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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1239 playlist up with 52613 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-10-07ZaoCircle II the LustfulLiberate Te Ex InferisSolid State
2. 2019-02-18ZaoThe End of His WorldSelf-TitledTooth & Nail
3. 2018-11-12ZaoKilling CupidParade of ChaosSolid State
4. 2018-03-26ZaoA Tool to ScreamSelf-TitledTooth & Nail
5. 2017-11-27ZaoBreath of the Black MuseThe Funeral of GodRoadrunner Records
6. 2017-10-23ZaoIt's Hard Not to Shake with a Gun in Your MouthThe Fear Is What Keeps Us HereFerret Music
7. 2017-03-13ZaoIn Times Gone PastThe Funeral of GodRoadrunner Records
8. 2014-08-11ZaoThe Race Of Standing StillZaotooth and nail
9. 2013-09-30ZaoIn Loving KindnessAll Else Failedsolid_state
10. 2011-12-26ZaoSkin Like WinterLiberate Te Ex Inferissolid_state
11. 2011-10-31ZaoSkin Like WinterLiberate Te Ex Inferissolid_state
12. 2009-07-27ZaoAutopsyLiberate Te Ex Inferissolid_state
13. 2008-08-18ZaoSkin Like WinterLiberate Te Ex Inferissolid_state
14. 2007-07-16ZaoSavannahLiberate Te Ex Inferissolid_state
15. 2007-07-09Zaothe Ghost PsalmLiberate Te Ex Inferissolid_state
16. 2006-07-17zaoeverything you love will soon fly away
17. 2006-07-03zaopudgy young blondes with lobotomy eyes
18. 2006-06-26zaokinning time til it's time to die
19. 2005-12-12zaoautopsy
20. 2005-08-22zaodesire the end
21. 2004-10-11zaothe lesser lights of heaven
22. 2004-09-20zao#4
23. 2004-09-13zao#2
24. 2004-09-06zaotruly truly truly this is the end
25. 2004-08-30zaothe lesser lights of
26. 2004-08-23zaolast song from zion
27. 2004-08-16zaothe lesser lights of heaven
28. 2004-08-09zaolive... from the funeral of god
29. 2004-08-02zaobreath of the black muse
30. 2004-07-12zao#5
31. 2004-07-05zaothe rasing end (the first prophecy)
32. 2003-11-24zaoautopsy
33. 2003-10-13zaoto think of you is to treasure an absent memory
34. 2003-06-03ZaoForsight
35. 2003-05-27ZaoWe Come out at Night
36. 2003-05-20ZaoIn Loving Kindness
37. 2003-04-29ZaoLair of Mastrond
38. 2002-10-22ZaoParade of Chaos
39. 2002-07-23ZaoKilling Cupid
40. 2002-04-16ZaoSavannah
41. 2002-01-22Zao#1
42. 2001-06-26Zao#10
43. 2001-06-19Zao#5
44. 2001-06-05Zao#3
45. 2001-05-15Zao#5
46. 2001-05-08Zao#5
47. 2001-05-01Zao#5
48. 2001-04-17ZaoThe end of the world
49. 2001-04-03Zao#3
50. 2001-03-27Zao#15
51. 2001-03-20Zao5 year Winter
52. 2000-05-22ZaoSkin Like Winter
53. 2000-02-21ZaoSkin Like Winter
54. 1999-10-11ZaoDesire the End
55. 1999-09-20ZaoIf these Scars could Speak
56. 1999-09-13ZaoKathleen Barba
57. 1999-09-06ZaoSkin Like Winter
58. 1999-08-30ZaoDesire the end
59. 1999-08-23ZaoAutopsy
60. 1999-08-16Zaothe Ghost Psalm
61. 1999-03-29ZaoA FAll Farewell
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