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returntothepit >> discuss >> Who's going to Maryland Deathfest 2008? by Stevey_Capri on Apr 16,2008 12:56am
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toggletoggle post by Stevey_Capri   at Apr 16,2008 12:56am
I know I am. I'm taking my conversion van down and camping out in it. So far I only have 1 person coming down with me. I have a queen size bed and a couple captains chairs that people can sleep if anyone would like to join me just let me know.

toggletoggle post by AUTOPSY_666   at Apr 16,2008 1:04am

toggletoggle post by Grizloch   at Apr 16,2008 2:01am
AUTOPSY_666 said[orig][quote]

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 16,2008 2:34am
free candy!
I'll be there, but im probably going to sto in nyc first

toggletoggle post by AUTOPSY_666   at Apr 16,2008 3:10am
I'm gonna get GOREALITY to do a cover version of Send Me Your Money by SUICIDAL TENDENCIES but re-done as Spend All Your Money and play it on a subliminal (another ST reference) loop at my table and leave MDF a multi-thousandaire!

toggletoggle post by corpus_colostomy at Apr 16,2008 7:09am
theres nothin wrong with this brain. (st reference)

toggletoggle post by ouchdrummer   at Apr 16,2008 11:01am
I'd go with you, but i shot your mommy and your mommys dead. So I am not sure she would approve..

toggletoggle post by ouchdrummer   at Apr 16,2008 11:04am
But no, i really would like to go, and none of my friends are going. Could I really secure a spot in your van? What kinda of costs would be associated with the trip? Just fuel right? I mean obviously food, and of course tickets. But i seriously would love to go. I will bring plently of weed, and if you want, phsychedelics... and if you dont want, i wont bring any of that stuff. I just wanna get there. I can't wait to see Anaal Nathrahk.

toggletoggle post by stevey_capri   at Apr 16,2008 12:48pm
i like how this switched from mdf to st

right now im testing out the van....i want to make sure it's pretty reliable before i take it down to maryland.....

i calculated the gas needed to get to maryland and back, and it is around $250, which people would be tolls

and i figure sleeping in my van in a walmart parking lot is a lot cheaper than renting a hotel room for $85+ a night in baltimore

toggletoggle post by ouchdrummer   at Apr 16,2008 2:22pm
that sounds totaly reasonable. So why don't you shoot me an email when you figure if your van is totaly reliable or not and at that point i will buy tickets. This is gonna rule satan's weekend!

toggletoggle post by narkybark   at Apr 16,2008 10:36pm
I thought that said "gonna rule satan's wedding", then I laughed, then I realized that wasn't what it said and I was sad.

toggletoggle post by dertoxia   at Apr 16,2008 11:00pm
im going, rooms booked, still need my ticket

toggletoggle post by kevinthesprigg at Apr 17,2008 12:07am
I'll be heading there with Christopher. The hotel is all set and I've got my ticket. I'm most looking forward to Anaal and Defeated Sanity...and the supposedly insane merch. area.

toggletoggle post by ouchdrummer   at Apr 17,2008 12:18pm
OH FUCK this sucks... my sister is getting married on the 25th. I totally forgot until this morning when she called me and asked me if i got fitted for my tux yet.. which i didnt. This fucking blows, i never get chances to see anaal nathrahk.. lame

toggletoggle post by stevey_capri   at Apr 17,2008 12:35pm
i dont want to miss nuclear assault or repulsion

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