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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1225 playlist up with 52090 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-10-11EyehategodBlood MoneyConfederacy of Ruined LivesCentury Media Records
2. 2021-10-11GorgorothSexual BloodgarglingA Sorcery Written In Blood
3. 2021-09-27The Ruins Of BeverastBlood Vaults (I - Thy Virginal Malodour)Rain upon the impure
4. 2021-09-27BENIGHTEDLet the blood Spill Between My Broken TeethBrutalive the SickSeason of Mist
5. 2021-09-27Azothyst03 Bestial Blood Temple of Ritual PredationBlood of Dead GodVault of Dried Bones
6. 2021-09-20Outer HeavenBloodspireRealms Of Eternal DecayRelapse Records
7. 2021-09-06ZudBlood And TwilightThe Good, The Bad and The Damned
8. 2021-08-23DeathrowDragon's bloodRaging Steel [2008 reissue]
9. 2021-08-23Genocídio03 Pact of BloodThe Grave LPNuclear War Now! Productions
10. 2021-08-09Light Is the LanguageDo You Wanna Play Bloody KnucklesThe Void Falls Silent
11. 2021-08-09Life NeglectedI Am the Blood in Your VeinsWith Destructive Intent
12. 2021-07-26NarniaInnocent BloodThe Great Fall
13. 2021-07-05PyaemiaBlood Spewed In My FaceCranial Blowout
14. 2021-07-05AsaruBlood For The CrossDead Eays Still See
15. 2021-06-07Grave DesecratorStained by BloodInsultHells Headbangers Records
16. 2021-05-24Blood Incantation03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)StarspawnDark Descent Records
17. 2021-05-17NephasthConceived By Inhuman BloodConceived By Inhuman Blood
18. 2021-05-10Tengger CavalryBlood Sacrifice ShamanBlood Sacrifice Shaman
19. 2021-04-26OutbreakRitual in BloodSatanic Rites
20. 2021-04-12God DethronedInfernal Sights Of A Bloody Dawn (Morbid Rites)The Christhunt
21. 2021-03-29Blood Incantation03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)StarspawnDark Descent Records
22. 2021-02-22Morbid AngelBlood on My HandsCovenantGiant
23. 2021-02-01Wampyric RitesTyrant's BloodThe Eternal Melancholy of the WampyreInferna Profundus Records
24. 2021-01-25RevocationBlood AtonementThe Outer OnesMetal Blade Records
25. 2021-01-25Infected Humans4 - Bloodthirsty SacrificeUnexpected Traumatic ExperiencesGore House Productions
26. 2021-01-18Vermineux02 A2 - Bloodlines1337Purity Through Fire
27. 2021-01-11NOCTURNAL BLOOD18 Blood ImpurityAbnormalities Prevail (CD, DLP)Hells Headbangers Records
28. 2020-11-30Cannibal CorpseBloody ChunksEaten Back To Life
29. 2020-11-02Light Is the LanguageDo You Wanna Play Bloody KnucklesThe Void Falls Silent
30. 2020-11-02Blasphamagoatachrist06 The Final Blood OrgyBastardizing the Purity LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
31. 2020-10-19Hanging Fortress4. Blood MountainDarkness DevoursRedefining Darkness Records
32. 2020-10-19DysenteryInvocation of Parallel BloodletFragmentsComatose Music
33. 2020-10-12PhantasmPalace of BloodThe Abominable
34. 2020-09-14CREST OF DARKNESSBloodThe God Of FleshMy Kingdom Music
35. 2020-08-24Knocked LooseBlood Will Have BloodLaugh TracksPure Noise Records
36. 2020-08-24EthernalBlood, Chains & MiseryGrim EthernityUnholy Design
37. 2020-08-17Carnal ForgeDeep Rivers of BloodThe More You SufferCentury Media Records
38. 2020-08-17DesultoryBlizzard in my bloodSwallow The Snake
39. 2020-08-10OrphanSwan BloodAborted by Birth
40. 2020-08-10APOSENTOdisgorging bloodEternal Agony, demo 1993
41. 2020-08-03Last Days of HumanityBloodsplatteredChainsawslaughtSounds of Rancid Juice Sloshing Around Your Coffin
42. 2020-08-03Law of ContagionBlood VindicationWoeful Litanies from the Nether RealmsMoribund Records
43. 2020-07-27UrgehalSouls of Black BloodRise of the MonumentFolter Records
44. 2020-07-20Prosanctus Inferi04 Hypnotic Blood ArtHypnotic Blood Art LP/TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
45. 2020-07-20NekromantheonBlood WisdomRise, Vulcan SpectreIndie Recordings
46. 2020-07-06Blood of the GodsDawn of BloodThe Shadow
47. 2020-07-06Nocturnal BloodChaos BloodDevastated Graves - The Morbid CelebrationHells Headbangers Records
48. 2020-07-06At The GatesNight Comes, Blood BlackThe Red In The Sky Is Ours
49. 2020-06-22CandiriaBloodWhat Doesn't Kill You...Type A Records
50. 2020-06-22Vomiting IntestineFirst BloodPsychopatic Murderous Brutality (EP)
51. 2020-06-22PyaemiaBlood Spewed In My FaceCranial Blowout
52. 2020-06-15FunebreBlood On WhiteChildren Of The Scorn
53. 2020-06-01ImmolithRites of the Blood
54. 2020-06-01CancerBlood BathTo The Gory End
55. 2020-05-04GodenCosmic BloodBeyond DarknessSvart Records
56. 2020-05-04Morte Lune (UK)03 Chalice of BloodTemple of FleshPurity Through Fire
57. 2020-04-27Ashtar (Switzerland)03 BloodstonesKaikujaEisenwald Records
58. 2020-04-27Soul RemnantsBloodsickPlague of the Universe
59. 2020-04-20HEGEMONY (USA)03 Halter of BloodlinesEnthroned by Persecution (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
60. 2020-03-16LutharoLutharo-Blood-LightningWings of Agony - Out March 27thSelf-Released
61. 2020-02-17Engraved in BoneBlood DiariesPlaguesSelf-Released
62. 2020-01-13AbsenceFrom The BloodshedShall The Sentence Be Death
63. 2019-12-30DefleshedSnowballing BloodFast ForwardCrash Music, Inc.
64. 2019-12-30NoisearBlood Bag For The LeechesTurbulent Resurgence
65. 2019-12-23Cult Of FireDestruction, Blood, Goddess Kali(१.संहार रक्त काली)The Tempest of Death(मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान)Iron Bonehead Productions
66. 2019-12-23BeheritThe Oath of Black BloodAt the Devils Studio 1990Hells Headbangers Records
67. 2019-12-23BLACK FUCKING CANCER03 - BLACK FUCKING CANCER- Blood Stained WhoreBlack Fucking CancerOsmose Productions
68. 2019-12-23PurusamChristmas, Bloody ChristmasWay of the Dying RaceDesperate Fight
69. 2019-12-09ELDERBLOOD04 - Elderblood- LeviathanMessiahOsmose Productions
70. 2019-11-25Nocturnal Hollow04 Devilish BloodDeathless and FleshlessUndeground Movement
71. 2019-11-11HavocBullet Of BloodThe GripAuburn Records
72. 2019-11-04DamagedCold Blood EraserToken Remedies ResearchRotten Records
73. 2019-10-21Black My HeartThick as BloodThe Fuck Hearts EPGoodbye Blue Skies
74. 2019-10-07Noctambulismblood of saintMournful Sculpture (Demo)
75. 2019-09-30Edge Of SanityBlood-ColoredPurgatory Afterglow
76. 2019-09-09BiohazardTears Of BloodUrban Discipline
77. 2019-09-09AcheronBlood Oath (Pactum Tacitum)The Final ConflictDispleased Records - via Metalhit
78. 2019-09-02EndThisDayLily White and Blood RedSleeping Beneath the Ashes of CreationLifeforce Records
79. 2019-08-19PIG DESTROYERWolfs Blood (Misfits Cover)‘Blind, Deaf and Bleeding’ EPRelapse Records
80. 2019-08-19DamagedCold Blood EraserToken Remedies ResearchRotten Records
81. 2019-08-05Nuclear DeathThe Color Of BloodBride Of InsectWild Rags Records
82. 2019-08-05Chapel (Canada)Blood Will Be SpilledSatan's Rock N Roll LPInvictus Productions
83. 2019-07-29Soul ReaperWritten in BloodWritten in BloodMetal Mind Productions
84. 2019-07-29Bound And GaggedBloody Chunks Of Menstral FlowFornicate The Gutted
85. 2019-07-22MorticianDrowned in Your BloodChainsaw DismembermentRelapse Records
86. 2019-07-15PanopticonBlack Soot and Red BloodKentucky
87. 2019-06-24Tengger CavalryWolf BloodBlood Sacrifice Shaman
88. 2019-06-17DismemberTide of BloodDismemberRegain Records
89. 2019-06-03ALL HELLBlack BloodThe Witch's GrailProsthetic Records
90. 2019-05-27Mortuaryblood stormBlackened Images
91. 2019-05-06HORRENDOUS06 Devotion (Blood for Ink)IdolSeason of Mist
92. 2019-04-22Imperial DuskBlack Priest of Satanic Blood RitualsBlack Priest Of Satanic Blood Rituals
93. 2019-04-15SlayerRaining BloodReign in Bloodamerican
94. 2019-04-085grsBuilt On BloodBuilt On Blood
95. 2019-03-25NocturnusStanding in BloodThe KeyEarache
96. 2019-03-25WargasmBlood FloodUglyMassacre Records
97. 2019-03-18Bastard SaplingSubterranean Rivers Of BloodInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
98. 2019-01-07In Cold BloodBlood on Our HandsHell on EarthDelta Distribution
99. 2018-12-31CenturianBlood for SatanChoronzonic Chaos GodsFull Moon Productions
100. 2018-12-24DoombringerLabirynth of Everlasting Fire/Ecstasy of Witch BloodThe Grand SabbathNuclear War Now! Productions
101. 2018-11-26MORGALMistress Of BloodMorgal (MCD, 12" MLP)
102. 2018-11-19CarcassBlood Splattered BannerWake Up and Smell the Carcass, Disc 1Earache Records
103. 2018-11-19Thulsa DoomThe Gates of Niniveh (Woe to You...City of Blood)Realms of HatredInvictus Productions
104. 2018-11-12Tomb MoldBlood MirrorManor Of Infinite Forms
105. 2018-11-12MorneThe Blood Is Our OwnTo The Night UnkownArmageddon Label
106. 2018-10-29HaidukHaiduk Exomancer 08 Blood RippleExomancerSelf-Released
107. 2018-10-22BewitchedLet The Blood Run RedAt The Gates Of Hell
108. 2018-10-22Waking the CadaverBlood Splattered SatisfactionPerverse Recollections of a Necromangler (2007)
109. 2018-10-15Abominator11 Blood of the DamnedBarbaran War Worship CD/DLPNuclear War Now! Productions
110. 2018-09-24DEICIDEAnointed In BloodOvertures Of BlasphemyCentury Media Records
111. 2018-09-24RevocationBlood AtonementThe Outer OnesMetal Blade Records
112. 2018-09-17KOMMANDANTBlood EelBlood EelATMF
113. 2018-09-10PsycropticBlood Stained LineageOb(servant), Disc 1Nuclear Blast
114. 2018-09-03BlasphemyWeltering in BloodBlood Upon the Altar LPNuclear War Now! Productions
115. 2018-08-27One King DownIn the BloodGod Loves, Man KillsEqual Vision
116. 2018-08-27MIASMADrowning In BloodChangesNapalm
117. 2018-08-13Blood Incantation03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)StarspawnDark Descent Records
118. 2018-07-02Sig:Ar:TyrBlood of the NorthGodsagaMorbid Winter Records
119. 2018-06-18Reverie04 Blood In The SeaBlissInvictus Productions
120. 2018-05-21Blood Incantation01 Vitrification of BloodStarspawnDark Descent Records
121. 2018-05-21BloodbathBathe in BloodResurrection Through CarnageCentury Media
122. 2018-05-14Putrid PileBlood Runs RedHouse Of Dementia
123. 2018-04-30RINGWORMInnocent BloodSnake ChurchRelapse Records
124. 2018-04-23SlayerRaining BloodReign in Bloodamerican
125. 2018-04-16Charred Walls of the DamnedBlood on WoodCharred Walls of the DamnedMetal Blade
126. 2018-04-16Ire WolvesBlood is Not EnoughHeirs
127. 2018-04-09AzarathSacrifice of BloodPraise the BeastAgonia Records - via Metalhit
128. 2018-04-09GravewormRenaissance in BloodEngraved in BlackNuclear Blast Records
129. 2018-04-09Agnostic FrontUnited BloodUnited Blood
130. 2018-04-02Locked in a VacancyWoke Up Swallowing BloodEthosPurity
131. 2018-04-02Nokturnal MortumJesus' BloodEleven Years Among the Sheep
132. 2018-03-19Dagger Lust03 Black Blood in MockerySiege Bondage Adverse to the GodheadInvictus Productions
133. 2018-02-26Mortiferum02 Blood ChasmAltar of Decay CDBlood Harvest Records
134. 2018-02-19ACHERONTASBlood Current IlluminationVamacharaAgonia Records
135. 2018-02-12Edge Of SanityBlood Of My Enemies (Manowar Cover)The Spectral Sorrows
136. 2018-02-12Tengger CavalryBlood Sacrifice ShamanBlood Sacrifice Shaman
137. 2018-02-05HAR02 From the Blood of a Whirling DaggVisitation CD/12" MLPBlood Harvest Records
138. 2018-02-05Sickening GoreBlood For TearsDestructive Reality
139. 2018-01-22Type O NegativeBloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)Bloody Kisses [Expanded]Roadrunner
140. 2018-01-22Vantablack Warship03 Blood On The MatAbrasive Pulmonic SpeakSelf-Released
141. 2018-01-08DissectionNight's BloodStorm Of The Light's BaneNuclear Blast Records
142. 2018-01-01Lord BelialBlack Winter Blood-bathEnter The Moonlight GateRegain Records
143. 2017-12-11ConsolationCold Blooded ColdStahlplaatDispleased Records
144. 2017-12-04GravewormProphecies in bloodAs The Angel Reach The Beauty
145. 2017-12-04MorticianBloodcravingMortal MassacreRelapse Records
146. 2017-11-27ZonariaThe Blood That Must Be PaidArrival of the Red Sun
147. 2017-11-13KraaniumBlood Splattered SatisfactionThe Art of Female Sodomy
148. 2017-11-06AbominationBlood For OilTragedy Strikesnuclearblast
149. 2017-10-30MardukFalaise-Cauldron Of BloodFrontschwein
150. 2017-10-23ThulcandraIn Blood And FireUnder a Frozen Sun [Black Metal]Napalm Records
151. 2017-10-02SinisterFace Fate (Blood Feast Cover)The Carnage Ending
152. 2017-09-04PATHOLOGY STENCHBloody SummerAccion Mutanterock_extremum
153. 2017-09-04VaderBlood Of KinguDe Profundis
154. 2017-08-14PortraitFlaming BloodBurn the WorldMetal Blade Records
155. 2017-07-31NervochaosStained With BloodNyctophiliaGreyhaze Records
156. 2017-07-24UNLEASH THE ARCHERSCleanse The BloodlinesApexNapalm Records
157. 2017-07-03Horrid (Italy)03 Blood Painted WallsBeyond the Dark BorderDunkelheit Produktionen
158. 2017-06-05DismemberUnder a Blood Red SkyDismemberRegain Records
159. 2017-06-05GrafvitnerSerpent's BloodObeisance to a Witch MoonDaemon Worship Productions
160. 2017-06-05AeonWith Blood They PayDark OrderDeathvomit
161. 2017-06-05SlayerRaining BloodReign in Bloodamerican
162. 2017-05-29SATANIC WARMASTERWolves Of Blood And IronBlack Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber (CD)Werewolf Records
163. 2017-05-29DARKmaking my blood boil''sex 'n' death''
164. 2017-05-15Desekryptor02 Blood Tipped ScytheChasm of Rot TAPEBlood Harvest Records
165. 2017-04-24Necrophagainsane for bloodSeason of the Deadnew_renaissance
166. 2017-04-24BLOOD FEASTBlood LustFace Fatenew_renaissance
167. 2017-04-03DeathBaptized In BloodScream Bloody Gore
168. 2017-04-03Agnostic FrontOut For BloodCause for AlarmCentury Media
169. 2017-03-20Blood Incantation03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)StarspawnDark Descent Records
170. 2017-03-13John ZornBlood DusterTorture Garden
171. 2017-02-20Porta Daemonium03 The Blood of the Dark MadnessSerpent of Chaos LPBlood Harvest Records
172. 2017-02-13AplanadoraSabbath Bloody SabbathTributo a Black Sabbath
173. 2017-02-06Cannibal CorpseI Cum BloodTomb of the MutilatedMetal Blade Records
174. 2017-01-30Machinist!Scent of BloodBirthright
175. 2017-01-02SummoningBeyond Bloodred HorizonsDemo 94 (Promo ) (Demo)
176. 2016-12-26PertnessBlood RainFrom the Beginning to the EndKarthago Records
177. 2016-12-26Anorexia NervosaBlood & Latex Terrortech WarSodomizing The Archedangel
178. 2016-12-19OracleThere Will Be BloodBeyond OmegaSelf-Released
179. 2016-12-12AutopsyFiend for BloodDead as Fucknecroharmonic
180. 2016-12-12BaphometStreaks of BloodThe Dead Shall InheritPeaceville Records
181. 2016-12-05EthernalBlood, Chains and MiseryGrim EthernityUnholy Design - via Metalhit
182. 2016-12-05Type O NegativeBloody Kisses (A Death In The Family)Bloody Kisses (Top-Shelf Edition)Roadrunner Records
183. 2016-11-28No GodsAsh And BloodNo GodsHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
184. 2016-10-17GravehillRedeemed In BloodSkullbearer - split LP with MordbrandDoomentia Records
185. 2016-10-10Repulsive DissectionZealot (Power in the Blood)Church of the Five Precious WoundsSevared Records
186. 2016-10-03Corpsefucking ArtBloodcraving (Mortician)Corpsefucking Art/GoretradeUnited Gutteral Records
187. 2016-09-12CryptopsyCold Hate, Warm BloodNone So LiveCentury Media Records
188. 2016-09-05BLACK FUCKING CANCERCommunion Of The Blood UnholyBlack Fucking CancerOsmose Productions
189. 2016-09-05Cirith UngolBlood And IronOne Foot In Hellmetalblade
190. 2016-08-29CarnifexDrown Me In BloodSlow DeathNuclear Blast Records
191. 2016-08-29SabatonBlood Of BannockburnThe Last StandNuclear Blast Records
192. 2016-08-22MastodonBlood and ThunderLeviathanPhantom Import Distribution
193. 2016-08-08Burnt by the SunThere Will Be BloodHeart of DarknessRelapse Records
194. 2016-08-01RINGWORMInnocent BloodSnake ChurchRelapse Records
195. 2016-07-11Dimension ZeroBlood on the StreetsThis Is HellCentury Media Records
196. 2016-07-04Ascended Dead4. Blood ConsecrationArcane Malevolence 7" EPBlood Harvest
197. 2016-07-04PsychopathiaCould Blood Of The ReasonMeeting The Life
198. 2016-06-13WombbathPaid In BloodDownfall RisingDark Descent Records
199. 2016-06-13Metal PriestRocktober BloodBursting Out - Live & Loud
200. 2016-06-06SATANIC BLOODSPRAYINGDraining BloodAt the Mercy of Satan (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
201. 2016-05-30MyrkskogBlood EjaculationSuperior MassacreCandlelight Records
202. 2016-05-23BerserkerBlood of the Warriors and Icy Look at DeathBlood of the Warrior
203. 2016-05-16Cannibal CorpseBloodlandsVileMetal Blade Records
204. 2016-05-09BRAINDAMAGEShe Can Smell The Blood Of A Surrendering RaceThe DownfallMy Kingdom Music
205. 2016-04-25BahimironBlood of SodomDestroyers from the Western Skies (As Night Devours the Sun)
206. 2016-04-25Amon AmarthOn a Sea of BloodJomsvikingMetal Blade Records
207. 2016-04-18Black SabbathSabbath Bloody SabbathSabbath, Bloody SabbathWarner Bros
208. 2016-04-04RegurgitateBloody EjaculationEffortless Regurgitation...The Torture Sessionsrelapse
209. 2016-03-28TOMBSTALKERBlood ThirsterBlack Crusades (CD, LP)Shadow Kingdom Records
210. 2016-03-28FleshgoreBloody Hands of AggressorDenial of the ScripturesXtreem Music
211. 2016-03-21The Mountain ManBloodlustBloodlust EPSelf-Released
212. 2016-03-07Blood FeastBlood LustKill For Pleasure
213. 2016-02-22URGEHALBlood of the LegionAeons in SodomSeason of Mist
214. 2016-02-22Cannibal CorpseUnleashing the BloodthirstyBloodthirstMetal Blade Records
215. 2016-02-22ExumerThere Will Always Be BloodThe Raging TidesMetal Blade Records
216. 2016-02-01Lamb of GodBlood of the ScribeAshes of the WakeEpic
217. 2016-01-25ConvergeColor Me Blood RedPetitioning the Empty Sky
218. 2015-12-27PurusamChristmas, Bloody ChristmasWay of the Dying RaceDesperate Fight
219. 2015-11-30Cryptopsy04 Framed by BloodThe Book of Suffering Tome 1Self-Released
220. 2015-11-30MoonspellBlood Tells!MemorialSteamhammer
221. 2015-11-16GonkulatorSpilling The Blood Of The Holy OnesReborn Through Evilfudgeworthy
222. 2015-10-26MorticianSilent Night, Bloody NightChainsaw Dismembermentrelapse
223. 2015-10-26UndeadBlood EnemyBlood Enemyxtreem
224. 2015-09-28EntrailsBloodhammerRaging Deathmetalblade
225. 2015-09-21Christian MistressStronger Than BloodTo Your Deathrelapse
226. 2015-09-21AmorphisBad BloodUnder The Red Cloudnuclearblast
227. 2015-09-14Malevolent CreationBlood Of The FallenDead Man's Pathcenturymedia
228. 2015-09-14Nocturnal BloodNocturnal Black BloodAbnormalities Prevailhells_headbangers
229. 2015-09-07CripperBloodshot Monkey EyeHyenametalblade
230. 2015-08-31BLEEDBlood AshesThe Hatred InsideSelf-Released
231. 2015-08-17SlayerWorld Painted BloodWorld Painted BloodColumbia
232. 2015-08-03RegurgitateEffortless Regurgitation Of Bright Red BloodEffortless Regurgitation... the Torture Sessionrelapse
233. 2015-07-27DehumanCrypts of BloodGraveyard Of Edenkaotoxin
234. 2015-06-29EncoffinationRitual Until BloodO'Hell, Shine In Thy White Sepulchres
235. 2015-06-22TheoriesBathing In Pigs BloodRegressionmetalblade
236. 2015-06-15EncyrcleBloodbaskerEncyrcleunspeakable_acts
237. 2015-06-08DeiphagoBloodbath Of GenocideInto The Eye Of Satanhells_headbangers
238. 2015-06-08Blasphemic CrueltyFrom Crypts Of BloodlustCrucible Of Infernumhells_headbangers
239. 2015-06-01RavenBattle March, Tank Treads (The Blood Runs Red)ExterminationSPV
240. 2015-05-11Lord BelialBlack Winter Blood-bathEnter Monlight Gatemetalblade
241. 2015-04-20AraJerupitus, The Blood-DrenchedDevourer Of Worldsself-released
242. 2015-04-20Soilent GreenDaydreaming The Color Of Blooda Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Downrelapse
243. 2015-04-20SlayerWorld Painted BloodWorld Painted Blood
244. 2015-04-13Metal PriestRocktober BloodGet It Now
245. 2015-04-13Mutilated VeteransBlood MilitiaNecro Crust Warheadhells_headbangers
246. 2015-04-06DecrepidGoats BloodDevoted To Death
247. 2015-03-23DehumanCrypts of BloodGraveyard Of Edenkaotoxin
248. 2015-03-23ThornspawnBlood Of The Holy, Taint Thy SteelBlood Of The Holy, Taint Thy Steel
249. 2015-03-16MoreBlood And ThunderBlood And Thunder
250. 2015-03-16SlayerRaining BloodReign in Blood (extended edition)
251. 2015-03-02CryptopsyCold Hate, Warm BloodWhisper Supremacycenturymedia
252. 2015-02-16StormVoldGlorious BloodThird Bestial Mutilationxtreem
253. 2015-02-09VisigothBlood SacrificeThe Revenant Kingmetalblade
254. 2015-02-02NocturnusStanding in BloodThe Science Of Horrornuclear_war_now
255. 2015-02-02SlayerRaining BloodReign in Blood (extended edition)
256. 2015-01-19NervochaosBlood RitualThe Art Of Vengeancegreyhaze
257. 2015-01-05SacrophobiaWhen Blood BoilsDead Flesh
258. 2014-12-29You And In The WayBe My BloodWhen Life Comes To Death
259. 2014-12-22Despised IconWarm Bloodedthe Healing Processcenturymedia
260. 2014-12-08Manilla RoadRites Of BloodOut Of The AbyssShadow Kingdom
261. 2014-12-08VaderRaining BloodLead Us!!
262. 2014-11-24BelphegorSabbath Bloody Sabbaththe Last Supperworld_war_iii
263. 2014-11-17Amon AmarthSabbath Bloody SabbathVersus the Worldmetalblade
264. 2014-11-17Cemetery LustBloody Whore BathOrgies Of Abominationhells_headbangers
265. 2014-11-10HereticLet There Be BloodThe Breaking Pointmetalblade
266. 2014-10-27Mutilated VeteransBlood MilitiaNecro Crust Warheadhells_headbangers
267. 2014-10-13Bastard SaplingSubterranean River Of BloodInstinct Is Forevergilead media
268. 2014-10-13AcceptBloodbath MastermindBlind Ragenuclearblast
269. 2014-09-22DecapitatedBlood MantraBlood Mantranuclearblast
270. 2014-09-01DeathScream Bloody GoreScream Bloody Gorecombat
271. 2014-09-01ConvergeColor Me Blood RedPetitioning the Empty Skyevr
272. 2014-09-01Funebre'SbloodChildren of The Scornxtreem
273. 2014-09-01NeurosisThrough Silver In BloodThrough Silver in Bloodtribes
274. 2014-09-01BathoryThrough Blood By ThunderTwilight Of The Gods
275. 2014-08-25PanopticonBlack Soot And Red BloodKentuckyBindrune Recordings
276. 2014-08-04Black AnvilRedemption Through BloodHail Deathrelapse
277. 2014-07-28Mutilated VeteransBlood MilitiaNecro Crust Warheadhells_headbangers
278. 2014-07-14Bastard SaplingSubterranean River Of BloodInstinct Is Forevergilead media
279. 2014-07-07AlteriusSpilling Of Innocent BloodDemo EPself-released
280. 2014-07-07GravelandBlood Of Christians On My SwordThousand Swords
281. 2014-06-16Mutilated VeteransBlood MilitiaNecro Crust Warheadhells_headbangers
282. 2014-06-16Black AnvilRedemption Through BloodHail Deathrelapse
283. 2014-06-09ThroneumBloody Sacrifice For The MorDeathcult Conspiracypagan
284. 2014-06-09ReincarnationDrowned In BloodVoid
285. 2014-06-02TemeluchusSemen Surrounding Sacrificed Virgin BloodDemo II
286. 2014-05-12AlteriusSpilling Of Innocent BloodDemo EPself-released
287. 2014-05-12MegaslaughterBlood Runs FreeCalls From The Beyondto_the_death
288. 2014-05-05DissectionNight's BloodStorm of the Light's Banenuclearblast
289. 2014-05-05MangledBath in BloodInto Emptiness...wil_rags
290. 2014-04-28AlteriusSpilling Of Innocent BloodDemo EPself-released
291. 2014-04-07MastodonBlood and ThunderLeviathanrelapse
292. 2014-03-17SlayerBlood redSeasons in the Abyssdef_jam
293. 2014-03-10MangledBath in BloodInto Emptiness...wil_rags
294. 2014-03-10PanopticonBlack Soot And Red BloodKentucky
295. 2014-03-10AevangelistBlood & DarknessDe Masticatione Mortuorum In TumulisBlood Harvest
296. 2014-03-03Glorior BelliI Asked For Wine, He Gave Me BloodGators Rumble, Chaos Unfurlsagonia
297. 2014-02-17FunerealityBloodsucking FreakBloodsucking Freakhorror_pain_gore_death
298. 2014-02-17OuijaThe Blood CenturionAve Voluptatis Carnisxtreem
299. 2014-02-10TorchiaYour Blood In My ViensoNe
300. 2014-02-10Lay Down RottenBlood On Wooden Crosses FinalDeathspell Catharsisapostasy
301. 2014-02-03Carpathian ForestBloodclensingStrange Old Brewavantgarde
302. 2014-02-03FleshcutMandatory BloodshedGruesome And Vile
303. 2014-01-13DownthroatUncontrollable Discharge of Blood PussSplit - Cock and Ball Torture/Filth/Downthroat/Negligent Collateral Collapse
304. 2014-01-06BaphometBoiled in Bloodthe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
305. 2014-01-06SlayerBlood RedSeasons in the Abyssmetalblade
306. 2013-12-30ImpetigoBloody Pit of HorrorUltimo Mondo Cannibalerazorback
307. 2013-11-25HeadrotImages Of Blood2013 Promoget_done
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604. 2007-02-05pentagramwolf's blood
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612. 2006-11-13acridbloing blood
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614. 2006-10-23regurgitateperish in blood
615. 2006-10-16agallochII-bloodbirds
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617. 2006-09-18nocturnusstanding in blood
618. 2006-09-11carcassBlood Spattered BannerWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
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620. 2006-08-28anataI would dream of blood
621. 2006-07-24grimmy grimblood
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623. 2006-07-03Blood Freakthe flesh and blood show
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626. 2006-05-22Despised IconWarm Blooded
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631. 2006-04-10Kill the Clientbloodlines
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633. 2006-03-27Grotesqueblood rains from the altar
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638. 2006-03-13end it allriver of blood
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644. 2006-01-16Lamb of Godbloodletting
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647. 2005-12-19pessimistdrunk on the blood of the saints
648. 2005-12-19Baphometstreaks of bloodthe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
649. 2005-12-12Gloomy GrimbloodHoly Bible II - Various Artistsholy
650. 2005-11-07dragonlordblood voyeur
651. 2005-10-31integrityblood lust
652. 2005-10-24sepulturaroots bloody roots
653. 2005-10-24Gloomy GrimbloodHoly Bible II - Various Artistsholy
654. 2005-10-17angel deaththicker than blood (live from waken)
655. 2005-10-17amon amarthThe Last with Pagan Blood
656. 2005-10-10Gloomy GrimbloodHoly Bible II - Various Artistsholy
657. 2005-10-03Circle of Dead Childrenit's a bloody day when you get your head nailed to a cross
658. 2005-10-03morbid angelblood on my hands
659. 2005-10-03summonintro-blood red skies
660. 2005-10-03carcassBlood Spattered BannerWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
661. 2005-10-03arch enemyi am legend-out for blood
662. 2005-09-19A Perfect Murderbody and blood
663. 2005-09-19Municipal Wasteblood driveHazardous Mutationearache
664. 2005-09-05mastodonblood and thunder
665. 2005-08-22mastodonblood and thunder
666. 2005-08-22body part trophy casetears blood red
667. 2005-08-22Municipal Wasteblood driveHazardous Mutationearache
668. 2005-08-01Malevolent Creationblood brothers
669. 2005-07-25Incrustthe bloody art of my tortureBaptized in Unholy Goreibexmoon
670. 2005-07-18arch enemyi am legend/out for blood
671. 2005-07-181349blood is the mortar
672. 2005-07-04Estuaryflesh and blood dilemma
673. 2005-07-04Abominantblood on the altar of man
674. 2005-06-27suturebloodsoaked
675. 2005-06-20Estuaryflesh and blood dilemma
676. 2005-06-20summonblood red skies
677. 2005-06-13sepulturaroots bloody roots
678. 2005-06-06Dreaded Silencejet black, blood red
679. 2005-06-06Abominantblood on the altar of man
680. 2005-05-09shai huludmy heart bleeds the darkest blood
681. 2005-04-18necrophagainsane for blood
682. 2005-04-11burn the priestbloodletting
683. 2005-04-11daysendthe blood of angels
684. 2005-02-21ascendancymy blood upon you
685. 2005-02-07decieverblessed with a lst for blood
686. 2005-01-17invocation of nehekdrawing blood from a stone
687. 2005-01-01Indecisionmost precious blood
688. 2004-12-27daysendthe blood of angels
689. 2004-12-20massmurderlicking her blooded body
690. 2004-12-13daysendthe blood of angels
691. 2004-12-06evergreen terracesunday bloody sunday
692. 2004-11-22invocation of nehekdrawing blood from a stone
693. 2004-11-22end this daylily white and blood red
694. 2004-11-08mastodonblood and thunder
695. 2004-11-08carcassBlood Spattered BannerWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
696. 2004-11-01dead to fallblood of the moon
697. 2004-11-01convergein her blood
698. 2004-10-18smon amarthonce sealed in blood
699. 2004-10-045 minutes hateblood simple
700. 2004-09-20Lamb of Godblood of the scribe
701. 2004-09-13Black My Heartthick as blood
702. 2004-09-13candiriablood
703. 2004-09-13mastodonblood and thunder
704. 2004-09-06dead to fallblood of the moon
705. 2004-09-06candiriablood
706. 2004-08-30BloodbathBathe in Blood
707. 2004-08-23candiriablood
708. 2004-08-23ascendancymy blood upon you
709. 2004-08-16unearthbloodlust of the human condition
710. 2004-08-09wehrwolfebloodstained honor
711. 2004-07-12dehumanizeddrawn by blood
712. 2004-07-12Defleshedmary bloody mary
713. 2004-07-05ascendancymy blood upon you
714. 2004-06-21what weapons bring warcommandeering northwest bloodclot
715. 2004-06-07Backstabbers Inceven slave wil be swimming in the blood of the iron fist
716. 2004-05-31what weapons bring warcommandering norther bloodclot
717. 2004-05-17phobiablood sport
718. 2004-05-10fleshcrawlforged in blood
719. 2004-05-03what weapons bring warcommandering norther bloodelot
720. 2004-04-26acridboiling blood
721. 2004-04-19kataklysmblood on the swans
722. 2004-04-05mangledbath in blood
723. 2004-03-15kataklysmblood on the swans
724. 2004-03-01flesh crawlflesh bloody flesh
725. 2004-02-23dimension zeroblood on the streets
726. 2004-02-23evergreen terracesunday, bloody sunday
727. 2004-01-26Baphometstreaks of bloodthe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
728. 2004-01-19pessimistdrunk on the blood of the saints
729. 2004-01-19Centinexthe bloodlineDiabolical Desolationcandlelight
730. 2004-01-12dimension zeroblood on the streets
731. 2004-01-05one king downin the blood
732. 2003-12-22Hypocrisyorgy in blood
733. 2003-12-08Cirith Ungolblood and iron
734. 2003-11-03dimension zeroblood on the streets
735. 2003-11-03the crowndream bloody hell (instr)
736. 2003-10-20suturebloodsoaked
737. 2003-10-13splattered cadavervirgins blood bath
738. 2003-09-29wehrwolfeblood stained honor
739. 2003-09-29six feet underbringer of bloodBringer of Bloodmetalblade
740. 2003-09-09Defleshedmary bloody mary
741. 2003-09-02MagrudergrindSearved Chunky Blood Instead Of Marinara Sauce
742. 2003-09-02Amon AmarthThe Last With Pagan Blood
743. 2003-08-05GoatwhoreBlood Guilt Eucharist
744. 2003-07-22Evergreen TerraceSunday Bloody Sunday
745. 2003-07-15Lamb of GodBlood Junkie
746. 2003-07-08Evergreen TerraceSunday Bloody Sunday
747. 2003-06-03Carnal ForgeMy Bloody Rampage
748. 2003-05-27TerrorMy Bloody Rampage
749. 2003-05-20In Cold Bloodblood of our hands
750. 2003-05-20Invocation of NehekDrawing Blood from a stone
751. 2003-05-20It Dies TodayBlood stained bed sheet burden
752. 2003-05-06the hauntedbloodletting
753. 2003-05-06cryptopsyCold Hate, Warm Blood
754. 2003-04-29Invocation of NehekDrawing Blood from a Stone
755. 2003-04-22It Dies TodayBlood Stained Bed Sheet Burden
756. 2003-04-01Amon AmarthBloodshed
757. 2003-04-01SepulturaRoots Bloody Roots
758. 2003-03-25the HauntedBloodletting
759. 2003-02-25PandemiaSins of my Blood
760. 2003-02-04PandemiaSins of my Blood
761. 2003-01-28Six Feet UnderFeasting on the Blood of the Insane
762. 2003-01-28NecrophobicCult of Blood
763. 2003-01-21Shai HuludMy Heart bleeds the darkest Blood
764. 2003-01-14Locked in a VacancyWoke up swallowing blood
765. 2002-12-31BloodbathBathe in Blood
766. 2002-12-24Locked in a VacancyWoke up swallowing Blood
767. 2002-12-17Locked in a VacancyWoke up Swallowing Blood
768. 2002-12-01Corpsefucking ArtBloodcraving (mortician Cover)
769. 2002-12-01Six Feet UnderFeasting on the Blood of the insane
770. 2002-11-19Blood FeastBlood Lust
771. 2002-11-05Malevolent CreationLifeblood
772. 2002-10-29Light is the LanguageDo you wanna play bloody knuckles
773. 2002-10-15MyrkskogBlood Ejaculation
774. 2002-10-15Six Feet UnderFeasting on the Blood of the Insane
775. 2002-10-08Eternal SufferingTrail of Blood to the Altar
776. 2002-09-17Corpsefucking ArtBloodcraving (mortician Cover)
777. 2002-09-03NocturnusStanding in Blood
778. 2002-08-06Carnal ForgeA World All Soaked in Blood
779. 2002-07-30Terror 2000Burn-out in Blood
780. 2002-07-09VomitoryBlood Rature
781. 2002-07-09CarcassBlood Spattered BannerWake up and Smell the Carcassearache
782. 2002-07-09Pathology StenchBloody Summer
783. 2002-07-02KaamosBlood of Chaos
784. 2002-06-25ConvergeColor me Blood REd
785. 2002-06-18Circle of Dead ChildrenIt's a bloody day when you get your head nailed to the Cross
786. 2002-05-28Light is the Languagedo you wanna play bloody knuckles
787. 2002-05-21Centinexthe BloodlineDiabolical Desolationcandlelight
788. 2002-05-07Light is the LanguageDo you wanna play Bloody knuckles
789. 2002-04-30Light is the LanguageDo you want to Play Bloody Knuckles
790. 2002-04-30KrisiunSavior's Blood
791. 2002-04-16HatebreedA Call for Blood
792. 2002-04-02Shai' HuludMy Heart Bleeds the darkest Blood
793. 2002-04-02FleshcrawlDying Blood
794. 2002-04-02FleshCrawlDying Blood
795. 2002-03-12Light is the LanguageDo you wanna Play Bloody Knuckles
796. 2002-03-05Misery IndexBlood on their Hands
797. 2002-03-05Carpathian ForestBloodclensinc
798. 2002-03-05Misery IndexBlood on their Hands
799. 2002-03-05Carpathian ForestBloodclensinc
800. 2002-02-26Lock UpHigh Tide in a Sea of Blood
801. 2002-02-26SlayerRaining Blood
802. 2002-02-11BelphegorSabbath Bloody Sabbath
803. 2002-02-11PessimistDrunk with the Blood of the Saints
804. 2002-01-01PessimistDrunk on the Blood of Saints
805. 2001-12-18ConvergeColor Me Blood Red
806. 2001-12-04DiabolicalDrowned in Blood
807. 2001-11-20Splattered CadaverVirgins Blood Bath
808. 2001-11-20DissectionNight's Blood
809. 2001-11-13GorelordCrucified Goat Drenched in Blasphemic Blood
810. 2001-10-30SuffocationThrones of Blood
811. 2001-10-30SuffocationThrones of Blood
812. 2001-10-16Sissor FightAcid for Blood
813. 2001-10-16Anal BlastPussy Blood Popsicle
814. 2001-10-09Life At Zero40oz of Blood
815. 2001-09-25BaphometStreaks of Bloodthe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
816. 2001-09-11KrisiunSavior's Blood
817. 2001-09-11KrisiunSavior's Blood
818. 2001-06-26ImpaledFlesh & Blood
819. 2001-06-19Circle of Dead ChildrenIt's a Bloody day when you get your head nailed to a cross
820. 2001-05-29DissectionNight's Blood
821. 2001-05-22Murder SuicideBlood Freak
822. 2001-05-22IntegrityBlood lust
823. 2001-05-15ConvergeColor me Blood REd
824. 2001-05-15BaphometStreaks of Bloodthe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
825. 2001-05-08HateShare your Blood with Demons
826. 2001-05-01OrcusBlood Lust
827. 2001-04-17Malevolent CreationBlood Brother
828. 2001-04-03Shadows Fallof One Blood
829. 2001-03-13Shawdows Fallof one Blood
830. 2001-02-13BaphometStreaks of Blood
831. 2001-02-06DeminiconSevered Bloodline
832. 2001-02-06Theatre of the MacabreBather in the Blood of Angel
833. 2001-01-16BaphometStreaks of Bloodthe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
834. 2001-01-16Dying FetusStreaks of Blood
835. 2001-01-09Eternal SufferingTrail of Blood to the Altar
836. 2000-12-25Theatre of the MacabreParadise in Flesh & Blood
837. 2000-12-19SlayerRaining Blood
838. 2000-12-19MorticianFinal Blood Bath
839. 2000-12-19SlayerRaining Blood
840. 2000-12-19MorticianFinal Blood Bath
841. 2000-12-05NecrophagiaBlack Blood Vamitorium
842. 2000-11-21God DethronedBloody Blasphemy
843. 2000-11-14DamagedCold, Blood, EraserToken Remedy Researchrotten
844. 2000-11-14DamagedCold, Blood, EraserToken Remedy Researchrotten
845. 2000-10-31Theatre of the MacabreBathed in the Blood of Angels
846. 2000-10-31Theatre of the MacabreBathed in the Blood of Angels
847. 2000-10-17Blood FeastBlood Lust
848. 2000-10-17Blood FeastBlood Lust
849. 2000-10-10MardukBlooddawn
850. 2000-10-10CenturianBlood of Satan
851. 2000-10-10MardukBlooddawn
852. 2000-10-10CenturianBlood of Satan
853. 2000-09-18Suffocationthe Thrones of bloodPierced from Withinroadrunner
854. 2000-09-04Lord BelialBlack Winter Blood-bath
855. 2000-08-21DamagedCold, Blood, EraserToken Remedy Researchrotten
856. 2000-08-14Damagedcold, blood, eraser
857. 2000-08-14ThyraneCrimson Halls of Blood
858. 2000-08-07Damagedcold blood Eraser
859. 2000-08-07Shadows Fallof noble Blood
860. 2000-07-31Enter SelfBlood flow chamber
861. 2000-07-24OpprobriumBlood Conflict
862. 2000-06-26InfernalBloody Upon the Alter
863. 2000-06-19MayhemA Bloodsword and a Colder Sun
864. 2000-06-12BaphometStreaks of Blood
865. 2000-06-12Anal BlastPussy Blood Popclie
866. 2000-06-05Anal BlastLubed with Blood
867. 2000-06-05Dying FetusStreaks of Blood (baphomet)
868. 2000-06-05MayhemA Bloodsword and a Colder Sun
869. 2000-05-29Flesh CrawlAs Blood Rains From the Sky
870. 2000-05-08DissectionNight's Blood
871. 2000-05-01Dying FetusYour Blood is My Wine
872. 2000-04-24MorticianSilent Night, Bloody Night
873. 2000-04-24BaphometStreaks of Bloodthe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
874. 2000-04-24Dying FetusStreaks of Blood
875. 2000-04-17Flesh CrawlImpure Massacre of Bloody Souls
876. 2000-04-03MorticianCamp Blood
877. 2000-04-03BloodFlesh and Blood
878. 2000-03-13SuffocationThrones of BloodPierced from Withinroadrunner
879. 2000-03-13InfernalBlood Upon the Alter
880. 2000-03-06LobotomyBlood Angel
881. 2000-02-28Shadows Fallof one blood
882. 2000-02-28Dying FetusStreaks of Blood
883. 2000-02-21UnmooredBlood By Tragedy
884. 2000-02-14Cannibal CorpseUnleashing the Blood Thristy
885. 2000-02-14VehemenceOf one Blood
886. 2000-02-14DissectionNight's Blood
887. 2000-02-07Cannibal CorpseI Cum Blood
888. 2000-02-07InfernalBloody upon the Altar
889. 2000-01-10InfernalBloody Upon the Alter
890. 2000-01-03DismemberCollection by Blood
891. 1999-12-27NecrophagiaBlack Blood Vomitorium
892. 1999-12-13SuffocationThrones of BloodPierced from Withinroadrunner
893. 1999-12-13DamagedCold, Blood, EraserToken Remedy Researchrotten
894. 1999-12-13PessimistDrunk with the Blood of the Saints
895. 1999-12-13Amon AmarthThe Last with Pagan Blood
896. 1999-12-06CenturianBlood for Satan
897. 1999-11-08DismembodiedBloodshed Rain
898. 1999-11-08SodomBlood trails
899. 1999-11-01Six Feet UnderFeasting on the Blood of the Insane
900. 1999-10-25CenturianBlood for Satan
901. 1999-10-25PessimistDrunk ont he Blood of Saints
902. 1999-10-11AmdusciasBlood from Your Heart
903. 1999-10-11CenturianBlood for Satan
904. 1999-10-11SlayerRaining Blood (live)
905. 1999-09-27Malevolent CreationRaining Blood
906. 1999-09-27OppressorAs Blood Flows (live)
907. 1999-09-27AmdusciasBlood from your Heart
908. 1999-09-13Six Feet UnderFeasting on the blood of the insane
909. 1999-09-13PessimistDrunk on the Blood of the Saints
910. 1999-09-06MorticianDrowned in Your Blood
911. 1999-09-06AltarI spit Black Blood on You
912. 1999-08-30Angelcorpsebeggoton (through blood and flame)
913. 1999-08-30Six Feet underFeasting on the blood of the insane
914. 1999-08-23MorticianCamp Blood
915. 1999-08-21Six Feet UnderFeasting on the Blood of the Insane
916. 1999-08-21Six Feet UnderFeasting on the Blood of the Insane
917. 1999-08-16God DethronedBloody Slasphemy/serpentking
918. 1999-08-09CentinexBloodhuntDiabolical Desolationcandlelight
919. 1999-08-09MorticianDeseased/Final Bloodbath
920. 1999-08-02NumbBlood
921. 1999-07-05Six Feet UnderFeasting on the Blood of the Insane
922. 1999-07-05Devine EmpireOut for Blood
923. 1999-06-28KMFDMEvil (blood mix)
924. 1999-06-28DamagedCold Blood Eraser
925. 1999-06-14MinistryBad Blood
926. 1999-06-07SinisterBlood follows the Blood
927. 1999-05-17SinisterBlood follows the Blood
928. 1999-05-10MinistryBad Blood
929. 1999-04-13DamagedCold, Blood, EraserToken Remedy Researchrotten
930. 1997-11-24MangledBath in Blood
931. 1997-11-17OppressorAs Blood Flows
932. 1997-11-10SlayerBlood red
933. 1997-11-03DamagedCold, Blood, EraserToken Remedy Researchrotten
934. 1997-10-27Judas PriestBlood STained
935. 1997-10-20The MoaningBlood from stone
936. 1997-08-18Samaelblood ritualBlood Ritualcenturymedia
937. 1997-07-21SepulturaRoots Bloody Roots (demo)
938. 1997-07-21Crak upBlood on the Floor
939. 1997-07-07SepulturaRoots Bloody Roots
940. 1997-06-09Killing JokeLove Lik eBlood
941. 1997-04-21BenedictionBlood from Stone
942. 1997-04-08Convergecolor me blood red
943. 1997-04-08Front Line AssemblyBloodsport
944. 1997-03-31ConvergeColor me blood red
945. 1997-01-27XorcistScorched Blood
946. 1996-12-16ImmolationNo Forgivenes (without Bloodshed)
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