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Old:: post by GodlessRob at Oct 28,2008 11:44am
Nick as of now, at the very least I will have 250 for ya, that's about all I can spare without working this week, Brown owes me 50, which I think he'll have for wed so I am going to try to have 300 for ya then i was hoping I could do 400 next week and 300 hundred the following. If that's cool than done deal bro. Thanks for understanding.

Old:: post by GodlessRob at Oct 28,2008 8:43am
Subject: Re: Re:
>dood i understand the deal but lets please try and make this happen. i feel like it was a great deal and i was cool enough to do it in installments. please do everything in your power to follow through. i sold this shit because i VERY much need the money

Bro I know, truly if it was anyone else I probably wouldn't have bought it. I was really counting on working this week to finish paying it off. Unforseen shit. when i do see you on fri though and you see my hand you'll understand. Please trust that I am not trying to put this off. It's just that this week just became fucked.
Now onto another subject. I want the XXX. if we can split those payments in 2 that would also be a done deal. I need to get Rob Brown and amp to contend with mine and I trust that he will pay me for the amp. Let me know.

Old:: post by GodlessRob at Oct 27,2008 4:52pm
I was going to email you. I got fucked up yesterday. I got my hand mauled by a dog (not mine) so I am going to be out of work for the whole week. This fucking sucks. I just get the guitar and the vader and some fucking border collie nearly rips my fucking thumb off. Anyway, I will try to have it all for you fri, not working this week is going to kill me, but not matter what I will have most of it.

Old:: post by GodlessRob at Oct 22,2008 9:59am
Subject: Re:
>what you looking for bro? whats your interest level? i no longer have your number.

Extremely interested. Here's my # 508-736-9039

Old:: post by ouchdrummer at Oct 2,2008 8:31am
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: playing
while i totally understand that, (and don't wanna sound creepy) i will still say that if you thought the stuff we are doin is good at all, we are looking for a main writting force in a second guitar player. Someone to write at least half of the riffs of the songs. AKA you could play whatever you want....and i hate to sound concieded AND creepy, but you'd have a great rhythm section behind ya, i can play most of the stuff from all the bands i like, and i still practice 3-5hours a day. We are rapidly changing styles, and a big element in doing that is someone with different writting styles. I think we would be rediculas if you tried... BUT like i said, don't wanna sound creepy. (already have. )

Anywho, now that the creepy part of this message is over, if you still decide (after my trying to convince you) you aren't interested, i totally understand, and look foward to smoking with you at another show.

Old:: post by ouchdrummer at Oct 1,2008 4:04pm
Subject: Re: Re: playing
Yes, we have one. We definitely want two though. Our music now is real good (i think) very brutal, complicated, thrashy, but we want parts to have two separate guitar parts, lead lines, and of course harmonies. We do practice in southie, at the sound museum building on Dorchester ave. (right between andrew and broadway tstops.) If your interested AT ALL you should come down to a practice where you can hear everything and really get an idea if you wanna do it. Wed, thur, Sun. Gimme a call or shoot me an email and let me know. later bud.

Old:: post by ouchdrummer at Oct 1,2008 11:40am
Subject: playing
This may be heartless considering you JUST announced your leaving Dys, but would you be interested in giving a jam with Boarcorpse a shot?

Old:: post by SlypknaWt at Jul 31,2008 6:05pm
Subject: yo
you fuckin dig snakes or what?

Old:: post by ellesarusrex at Jun 24,2008 1:26am

Old:: post by GoatCatalyst at Mar 31,2008 3:04pm
Subject: yo
you guys wanna play cherry st saturday may 24th with revocation? i'm gonna try and get the pathos... on it as well... should be ba-root-ull

Old:: post by Blacktooth at Jan 9,2008 6:21pm
That's the shit brother!

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