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returntothepit >> discuss >> lame autograph stories by succubus on Aug 24,2004 1:13pm
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toggletoggle post by succubus  at Aug 24,2004 1:13pm
me and some girlies were talking about this last night

i don't usually ask for autographs if i see or meet a "famous" person...

although sometimes the convo goes in that direction and they have offered which is cool

but i broke that rule 3 times in my life

#1 i was 19 or 20 and seeing Social Distiortion (who happen to be one of my ALL TIME favorite bands) and i was front row and snapping pics...anyhow after the show i was with my best friend (that i dragged with me) and we saw mike ness up front signing my best friend told me to stop standing around like a moron and get an autograph (he actually said something similar in italian but that's besides the point...) anyhow, so i was shy but started walking towards him. He had his back towards me and there was security around the sides too..they were trying to get people to line up, but the line was in the opposite a security guard saw me and said, "hey miss, if you want an autograph, get in the back onf the line"..and mike ness heard him and turned around to look at me and then he said, it's ok, come over here...and i did....and then he asked me what i wanted him to the guy was busy signing ticket stubs...and then i pulled out all of their CD covers, yes ALL OF THEM and i said take your pick....and he looked at me and then at my Cd's..and then at me again and made an annoucement....sorry guys..but she has everyone of our Cd' i'm signing them all...

and he did

i think the funniest thing was that on the last CD he signed...he drew a if you know mike ness...that's just...something else

#2 i was in Santa Monica in a store when guess who walked in...Oliver Stone...yes i'm a huge fan and although he doesn't like doing the autograph thing...i recognized him and started chatting with him....well he ended up signing and BUYING FOR ME (hahaha) a scarface poster and framing it for me..and then got it shipped to my house (here in MA)... awesome..

#3 I got myself on a guest list to a party in NYC that i knew Ethan Hawke was going to be at (i used to have a crush on him, bite me...first actor i had a crush on EVER) anyhow, i was actually nervous and i avoided by the end of the night...i guess i had some good vibes because he ended up coming up to me (to this day i don't know why)..and we chatted for a while...what a nice guy...anyhow...he wrote me this sweet note and some other junk

wow i feel lame now!


toggletoggle post by succubus  at Aug 24,2004 1:13pm
holy shit that was long

toggletoggle post by Dissector   at Aug 24,2004 1:13pm
I got Sander's augtograph from Nile.

toggletoggle post by Josh_hates_you  at Aug 24,2004 1:17pm
when i was 18 i saw Vanilla Ice at the palladium. fucking awesome time. we went out the doors next to the satge after and there was rob van winkle just chillin outside the bus. my friends and i had to stop and talk for a few minutes. he signed my shoe. some girl that was friends of a friend i was with has pictures and i never saw her again so i never got one.

oderus orungus (sp) signed my shirt at the first metal fest. i think it was the first one that gwar played. maybe the second i dunno.

toggletoggle post by swamplorddvm  at Aug 24,2004 1:18pm
anyone want MY autograph?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Aug 24,2004 1:19pm
I skimmed that and then was like "that's carina's story"

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Aug 24,2004 1:20pm edited Aug 24,2004 1:20pm
and you know all those stories

did i tell you i was asked to autograph the SI mag though?

toggletoggle post by Josh_hates_you  at Aug 24,2004 1:24pm
i should go to the titty bar when porn stars go and start a pornstar picture/autograph collection.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Aug 24,2004 1:25pm

i'm sorry

much respect!

toggletoggle post by Lynneaus  at Aug 24,2004 1:56pm
below is taken from an old online diary from February 2000

then on tuesday the 15th i went to Snowcore....which was Puya, Incubbus, System of a down and MR BUNGLE!!! (yup bungle is the reason i went).....they were incrediable! they opened with a cover of "what the world needs now is love sweet love" (hehe it ruled) and closed with "My ass is on fire" i actually got to get up close this time....i was slightly off center to the right and one person back...... however the kick ass part is that after they played ....I HUNG OUT WITH MIKE PATTON AT THE BAR FOR LIKE AN HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(and for those who dont know he is the vocalist for Mr Bungle...and the ex vocalist of Faith No More).....and for those of you wondering....yes i did make an ass out of myself so i was chilling just sitting around....incubbus was on stage i believe and i happened to notice mike at the bar so i walked over and asked him to sign my ticket stubb...i gave him a pat on the back told him he fucking ruled and walked away adn sat back down again....well after sitting there for like ten minutes...i thought man im dumb...heres Mike Patton one of the all time coolest and i said nothing to i got back up and walked back over to him....and said "i dont know if this is requesting too much...." (the look on his face when i said that was priceless) "but can i get a hug?" he said sure and gave me a hug and then we started talking.....i told him how i saw him a few months ago in CT and that i thought it was amazing how much i was able to get into it with not really being familar with their stuff.....and how i normally listen to totally different stuff......well of course i was sporting my new Dying Fetus shirt so he looked at it and said "ya obviously by your shirt i can see what are u into black metal?" i said no mostly death metal that it was a death metal band.....hehe he said he goes by if he cant read the logo is black metal then he asked me to explain the difference between the two....and after i did he said that when he was a kid everything had such different meanings.....and then he said "i know what black metal is....Living Colour ...thats black metal" heheheheh so anyway i ended up shooting hte shit for a while then i shook his hand and said nice meeting u or smth gay...then i left i came back a lil later and i ended up getting a picture with him......then i kinda moved away adn was just chillin...and when he left he came over and gave me a pat on the shoulder and said nice meeting you...... ok so im corny whatever....ive never been "star struck" before but i think that night i came pretty close....

other than that i have a pass signed by savatage... but thats cuz as i was chatting with all them they just grabbed it and signed it heheh

toggletoggle post by Lincoln at Aug 24,2004 2:00pm
I met Ace Frehley and had him sign my CD....he passed out cold as he was signing his name....that was the funniest thing I think I'd ever encountered...Ace Frehley is old and tired.

toggletoggle post by MikeFOD at Aug 24,2004 2:05pm
I had Meshuggah sign my entire album collection of theirs, and had Thordendal also sign his solo disc (masterpiece). I did the same with Fear Factory as well.

toggletoggle post by Siberia   at Aug 24,2004 2:17pm
Dave (5MH) brought an autographed Cannibal Corpse album cover over to practice about a month ago. My mom got Harvey Keitel's autograph in NH a couple years ago. I had dinner with Franco Harris (Steelers) and got a ton of autographs back in my senior year of HS.

toggletoggle post by powerkok   at Aug 24,2004 2:21pm
ace signed my dynasty album too.

My mom gave me ric flairs autograph....she saw him in a circle k after an OLD nwa match in Ft. Myers, Fla, asked for his autograph, he gives it to her on a little paper bag, and she says..."thanks, you shoulda lost, you asshole" and walks out.

toggletoggle post by armageddonday   at Aug 24,2004 2:23pm
I got Usurper to sign their poster when they played in PVD. Otherwise I have some Motorhead autographed LPs but they were bought used so it doesn't really count.

toggletoggle post by Lincoln at Aug 24,2004 2:25pm
Dynasty.......unfortunately I was just listening to that...I dunno why either.....someone help me.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Aug 24,2004 2:26pm
don't knock it...i have it on 33 yeah that means Vinyl


toggletoggle post by Lincoln at Aug 24,2004 2:33pm
Yeah......I do too.......oh man....thats bad huh?

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Aug 24,2004 2:34pm

do you have Love Gun too?

i do

toggletoggle post by Lincoln at Aug 24,2004 2:38pm
I have almost all of them...yes I am a HUGE KISS fan...shame on me. I'm actually listening to that box set right now.

toggletoggle post by JayTUS   at Aug 24,2004 2:45pm
I was about 16 and was in Orlando at the ESPN Club at Disney with my Dad and brother, who was 11 at the time. It was right around the time that "Ace Ventura Pet Detective" was big and partially because of that my brother had always been a huge Dan Marino fan. So while we were there we found out they were taping the Quarterbacks Club Challenge that weekend and Drew Bledsoe and Kerry Collins had just left, and Warren Moon was doing a radio thing in front of us. Like all 11 year olds, my brother had to go to the bathroom, so I had to take him. They had TV's and everything so he was in heaven. So as I am standing there by the sinks waiting for him to finish, who walks in but Dan fucking Marino! He just looks at me and says hi with the "yeah this kid knows who I am" look and I am just sitting there praying my brother doesn't come out and see Dan Marino standing in front of him taking a leak because I didn't know how he would react. Thankfully the TV's in every stall thing worked out because Marino was gone before my brother was done. My dad then made us go over and interupt him while he was eating for an autograph, something I have ALWAYS felt horrible about and I argued with my Dad at the time about it. To his credit, Marino didn't say "hey get away I am trying to eat" he just signed it and then we left.

Bill Buckner visited a day care center my mom was working at once, so I have a 1987 Topps Bill Buckner card autographed haha.

I also have an autographed baseball from Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens.

I have hundreds of autographed baseball, hockey and football cards. When I was younger I was really into getting autographs. I've got a ton, Gretzky, Bourque, Glavine, Brodeur, Garciaparra, etc, etc, etc.

My prize possession though is my autographed bottle of Cuervo from Phil Anselmo. It says "Radio guys fuck girls - Phil" haha

toggletoggle post by JayTUS   at Aug 24,2004 2:46pm
Oh, and for you Kiss fans, my uncle used to work for them and they had dinner at my grandmothers house once before I was born :p

toggletoggle post by Lincoln at Aug 24,2004 2:48pm
NICE!!!! Pictures?????

toggletoggle post by powerkok   at Aug 24,2004 2:49pm
I wouldnt goto school unless I was painted up like kiss....Many occasions I was sent home for looking like Gene Simmons in 1st grade...Kiss ruled my life till I was 6 or 7....

anyone ever hear of bloodrock?

D.O.A.......dl was my first record ever, and its about dying in a plane crash.....great 70's hippie death. all their other songs suck.

toggletoggle post by Lincoln at Aug 24,2004 2:51pm
YUP!!! I have that....

toggletoggle post by Lincoln at Aug 24,2004 2:57pm
My mom thought it was heavy enough for me to listen to when I was like 10 years old...she caught me listening to Ratt and wanted to set me straight

toggletoggle post by powerkok   at Aug 24,2004 5:35pm
I thought for sure, I was the ONLY person in this age bracket that ever even HEARD of bloodrock, let alone OWN IT!!! YOU ROCK LINCOLN!!

toggletoggle post by Kalopsia   at Aug 24,2004 6:21pm
after my performance at this year's Maryland Death Fest. someone came up to me and asked me to sign his Prophecies Foretold pamphlet, and then i took a picture with him. that was undoubtedly one of the most amazing things that's ever happened to me in my life.

toggletoggle post by Josh_hates_you  at Aug 24,2004 6:24pm
vanilla ice is still the best A-List celebrity anyone posted so far.

toggletoggle post by BestialOnslaught  at Aug 24,2004 6:29pm
Lincoln said:
I met Ace Frehley and had him sign my CD....he passed out cold as he was signing his name....that was the funniest thing I think I'd ever encountered...Ace Frehley is old and tired.

Haha you mean drunk?

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Aug 24,2004 6:29pm
i guess you missed myne

Oliver stone!

toggletoggle post by BornSoVile Stranded en Peru at Aug 24,2004 8:02pm
I{ve signed more autographs than I can remember down here, crazy.
I once got Trey Azagoth to sign my pack of smokes and my mother threw it out.

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