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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1133 playlist up with 48353 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-12-02ARSIS07 Funereal MightVisitantAgonia Records
2. 2019-12-02OPERA IXEyes in the WellStrix Maledictae in AeternumAgonia Records
3. 2019-11-25ORIGIN07 - InfestationAbiogenesis - A Coming Into ExistenceAgonia Records
4. 2019-09-23VISCERAL DISGORGE6.SIPHONING COSMIC SENTIENCESlithering EviscerationAgonia Records
5. 2019-09-16AosothCommunion through PainAshes of AngelsAgonia Records
6. 2019-09-09Blaze of PerditionCold Morning FearsNear Death RevelationsAgonia Records
7. 2019-09-02VISCERAL DISGORGE3.ARCHITECTS OF WARPING FLESHSlithering EviscerationAgonia Records
8. 2019-07-29THE ORDER OF APOLLYON05 The Original Cries Of JerusalemMoriahAgonia Records
9. 2019-07-15VORKREISTMaledicteSigil Whore ChristAgonia Records
10. 2019-07-01OPERA IXDead tree balladStrix Maledictae in AeternumAgonia Records
11. 2019-06-10TEMPLE OF BAALGnosis Of FireVerses Of FireAgonia Records
12. 2019-06-03DEMONICALFrom NothingChaos ManifestoAgonia Records
13. 2019-06-03PestRest in morbid darknessRest In Morbid DarknessAgonia Records
14. 2019-04-29OCTOBER TIDEOctober Tide - In Splendor Below - 03 - Ögonbl...In Splendor BelowAgonia Records
15. 2019-04-08ARSIS05 As Deep As Your FleshVisitantAgonia Records
16. 2019-02-11ImpietyAs Judea BurnsTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)Agonia Records
17. 2019-02-04THE MOTH GATHERERMotionless In OceaniaEsoteric OppressionAgonia Records
18. 2019-01-28ENTHRONEDOblivious ShadesObsidiumAgonia Records
19. 2019-01-28PEST09 The crowning horrorThe Crowning HorrorAgonia Records
20. 2019-01-14OPERA IX1313Strix Maledictae in AeternumAgonia Records
21. 2019-01-07RAGNAROK08_The Eight of the Seven PlaguesPsychopathologyAgonia Records
22. 2018-12-31Forgotten TombYou Can't Kill Whos Already DeadUnder Saturn RetrogradeAgonia Records
23. 2018-12-17TEMPLE OF BAALHeresy Forever EnthronedThe Vision Of Fading Mankind - Temple of Baal-Ritualization splitAgonia Records
24. 2018-12-10RAGNAROK05_Infernal MajestyPsychopathologyAgonia Records
25. 2018-11-26ImpietyAtomic Angel AssaultTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)Agonia Records
26. 2018-11-12Forgotten TombReject ExistenceUnder Saturn RetrogradeAgonia Records
27. 2018-11-12AzarathFrom Beyond the Coldest StarPraise the BeastAgonia Records
28. 2018-10-22LUCIFER'S CHILD3.Fall Of The Rebel AngelsThe OrderAgonia Records
29. 2018-10-08ARSIS03 Easy PreyVisitantAgonia Records
30. 2018-10-08THE ORDER OF APOLLYON03 Grey FatherMoriahAgonia Records
31. 2018-10-01Forgotten TombUnder Saturn Retrograde Part IIUnder Saturn RetrogradeAgonia Records
32. 2018-08-20VOIDHANGER04. High on HateDark Days Of The SoulAgonia Records
33. 2018-08-06CAST THE STONE2-The Burning HorizonEmpyrean AtrophyAgonia Records
34. 2018-07-02AzarathI Hate Your KindPraise the BeastAgonia Records
35. 2018-05-28AzarathObey the FleshPraise the BeastAgonia Records
36. 2018-05-07THE KONSORTIUM03 - FjellaRogalandAgonia Records
37. 2018-04-30ACHERONTAS2.Sorcery and the ApeironFaustian EthosAgonia Records
38. 2018-04-09AzarathSacrifice of BloodPraise the BeastAgonia Records - via Metalhit
39. 2018-04-09VARATHRON03. Luciferian Mystical AwakeningPatriarchs Of EvilAgonia Records
40. 2018-03-19Blaze of PerditionWhen Mirrors ShatterNear Death RevelationsAgonia Records
41. 2018-02-26SUSPERIA05 Day I DiedThe LyricistAgonia Records
42. 2018-02-26DEMONICALSung To PossessChaos ManifestoAgonia Records
43. 2018-02-19ACHERONTASBlood Current IlluminationVamacharaAgonia Records
44. 2018-02-05VOIDHANGER02. Death WishDark Days Of The SoulAgonia Records
45. 2018-02-05USURPRESS03 In Books Without PagesInterregnumAgonia Records
46. 2018-01-08ACHERONTASVamacharaVamacharaAgonia Records
47. 2018-01-01SvarttjernBreathing SoilTowards the UltimateAgonia Records
48. 2018-01-01AOSOTH04 Premises Of A MiracleVAgonia Records
49. 2017-11-13FORGOTTEN TOMBSaboteurWe Owe You NothingAgonia Records
50. 2017-11-13THAW02. The ThiefGrainsAgonia Records
51. 2017-10-30AOSOTH02 Her Feet Upon The Earth, Blooming The Fruits...VAgonia Records
52. 2017-10-23AOSOTH03 The Inside ScripturesV: The Inside ScripturesAgonia Records
53. 2017-10-16FORGOTTEN TOMBSecond ChancesWe Owe You NothingAgonia Records
54. 2017-09-25ENTHRONEDHorns AflameObsidiumAgonia Records
55. 2017-09-18AosothPath Of Twisted LightiiiAgonia Records
56. 2017-09-11ANTARKTISNotes From UndergroundIldlaanteAgonia Records
57. 2017-08-21PEST04 Devil's markThe Crowning HorrorAgonia Records
58. 2017-08-14FORGOTTEN TOMBCold Summer...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil...Agonia Records
59. 2017-08-07OPERA IXDead tree balladStrix Maledictae in AeternumAgonia Records
60. 2017-08-07ROOTDarksome ProphetHeritage Of SatanAgonia Records
61. 2017-07-10OPERA IXEyes in the WellStrix Maledictae in AeternumAgonia Records
62. 2017-06-19ROOTRevenge of HellHeritage Of SatanAgonia Records
63. 2017-05-22SVARTSYN03_WITH_DEATH_FINAL_CD16In DeathAgonia Records
64. 2017-05-15ABORYM03. Decadence in a NutshellShifting.negativeAgonia Records
65. 2017-04-17Infernal WarMilitant Hate ChurchAxiomAgonia Records
66. 2017-03-27Infernal WarTransfigureAxiomAgonia Records
67. 2017-03-20THE MOTH GATHERERThis Providence of Bones (feat. Dennis Lyxzn)The Comfortable LowAgonia Records
68. 2017-03-13AZARATH05 AT THE GATES OF UNDERSTANDING digitIn ExtremisAgonia Records
69. 2017-02-27AZARATH03_ANNIHILATION (Smite all the illusions)_digitIn ExtremisAgonia Records
70. 2017-02-13SvarttjernAroused Self-ExtinctionTowards the UltimateAgonia Records
71. 2017-01-23TEMPLE OF BAALWhen Mankind FallsThe Vision Of Fading MankindAgonia Records
72. 2017-01-16ENTHRONEDDeathmoorObsidiumAgonia Records
73. 2017-01-16DERANGEDHello From The GuttersStruck By A Murderous SiegeAgonia Records
74. 2017-01-09CODE03_Affliction_MAS_FINALLost SignalAgonia Records
75. 2016-12-26AzarathAzazelPraise the BeastAgonia Records
76. 2016-10-17Forgotten TombDownliftUnder Saturn RetrogradeAgonia Records
77. 2016-10-17ROOT04 THE BOOK OF DEATHKrgers - Return From OblivionAgonia Records
78. 2016-10-17Mr DEATHCome WinterDescending Through AshesAgonia Records
79. 2016-10-10ImpietyTerroreignTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)Agonia Records
80. 2016-10-03ENTHRONEDThy Blight VacuumObsidiumAgonia Records
81. 2016-09-26DERANGEDShivers Down Your Broken SpineStruck By A Murderous SiegeAgonia Records
82. 2016-08-22CENTINEXTHE SHAMEFUL FEWDoomsday RitualsAgonia Records
83. 2016-08-08FORGOTTEN TOMBBAD DREAMS COME TRUEHurt Yourself And The Ones You LoveAgonia Records
84. 2016-07-25USURPRESSAcross the dying plainsThe Regal TribeAgonia Records
85. 2016-07-18TEMPLE OF BAALGates Of DeathVerses Of FireAgonia Records
86. 2016-06-20ImpietyGoatfatherTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)Agonia Records
87. 2016-06-20CENTINEXCENTINEX - 06 - DOOMSDAYDoomsday RitualsAgonia Records
88. 2016-06-06CENTINEXGENERATION OF FLIESDoomsday RitualsAgonia Records
89. 2016-06-06RAGNAROK04_My creatorPsychopathologyAgonia Records
90. 2016-05-30GLORIOR BELLISatanists Out of Cosmic JailSundown (The Flock That Welcomes)Agonia Records
91. 2016-05-16GLORIOR BELLIThrall of IllusionsSundown (The Flock That Welcomes)Agonia Records
92. 2016-05-09IN MOURNINGThe Call To OrionAfterglowAgonia Records
93. 2016-05-09Forgotten TombUnder Saturn Retrograde Part IUnder Saturn RetrogradeAgonia Records
94. 2016-05-02IN MOURNINGThe Lighthouse KeeperAfterglowAgonia Records
95. 2016-04-04October TideCaught In SilenceTunnel Of No LightAgonia Records
96. 2016-03-07OCTOBER TIDEOCTOBER TIDE - 04 - A QUESTION IGNITEWinged WaltzAgonia Records
97. 2016-02-29RAGNAROKDominance & SubmissionPsychopathologyAgonia Records
98. 2016-02-22RAGNAROKHereticPsychopathologyAgonia Records
99. 2015-12-27Infernal WarNihil PrayerAxiomAgonia Records
100. 2015-12-21SPEKTR2 -Through the darkness of future pastThe Art to DisappearAgonia Records
101. 2015-10-19The Moth GethererAttacus ExplosionsThe Earth Is The Skyagonia
102. 2015-10-12NYXChaos Pt. 38 - MetastasesHomeagonia
103. 2015-10-05VarathronUtter BlacknessThe Confessional Of The Black Penitentsagonia
104. 2015-08-24AosothTeaching/ErasingAshes Of Angelsagonia
105. 2015-08-17Temple Of BaalDivine ScytheMysteriumagonia
106. 2015-08-17VILa Terre Ne Cessera De Se ComsumerDe Praestigiis Angelorumagonia
107. 2015-06-22Blaze Of PerditionDreams Shall FleshNear Death Revelationsagonia
108. 2015-05-18Blaze Of PerditionInto The Void AgainNear Death Revelationsagonia
109. 2015-03-16Forgotten TombSwallow The VoidHurt Yourself And The Ones You Loveagonia
110. 2015-03-09Infernal WarEater Of HopeAxiomagonia
111. 2015-03-02Infernal WarInto Dead SoilAxiomagonia
112. 2015-02-02Decline Of The ILe Rouge, Le Vide Et Le TorduRebellionagonia
113. 2014-12-15AosothInner War (ANTAEUS)Ashes Of Angelsagonia
114. 2014-10-13AosothEmbrace And EnlightenmentAshes Of Angelsagonia
115. 2014-10-06VarathronArcane ConjuringUntrodden Corridors Of Hadesagonia
116. 2014-09-22CentinexUnrestrainedRedeeming The Filthagonia
117. 2014-09-15StenchRoadVentureagonia
118. 2014-08-25StenchSmall DeathVentureagonia
119. 2014-06-30AcherontasDrakonian WombVemacharaagonia
120. 2014-06-23Forgotten TombJoylessUnder Saturn Retrogradeagonia
121. 2014-06-23ImpietyBestial to the BoneTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)agonia
122. 2014-05-12Den SaakaldteEndelost OdeFaen I Helveteagonia
123. 2014-04-14Den SaakaldteDu Selvproklamerte MisjonaerFaen I Helveteagonia
124. 2014-03-03Glorior BelliI Asked For Wine, He Gave Me BloodGators Rumble, Chaos Unfurlsagonia
125. 2014-01-20AzarathInvocationPraise the Beastagonia
126. 2014-01-20AcherontasBeyond The Mazeways To Ophidian GnosisVemacharaagonia
127. 2014-01-20Glorior BelliAin't No Pit Deep EnoughGators Rumble, Chaos Unfurlsagonia
128. 2014-01-20InfernoThe Funeral Of ExistenceOmniabsence Filled By His Greatnessagonia
129. 2014-01-20Nocturnal BreedCursed Beyond RecognitionNapalm Nightsagonia
130. 2014-01-20Temple Of BaalArcana SilentiumVerses Of Fireagonia
131. 2014-01-20CodeGlimlight TouristAugur Noxagonia
132. 2013-11-04AcherontasAbraxasVemacharaagonia
133. 2013-11-04Forgotten TombShutterUnder Saturn Retrogradeagonia
134. 2013-09-30AcrimonousLykaria HecateSunyataagonia
135. 2013-09-23AcherontasAbraxasVemacharaagonia
136. 2013-09-09RootLuciferViginti Quinque Annis In Scaenaagonia
137. 2013-08-12RootIn Nomine SathanasHeritege Of Satanagonia
138. 2013-07-01AosothTemple Of KnowledgeArrow In Heartagonia
139. 2013-05-20AosothOne With The Prince With A Thousand EnemiesArrow In Heartagonia
140. 2013-04-29AzarathPraise the BeastPraise the Beastagonia
141. 2013-04-29PestA Face Obscured By DeathThe Crowning Horroragonia
142. 2013-04-15AbroymRaped By DaddyDirtyagonia
143. 2013-04-08AborymAcross The UniverseDirtyagonia
144. 2013-04-08SvartsynReveation In The WatersBlack Testamentagonia
145. 2013-03-18AosothOne With The Prince With A Thousand EnemiesArrow In Heartagonia
146. 2013-03-11AosothUnder Nails & FingertipsArrow In Heartagonia
147. 2013-03-04The Moth GrinderA Falling DeityA Braight Celestial Lightagonia
148. 2013-03-04AosothTemple Of KnowledgeArrow In Heartagonia
149. 2013-02-25AosothAshes Of AngelsAshes Of Angelsagonia
150. 2013-02-11SpektrAntimatterCypheragonia
151. 2013-02-04NecrovationSepulchrealNecrovationagonia
152. 2013-02-04RagnarokDemon In My ViewMaledictionagonia
153. 2013-01-07Forgotten TombLet's Torture Each Other...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil...agonia
154. 2013-01-07RagnarokThe Elevenfold SealMaledictionagonia
155. 2012-12-31VorkreistEcce HomoSigil Whore Christagonia
156. 2012-12-24KonghSole CreationSole Creationagonia
157. 2012-12-24SpektrTeratologyCypheragonia
158. 2012-12-24Die HardCold ScytheConjure The Legionsagonia
159. 2012-12-24NecrovationPulse Of Towering MadnessNecrovationagonia
160. 2012-12-17Forgotten TombLet's Torture Each Other...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil...agonia
161. 2012-12-17NecrovationPulse Of Towering MadnessNecrovationagonia
162. 2012-12-17RagnarokNecromantic Summoning RitualMaledictionagonia
163. 2012-12-03AcrimoniousNexes AosothSunyataagonia
164. 2012-12-03EndezzmaSwansong Of A GiantErotik Nekrosisagonia
165. 2012-11-26AosothSummon The DeadAshes Of Angelsagonia
166. 2012-11-26RagnarokThe Elevenfold SealMaledictionagonia
167. 2012-10-15Decline Of The IArt Or CancerInhibitionagonia
168. 2012-10-15Die HardCold ScytheConjure The Legionsagonia
169. 2012-10-15Forgotten Tomb...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil......And Don't Deliver Us From Evil...agonia
170. 2012-10-08NecrovationCommander Of RemainsNecrovationagonia
171. 2012-10-01Forgotten TombCold Summer...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil...agonia
172. 2012-09-24Forgotten TombDeprived...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil...agonia
173. 2012-09-24RagnarokDemon In My ViewMaledictionagonia
174. 2012-09-03EnthronedDeathmoorObsidiumagonia
175. 2012-08-27NecrovationPulse Of Towering MadnessNecrovationagonia
176. 2012-08-13EnthronedDeathammerObsidiumagonia
177. 2012-08-13NecrovationNew DepthsNecrovationagonia
178. 2012-08-13Ephel DuathStardust RainOn Death And Cosmosagonia
179. 2012-07-16SvartsynThe True LegendThe True Legendagonia
180. 2012-07-09AosothPath Of Twisted LightAshes Of Angelsagonia
181. 2012-06-25EnthronedThe Final ArchitectObsidiumagonia
182. 2012-05-14VorkreistMomento MoriSigil Whore Christagonia
183. 2012-05-07VorkreistDeus VultSigil Whore Christagonia
184. 2012-04-02EnthronedHonrs AflameObsidiumagonia
185. 2012-04-02SvartsynSnake In The Garden Of EdenThe True Legendagonia
186. 2012-03-12SvarttjernSuperior GrowthTowards The Ultimateagonia
187. 2012-02-27RootSon Of SatanHeritege Of Satanagonia
188. 2012-02-20SvarttjernSuperior GrowthTowards The Ultimateagonia
189. 2012-02-06SvarttjernDesolate PredictionsTowards The Ultimateagonia
190. 2012-02-06Temple Of BaalWhen Mankind FallsThe Vision Of Fading Mankind - Temple of Baal-Ritualization splitagonia
191. 2012-01-30Opera IX1313Strix Maledicatae In Aeternumagonia
192. 2012-01-30RitualizationAve DominusThe Vision Of Fading Mankind - Temple of Baal-Ritualization splitagonia
193. 2012-01-02AcherontasOhm Krim KaliVemacharaagonia
194. 2012-01-02Mr DeathFrom The Valley Of DefilementDescending Through Ashesagonia
195. 2011-12-19RootIn Nomine SathanasHeritege Of Satanagonia
196. 2011-12-12AcherontasVemacharaVemacharaagonia
197. 2011-12-12Forgotten TombI Wanna Be Your DogUnder Saturn Retrogradeagonia
198. 2011-11-28AcherontasBeyond The Mazeways To Ophidian GnosisVemacharaagonia
199. 2011-11-21AcherontasAbraxasVemacharaagonia
200. 2011-11-21Mr DeathCome WinterDescending Through Ashesagonia
201. 2011-11-21SvarttjernAroused Self-ExtinctionTowards The Ultimateagonia
202. 2011-10-24RootDarksome ProphetHeritege Of Satanagonia
203. 2011-09-26Forgotten TombUnder Saturn Retrograde Part 2Under Saturn Retrogradeagonia
204. 2011-08-08Forgotten TombDownliftUnder Saturn Retrogradeagonia
205. 2011-07-18SpearheadTo Slake The Thirst Of AgesTheomachiaagonia
206. 2011-07-04AosothIIIIIIagonia
207. 2011-06-13AosothIVIIIagonia
208. 2011-05-30Forgotten TombShutterUnder Saturn Retrogradeagonia
209. 2011-05-23SpearheadPerdition TideTheomachiaagonia
210. 2011-05-16Forgotten TombJoylessUnder Saturn Retrogradeagonia
211. 2011-05-09Forgotten TombI Wanna Be Your DogUnder Saturn Retrogradeagonia
212. 2011-05-02AosothIVIIIagonia
213. 2011-03-21AzarathSacrifice of BloodPraise the Beastagonia
214. 2010-12-27ImpietyTerroreignTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)agonia
215. 2010-03-15AosothCommunion Through PainAshes Of Angelsagonia
216. 2010-02-22AosothBlood and SoulsAshes Of Angelsagonia
217. 2010-02-08AosothPath Of Twisted LightAshes Of Angelsagonia
218. 2009-12-14ImpietyVientos De HolocaustoTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)agonia
219. 2009-08-03ImpietyAs Judea BurnsTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)agonia
220. 2009-07-13AzarathSacrifice of BloodPraise the Beastagonia
221. 2009-07-13ImpietyBestial to the BoneTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)agonia
222. 2009-07-06AzarathPraise the BeastPraise the Beastagonia
223. 2009-07-06ImpietyGoatfatherTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)agonia
224. 2009-06-29ImpietyAs Judea BurnsTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)agonia
225. 2009-06-22ImpietyAtomic Angel AssaultTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)agonia
226. 2009-06-22AzarathInvocationPraise the Beastagonia
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