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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1240 playlist up with 52647 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-09-14BehemothMoonspell RitesAnd the Forests Dream EternallyMetal Blade Records
2. 2020-05-18BehemothShadows ov Ea Cast Upon GolgothaA ForestMetal Blade Records
3. 2020-04-27BehemothCursed Angel of DoomEndless Damnation
4. 2019-09-16BehemothHorns Ov BaphometZos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)Avantgarde Music
5. 2018-12-31BehemothAmenThe Satanist
6. 2018-12-24BehemothFrom The Pagan Vastlands 2000Thelema.6Olympic Recordings
7. 2018-10-22BehemothIf Crucifixion Was Not Enough...I Loved You at Your DarkestMetal Blade Records
8. 2018-10-01BehemothEcclesia Diabolica CatholicaI Loved You at Your DarkestMetal Blade Records
9. 2018-08-20BehemothOf Sephirolic Transformalion and CarnalityBehemoth SatanicaDwell Ministries
10. 2018-02-19BehemothDecade of TherionBehemoth SatanicaDwell Ministries
11. 2017-09-11BehemothGoat With a Thousand YoungDemonicaMetal Blade
12. 2017-09-04BehemothDark TriumphDemonicaMetal Blade
13. 2016-07-04BehemothChristians to the LionsThelema.6Olympic Recordings
14. 2016-02-01BehemothBlow Your Trumpets GabrielThe SatanistMetal Blade Records
15. 2016-01-11BehemothHello Spaceboy (David Bowie Cover)Thelema.6Olympic Recordings
16. 2015-07-06BehemothDemigodDemigodregain
17. 2015-05-04BehemothDecade Of TherionSatanicadwell
18. 2014-08-18BehemothPenetrationSlaves Shall Serve EPcenturymedia
19. 2014-06-02BehemothAmenThe Satanistmetalblade
20. 2014-02-10BehemothChristians to the LionsThelema 6olympic
21. 2014-02-03BehemothFuror DivinusThe Satanistmetalblade
22. 2013-07-01BehemothThy Winter KingdomDemoniametalblade
23. 2013-06-24BehemothAtlas, Lord Is Upon MeEvangelionmetalblade
24. 2012-08-06Behemoththe Alchemist's DreamSatanicaolympic
25. 2012-07-09BehemothAs Above So BelowVarious Artist - Ain't Your Older Brother's Heavy Metalcenturymedia
26. 2011-07-04BehemothWishAbyssum Invocation CD1metalblade
27. 2011-06-27BehemothConjuration Ov Sleep DaemonsAbyssum Invocation CD1metalblade
28. 2010-11-29BehemothModern HolocaustZos Kia Cultusolympic
29. 2010-03-01BehemothInauguration Of Scorpio DomeThelema 6olympic
30. 2010-02-08BehemothDemigod (live)Slaves Shall Serve EPcenturymedia
31. 2009-09-14BehemothChristians to the LionsThelema 6olympic
32. 2009-09-07BehemothDaimonosEvangelionmetalblade
33. 2009-08-31BehemothOv Fire and The VoidEvangelionmetalblade
34. 2009-08-24Behemoththe Seeds Ov IEvangelionmetalblade
35. 2009-08-17BehemothShemaforashEvangelionmetalblade
36. 2009-08-10BehemothOv Fire and The VoidEvangelionmetalblade
37. 2009-01-26BehemothHere and BeyondZos Kia Cultusolympic
38. 2008-12-01BehemothI'm not JesusEzkatonmetalblade
39. 2008-11-17BehemothJeme PeketEzkatonmetalblade
40. 2008-11-03BehemothI'm not JesusEzkatonmetalblade
41. 2008-02-04Behemoththe Past is like a FuneralBlackend IV - Various Artistsmetalblade
42. 2007-11-19BehemothSlaves Shall ServeSlaves Shall Serve EPregain
43. 2007-07-09BehemothSlaves Shall ServeSlaves Shall Serve EPcenturymedia
44. 2007-04-30behemothdemigod (live)
45. 2007-03-05behemothdemigod (live)
46. 2007-02-26Behemothblackest of the black
47. 2007-01-08behemothchant for eschaton 2000
48. 2006-12-25behemothdemigod
49. 2006-10-16behemothinflamed with rage
50. 2006-09-25behemothdemigod (live)
51. 2006-09-18behemothpenetration
52. 2006-08-21behemothuntil you call on the dark
53. 2006-08-14behemothpenetration
54. 2006-08-07behemothSlaves Shall Serve
55. 2006-07-31behemothpenetration
56. 2006-06-12behemothdemigod (live)
57. 2006-04-24behemothdemigod live
58. 2006-04-17behemothpenetraction (fields of the nephilim)
59. 2006-04-10behemothdemigod
60. 2006-04-03behemothceremony of shiva
61. 2005-05-09behemothdemigod
62. 2005-04-25behemothdemigod
63. 2005-04-11behemothdemigod
64. 2005-03-28behemoththe reign ov shemsu-her
65. 2005-03-21behemothsculpting the throne ov seth
66. 2005-02-21behemothbefore aeons came
67. 2005-02-14behemothSlaves Shall Serve
68. 2005-02-07behemothsculpting the throne ov seth
69. 2005-01-31behemoththe nephilim rising
70. 2005-01-24behemothSlaves Shall Serve
71. 2005-01-17behemothdemigod
72. 2004-10-04behemoththe sermon to the hypocrits
73. 2003-08-12Behemoththe harlot ov the saints
74. 2003-07-22BehemothAs Above So Below
75. 2003-07-08Behemothhere and beyond
76. 2003-06-03BehemothHorns ov Baphomet
77. 2003-05-27BehemothRemnated of Insanity
78. 2003-05-20Behemothhere and Beyond
79. 2001-10-30Behemothian eatypoe
80. 2001-10-30Behemothian eatypoe
81. 2001-10-09BehemothAct of Rebellion
82. 2001-09-25BehemothChristians to the Lions
83. 2001-09-18BehemothAntichrist Phenomenon
84. 2001-09-11BehemothInflamed with Rage
85. 2001-09-11BehemothInflamed with Rage
86. 2001-09-04Behemoththe act of rebellion
87. 2001-09-04Behemoththe act of rebellion
88. 2001-02-13Behemoththe Alchemist's Dream
89. 2000-11-21BehemothCeremony of Shiva
90. 2000-09-18BehemothLam
91. 2000-09-12BehemothThe Sermon to the Hypocrites
92. 2000-08-28Behemoththe Alchemist's Dream
93. 2000-08-21BehemothStar Spawn
94. 2000-08-07BehemothDacade of therion
95. 2000-07-31Behemothof Sermon to the Hypocrites
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