation ZOn Divine Windsmetalblade
1805. 2013-05-13Population ReductionAmish Meth DealerEach Birth a New Disastertankcrimes
1806. 2013-05-13As I Lay DyingDistance is DarknessFrail Words Collapsemetalblade
1807. 2013-05-13Despised IconEulogyDay Of Mourningcenturymedia
1808. 2013-05-06CandlemassThrough The Infinite Halls Of DeathTales of Creationmetalblade
1809. 2013-05-06Fates WarningShades Of Heavenly DeathNo Exitmetalblade
1810. 2013-05-06CitiesInnocent VictimAnnihilation Absolutemetalblade
1811. 2013-05-06SlayerRaining BloodReign in Blood (extended edition)american
1812. 2013-05-06Amon AmarthGuardians of AsgaardTwilight of the Thunder Godmetalblade
1813. 2013-05-06AttackerSlayer's BladeBattle at Helms Deepmetalblade
1814. 2013-04-29SlayerBloodlineGod Hates us Allamerican
1815. 2013-04-29EntrailsBloodhammerRaging Deathmetalblade
1816. 2013-04-29The OceanBathyalpelagic I: ImpassesPelegialmetalblade
1817. 2013-04-29Bloody CeremonyGoodbye GeminiThe Eldritch Darkmetalblade
1818. 2013-04-29EldkraftFat's DoorShamanmetalblade
1819. 2013-04-29Vital RemainsHammer Down the NailsIcons of Evilcenturymedia
1820. 2013-04-29Liege LordFeel The BladeMaster Controlmetalblade
1821. 2013-04-22ObsessionMarshall LawMarshall Law - singlemetalblade
1822. 2013-04-22Hydra VeinRight To DieRather Death Than False Of Faithmean_machine
1823. 2013-04-22AssassinA Message To SurviveInterstellar Experiancesteamhammer
1824. 2013-04-22SlayerDie By The SwordShow No Mercymetalblade
1825. 2013-04-22AttackerThe HermitBattle at Helms Deepmetalblade
1826. 2013-04-22AgnusThe CentaurCrack Of Doommedusa
1827. 2013-04-15EvocationMurder in PassionApocalypticmetalblade
1828. 2013-04-15Iced EarthDeclaration DayLive In Ancient Kourioncenturymedia
1829. 2013-04-15Cannibal CorpsePick-Ax MurdersThe Bleedingmetalblade
1830. 2013-04-15GoatwhoreCarving Out the Eyes of GodCarving Out the Eyes of Godmetalblade
1831. 2013-04-15SlayerHell AwaitsHell Awaitsmetalblade
1832. 2013-04-08SolefaldDionysify This Night Of SpringIn Harmonia Universalicenturymedia
1833. 2013-04-08CathedralCathedral Of The DamnedThe Last Spiremetalblade
1834. 2013-04-08PursonSailor's Wife's LamentThe Circle And The Blue Doormetalblade
1835. 2013-04-08PyrithionRest In The Arms Of Paralyzed BeastThe Burden Of Sorrow - Singlemetalblade
1836. 2013-04-08WhitechapelDevirgination StudiesThe Somatic Defilementmetalblade
1837. 2013-04-08MayhemFreezing MoonTribute to the Black EmperorsWarhammer
1838. 2013-04-08CandiriaThe Obvious Destination300 Percent Densitycenturymedia
1839. 2013-04-08Bolt ThrowerThrough The AgesThe IVth Crusademetalblade
1840. 2013-04-01IntronautSore Sight For EyesHabitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)centurymedia
1841. 2013-04-01FinntrollBlodsveptBlodsveptcenturymedia
1842. 2013-04-01CauldronNitebreakerTomorrow's Lostcenturymedia
1843. 2013-04-01Iced EarthSlave To The DarkLive In Ancient Kourioncenturymedia
1844. 2013-04-01Heaven Shall BurnFallenVETOcenturymedia
1845. 2013-04-01Bleed From WithinNothing No One NowhereUprisingcenturymedia
1846. 2013-04-01StarkillNew Infernal RebirthFires Of Lifecenturymedia
1847. 2013-04-01SlayerRichard Hung HimselfUndisputed Attitudeamerican
1848. 2013-04-01Cattle DecapitationForced Gender ReassignmentMonolith Of Inhumanitymetalblade
1849. 2013-04-01MayhemDe Mysteriis Dom SathanasDe Mysteriis Dom Sathanascenturymedia
1850. 2013-03-25The FacelessAutotheist Movement III: DeconsecrateAutotheismsumerian
1851. 2013-03-25Memory GardenDoomainDoomainmetalblade
1852. 2013-03-25Flotsam and JetsamUgly NoiseUgly Noisemetalblade
1853. 2013-03-25MoosThe Bleeding YearsHorrible Nightmetalblade
1854. 2013-03-18SlayerPiece by PieceReign in Bloodamerican
1855. 2013-03-18Electric WizardNight ChildBlack Massesmetalblade
1856. 2013-03-18DoomhammerAt Midnight We StrikeThe Law Of The Drunk 0 Demo Collectionold_cemetery
1857. 2013-03-11Cannibal CorpseSentenced To BurnGallery Of Suicidemetalblade
1858. 2013-03-11Beyond The ShoreHalf LivedGhostwatchermetalblade
1859. 2013-03-11Six Feet UnderZombie Blood CurseUnbornmetalblade
1860. 2013-03-11Jeff LoomisContinuun DriftPlanets Of Oblivioncenturymedia
1861. 2013-03-11Warrel DaneLucretia My ReflectionPraises to the War Machinecenturymedia
1862. 2013-03-11Into EternityUnholy (fields of the dead)Dead or Dreamingcenturymedia
1863. 2013-03-11SlayerRichard Hung HimselfUndisputed Attitudeamerican
1864. 2013-03-11CandlemassA Tale Of CreationTales of Creationmetalblade
1865. 2013-03-04Liege LordBroken WastelandMaster Controlmetalblade
1866. 2013-03-04In This MomentWhoreBloodcenturymedia
1867. 2013-02-25SlayerSeasons in the AbyssSeasons in the Abyssmetalblade
1868. 2013-02-25ZombifiedCarnage Slaughter And DeathCarnage Slaughter And Deathmetalblade
1869. 2013-02-25NeaeraOurs Is The StormOurs Is The Stormmetalblade
1870. 2013-02-25Gloria MortiOur God Is WarLateral Constraintmetalblade
1871. 2013-02-25NightfallOberon & TitaniaCassiopeiametalblade
1872. 2013-02-25Jungle RotHumans Shall PayDead and Buriedcenturymedia
1873. 2013-02-25Death WolfRothenburgII: Black Armoured Deathcenturymedia
1874. 2013-02-25VomitoryTerrorize Brutalize SodomizeTerrorize Brutalize Sodomizemetalblade
1875. 2013-02-25Downfall Of GaiaDrowning By Wing BeatsSuffocating In The Swarm Of Cranesmetalblade
1876. 2013-02-25SatanAvalanche Of A Million HeartsSuspended Sentencesteam_hammer
1877. 2013-02-18Dark FortressEvenFallYlemcenturymedia
1878. 2013-02-18The Black Dahlia Murderto a Breathless OblivionNocturnalmetalblade
1879. 2013-02-18TestamentPractice what you preachPractice what you preachmegaforce
1880. 2013-02-11RamHypnosDeathmetalblade
1881. 2013-02-11ManowarThe Gods made Heavy MetalLouder than Hellmetalblade
1882. 2013-02-11Death WolfLord Of PutrefactionII: Black Armoured Deathcenturymedia
1883. 2013-02-11Alpha TigerFrom Outer SpaceBeneath The Surfacecenturymedia
1884. 2013-02-11Shai HuludA Human FailingReach Beyond The Sunmetalblade
1885. 2013-02-11NecrowretchGoat-HeadedPutrid Death Sorcerycenturymedia
1886. 2013-02-11VoivodEmpathy For The EnemyTarget Earthcenturymedia
1887. 2013-02-11Lightning Swords Of DeathChained To DecayBaphometic Chaosiummetalblade
1888. 2013-02-11Sky ForgerThe Last BattleKurbadsmetalblade
1889. 2013-02-11Raven Black NightNocturnal BirthBarbarian Wintermetalblade
1890. 2013-02-11King Of AsgardPlague-Ridden Rebirth...To Northmetalblade
1891. 2013-02-04The FacelessAutotheist Movement III: DeconsecrateAutotheismsumerian
1892. 2013-02-04Born Of OsirisSingularityThe Discoverysumerian
1893. 2013-02-04NeaeraEight Thousand Sorrows DeepForging The Eclipsemetalblade
1894. 2013-02-04Only Living WitnessRootProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
1895. 2013-01-28Beyond the Sixth SealEverything Toughthe Resurrection of Everything Toughmetalblade
1896. 2013-01-28RamHypnosDeathmetalblade
1897. 2013-01-28UnleashedBloodbathShadow in the Deepcenturymedia
1898. 2013-01-28Lightning Swords Of DeathPsychic WatersBaphometic Chaosiummetalblade
1899. 2013-01-28Raven Black NightMorbid GladiatorBarbarian Wintermetalblade
1900. 2013-01-28WitchsorrowImpaler, TepesWitchsorrowmetalblade
1901. 2013-01-21Heathen LifecodeIllegal IconoclasmHeathen Lifecode/Wargoatcultold_cemetery
1902. 2013-01-21NatronHeads Are RollingRot Among Usmetal_age
1903. 2013-01-14VildhjartaEternal Golden MonkMasstadencenturymedia
1904. 2013-01-14KrisiunBlood Of LionsThe Great Executioncenturymedia
1905. 2013-01-14Malevolent CreationHideous ReprisalEternalpavement
1906. 2013-01-14SlayerRichard Hung HimselfUndisputed Attitudeamerican
1907. 2013-01-14Amon AmarthGuardians of AsgaardTwilight of the Thunder Godmetalblade
1908. 2013-01-14Sky ForgerThe Nine-HeadedKurbadsmetalblade
1909. 2013-01-07AssassinResolusion 588Interstellar Experiancesteamhammer
1910. 2013-01-07Napalm Deathwhen all is said and doneSmear Campaigncenturymedia
1911. 2013-01-07Omenthe AxemanBattle Crymetalblade
1912. 2013-01-07CryptopsyPhobophileThe Best Of Us Bleedcenturymedia
1913. 2013-01-07VictimsBroken BonesA Dissidenttankcrimes
1914. 2013-01-07SlayerSkeletons of SocietySeasons in the Abyssmetalblade
1915. 2013-01-07Nocturnal RitesFaceless GodShadowlandcenturymedia
1916. 2013-01-07ThouAn Age ImprisionedPeasantgilead_media
1917. 2012-12-31VildhjartaWhen Noe One Walks With YouMasstadencenturymedia
1918. 2012-12-31Fates WarningShades Of Heavenly DeathNo Exitmetalblade
1919. 2012-12-31ManowarBlack Wind, Fire And StelFighting the Worldmetalblade
1920. 2012-12-24EerieBoth InVolumetric Addictionvolume_worship
1921. 2012-12-24VomitoryThe Dead AwakenOpus Morits VIIImetalblade
1922. 2012-12-24ExumerCrushing PointFire & Damnationmetalblade
1923. 2012-12-24ManticoreIn Nomine SatanasBehold The Ascension Of The Execratedold_cemetery
1924. 2012-12-24The Red ChordBlack SantaClientsmetalblade
1925. 2012-12-24Baphomet's HornsMy Dark Empire RisesSatanic War Fucking Metalold_cemetery
1926. 2012-12-24Nihil DominationThe Rising Of SatanasSudamerican Worshop To Sathanas Cult to Bestial Desecration Of Jehovahold_cemetery
1927. 2012-12-24HelstarAbandon ShipA Distant Thundermetalblade
1928. 2012-12-24GoreventExtinctionAbnormal Exaggerationmacabre_mentos
1929. 2012-12-24Internal BleedingConfomed to ObscurityAlien Breed (1991-2001)centurymedia
1930. 2012-12-24CitiesFight For Your LifeAnnihilation Absolutemetalblade
1931. 2012-12-24SodomAgent OrangeAgent Orangemetalblade
1932. 2012-12-24Fates WarningMisfitsNight on Brockenmetalblade
1933. 2012-12-24Bison BCClozapine DreamLovelessnessmetalblade
1934. 2012-12-24Between the Buried and MeLunar WildernessThe Parallaxmetalblade
1935. 2012-12-24Cannibal CorpseBryond The CemeteryTomb of the Mutilatedmetalblade
1936. 2012-12-17SacrificeFlames Of ArmageddonForward to Terminationmetalblade
1937. 2012-12-17Sacred RiteI Will SurviveIs Nothing Sacredmedusa
1938. 2012-12-17UnleashedA Life BeyondShadow in the Deepcenturymedia
1939. 2012-12-17GravePassion Of The WeakEndless Procession Of Soulscenturymedia
1940. 2012-12-17ManticoreTorn Apart By HateBehold The Ascension Of The Execratedold_cemetery
1941. 2012-12-17VildhjartaDeceitMasstadencenturymedia
1942. 2012-12-17Job for a CowboySuspended By The ThroatDoommetalblade
1943. 2012-12-17AeonBlessed By The PriestAeons Blackmetalblade
1944. 2012-12-17DeicideHow Can You Call Yourself A GodTo Hell With Godcenturymedia
1945. 2012-12-10HalfordGod Bringer Of DeathResurrectionmetal_god
1946. 2012-12-10ObeisanceNuklear Desert Armageddon666 War!!!old_cemetery
1947. 2012-12-10AeonMaze Of DamnedAeons Blackmetalblade
1948. 2012-12-10ManticoreDenying The ResurrectionBehold The Ascension Of The Execratedold_cemetery
1949. 2012-12-10CryptopsySwine the CrossBlasphemy Made Fleshcenturymedia
1950. 2012-12-10EyeHateGodRuptured Heart TheorySouthern Discomfortcenturymedia
1951. 2012-12-10WarlockMetal RacerBurning The Witchesmercury
1952. 2012-12-10Flotsam and JetsamHammerheadVarious Artists - 20 years of metal blademetalblade
1953. 2012-12-10SexcrementBotched Boob JobGenitales from the Porno Pottydeathmetal_us
1954. 2012-12-03Six Feet UnderWar is ComingWarpathmetalblade
1955. 2012-12-03CryptopsySlit Your GutsThe Best Of Us Bleedcenturymedia
1956. 2012-12-03AsphyxOf Days When Blades Went BluntDeathhammercenturymedia
1957. 2012-12-03SturmtigerTrench WarfareAtomic Hammerold_cemetery
1958. 2012-12-03CandiriaThe Obvious Destination300 Percent Densitycenturymedia
1959. 2012-12-03Celtic FrostJewel ThroneTo Mega Therionmetalblade
1960. 2012-12-03Cannibal CorpseEncased In ConcreteTorturemetalblade
1961. 2012-12-03Crown1999-revolution - 666Hell Is Heremetalblade
1962. 2012-12-03ManticoreBehold The AscensionBehold The Ascension Of The Execratedold_cemetery
1963. 2012-11-26As I Lay DyingNo Lungs To BreatheAwakenedmetalblade
1964. 2012-11-26ManticoreAbhorrent Baptism In The Vestal CavityBehold The Ascension Of The Execratedold_cemetery
1965. 2012-11-26ObeisanceDecember 21, 2012666 War!!!old_cemetery
1966. 2012-11-26DoomhammerAt Midnight We StrikeThe Law Of The Drunk 0 Demo Collectionold_cemetery
1967. 2012-11-26SturmtigerAtomic HammerAtomic Hammerold_cemetery
1968. 2012-11-26CromagsWar on the StreetsNear Death Experiencecenturymedia
1969. 2012-11-26AntropomorphiaEvangelivm NekromantiaEvangelivm Nekromantiametalblade
1970. 2012-11-19ExumerFallen SaintFire & Damnationmetalblade
1971. 2012-11-19King Of AsgardThe Dispossessed... to Northmetalblade
1972. 2012-11-19AbioticThe SingeSymbiosismetalblade
1973. 2012-11-19AeonI Wish You DeathAeons Blackmetalblade
1974. 2012-11-19Satan's WrathOne Thousand Goats In SodomGalloping Blasphemymetalblade
1975. 2012-11-19SODUnited ForcesSpeak English or Diemega_force
1976. 2012-11-12Sentinel BeastRevengeDepths Of Deathmetalblade
1977. 2012-11-12Flotsam and JetsamHammerheadDoomsday For The Deceivermetalblade
1978. 2012-11-12Dark TranquillityTo Where Fires Cannot Feed