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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1188 playlist up with 50725 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-01-25Beneath The DivineBroken ManTHE WICKED RESURRECTION
2. 2021-01-18Control DeniedBreaking the BrokenThe Fragile Art Of Existence Remaster CD 1
3. 2020-11-30HrizgBroken ShieldAnthems to DecrepitudeMoribund Records
4. 2020-11-30Oceans of SlumberA Path to Broken StarsThe Banished HeartCentury Media Records
5. 2020-08-31Drawn and QuarteredBroken on the WheelTo Kill is Human
6. 2020-06-01CLAIRVOYANCE (Poland)02 - Broken ShacklesDemoCaligari Records
7. 2020-06-01BaphometBroken KryptDeath In The Beginning
8. 2020-05-18First BloodUnbrokenKillaforniaTrust Kill
9. 2019-09-23Cancer Conspiracy, TheBroken Heartbeats Gathered and RebroadcastThe Audio MediumBig Wheel Recreation
10. 2019-09-16Martyr ADBroken MouthThe Human Condition in Twelve FractionsFerret Old
11. 2019-08-12Killswitch EngageI Am Broken TooAtonementMetal Blade Records
12. 2019-03-25God ForbidBroken PromiseDeterminationCentury Media Records
13. 2018-11-05Metal ChurchThe Spell Can't Be BrokenBlessing in Diguiseelektra
14. 2018-08-13Orphaned Land- From Broken VesselsThe Never Ending Way Of ORwarriorCentury Media Records
15. 2018-08-13Cult LeaderBroken BladesLightless Walk
16. 2018-07-23VeinBroken Glass ComplexionErrorzone
17. 2018-07-23Nargaroth06 Epicedium To A Broken DreamEra of ThrenodyInter Arma Productions
18. 2018-03-12Apostle of SolitudeLamentations of a Broken ManOf Woe and WoundsCruz del Sur Music
19. 2018-01-01Cannibal CorpseForce Fed Broken GlassThe BleedingMetal Blade Records
20. 2017-09-18Control DeniedBreaking the BrokenThe Fragile Art Of Existence Remaster CD 1
21. 2017-09-18Fuck On The BeachBroken Back HoleEndless Summer
22. 2017-06-12Dead Earth Politics03 Balancing Broken ScalesThe Mobius HammersmithPavement Music
23. 2017-03-27As Hope DiesFeeding The Broken Words Of Hope In VainLegions Bow To A Faceless God
24. 2017-03-06Violation WoundBroken ToolViolation Wound/Ruin SplitFudge Worthy Records
25. 2017-02-06CratorThe Ouroboros Is BrokenThe Ones Who CreateSelf-Released
26. 2016-10-10With Dead Hands RisingA Ghost for the Broken Hearted
27. 2016-09-26Cruel HandBroken GlassLock & KeyBridge 9
28. 2016-09-26DERANGEDShivers Down Your Broken SpineStruck By A Murderous SiegeAgonia Records
29. 2016-06-06DischargeThe Broken LawEnd Of DaysNuclear Blast Records
30. 2016-04-04FRONT BEASTBroken Seal Of White LightDemon Ways of Sorcery (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
31. 2016-02-01Abigail WilliamsPath of Broken GlassThe AccuserCandlelight Recordings
32. 2015-11-16Splattered MermaidsBroken Bottle Force FeedingRefoged In Gore
33. 2015-11-02SaxonBroken HeroesInnocence Is No Excuseemi
34. 2015-08-31Re-ArmedMeant To Be BrokenTotal Lack Of CommunicationSelf-Released
35. 2015-08-24Liege LordBroken WastelandMaster Controlmetalblade
36. 2015-06-15After OmegaBroken SoulAfter Omega
37. 2015-02-16NangilimaStain Of A Broken LifeThe Dark Matterxtreem
38. 2014-11-24Dying FetusGore Hog (Broken Hope)History Repeatsrelapse
39. 2013-12-30From The Sunset, Forest, and GriefBroken Lights...Empty, Cold & Forgotten...
40. 2013-06-24AbscessDark Side Of A Broken KinfeDawn Of Inhumanitypeaceville
41. 2013-04-22Metal ChurchThe Spell Can't Be BrokenBlessing in Diguiseelektra
42. 2013-03-18Senseless Multilationa glimpse into the brokenLive Free Or Die Tryingself-released
43. 2013-03-04Liege LordBroken WastelandMaster Controlmetalblade
44. 2013-01-07VictimsBroken BonesA Dissidenttankcrimes
45. 2012-10-08NachtmystiumBorrowed Hope & Broken DreamsSilencing Machinescenturymedia
46. 2012-09-03NachtmystiumBorrowed Hope & Broken DreamsSilencing Machinescenturymedia
47. 2012-08-20KirosBroken StareLay Your Weapons Downnapalm
48. 2012-04-23Fates WarningNight On BrokenNight on Brockenmetalblade
49. 2012-03-12EerieSun Ring BrokenVolumetric Addictionvolume_worship
50. 2011-10-10Dying FetusGore Hog (Broken Hope)History Repeatsrelapse
51. 2011-03-21NeaeraBroken SpineThe Rising Tide of Oblivionmetalblade
52. 2011-02-14Cannibal CorpseForce Fed Broken GlassThe Bleedingmetalblade
53. 2011-01-03Cruel HandBroken GlassLock & Keybridge9
54. 2010-06-07AbscessDark Side Of A Broken KinfeDawn Of Inhumanitypeaceville
55. 2010-04-26PanteraI'm BrokenFar Beyond Driveneast_west
56. 2010-03-29We Came As RomansBroken StatuesTo Plant A Seedevr
57. 2010-02-22ArmageddonBrokenspellEmbrace The Mysterycenturymedia
58. 2009-12-28The Mighty NimbusBroken Hoofself-titledcandlelight
59. 2009-09-28ArchitectBroken Dick DogAll is Not Lostblackmarket_activities
60. 2009-07-13Cannibal CorpseForce Fed Broken GlassThe Bleedingmetalblade
61. 2009-05-04Seventh VoidBroken SkyHeaven is Gonebig_vin
62. 2009-01-0526 BeersBroken ArrowLong Walk, Short Peirrodent_popsicle
63. 2008-04-21Today is the DayBroken Promises and Dead DreamsSuper Nova sampler 2007supernova
64. 2007-10-01Architectbroken dick dogAll is Not Lostblackmarket_activities
65. 2007-10-01Today is the DayBroken Promises and Dead DreamsSuper Nova sampler 2007supernova
66. 2007-05-07Architectbroken dick dog
67. 2007-04-30Architectbroken dick dog
68. 2006-08-21The Mighty Nimbusbroken hoof
69. 2006-02-20kataklysmcrippled and broken
70. 2005-05-23neaerabroken spine
71. 2005-05-02epoch of unlightbroken pendulum
72. 2005-04-11neaerabroken spine
73. 2005-03-14high on firebroken in the wind
74. 2005-02-21silence after tragedywith broken men come broken dreams
75. 2005-01-17silence after tragedywith broken memory, comes broken dreams
76. 2004-01-05Senseless Multilationa glimpse into the broken
77. 2003-04-29It Dies Todaythe requiem for Broken Heart
78. 2003-04-15with Dead Hands RisingA Ghost for the Broken Hearted
79. 2003-04-08GorerottedFuck your Arse with Broken Glass
80. 2003-04-01It Dies TodayThe Requiem for Broken Hearts
81. 2003-02-04ConvergeBroken Vow
82. 2001-11-27ConvergeBroken Vow
83. 2001-10-30Convergethe BRoken Vow
84. 2001-10-30Convergethe BRoken Vow
85. 2001-09-18DamagedBroken
86. 1999-11-22Control DeniedBreaking the Broken
87. 1997-07-21Earth CrisisBroken foundations
88. 1997-07-14Earth CrisisBroken Foundation
89. 1997-06-30Earth CrisisBroken Foundation
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