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returntothepit >> discuss >> VALYRIA EP Stream Into The Dying of Time by the_reverend on May 17,2018 4:05pm
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 17,2018 4:05pm
InvisibleOranges Premiere VALYRIA EP Stream "Into The Dying of Time"

L-R – Andrew Traynor - Guitar/Vocals, Mitchell Stykalo - Drums, Jeremy Puffer - Guitar/Vocals, Cam Dakus - Bass/ Lead Vocals

Alberta power-influenced progressive death metal band VALYRIA will be unleashing their new EP "Into The Dying of Time" on May 18th, 2018 and just before it's officially out, they have teamed up with for the full stream premiere at the following link:

The band comments:

"We are extremely ecstatic to release "Into The Dying of Time". We have spent the better part of the year refining and finding our sound and our album is a culmination of our influences that hold such a huge place in our lives. Our album brings stories to life with influences from fantasy and sci-fi novels, film, historical mysticism and the state and future of our world today."

Influenced by Wintersun, The Faceless, Dragonforce, Blind Guardian and Omnium Gatherum, VALYRIA describes their sound as “dramatic, complex, uplifting, emotional, technical” something their fans will be able to hear on their new EP "Into The Dying of Time", which features such soon-to-be-classics as "Steel Inquisition", "Tome of The Shattered Vessels", "Of Sky and Sea", "The Crossing" and "Floating World".

“Into The Dying of Time” will be available for download plus stream on Bandcamp here, iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify and all other major online retailers.

Track Listing:
1. The Final Empire (Intro) (0:52)
2. Steel Inquisition (6:17)
3. Tome of Shattered Vessels (5:58)
4. Of Sky and Sea (6:35)
5. The Crossing (5:38)
6. Floating World (4:26)
7. Into the Dying of Time (Outro) (2:02)
EP Length: 31:51

Jeremy Puffer - Guitar and Vocals
Cam Dakus - Bass and Lead Vocals
Andrew Traynor - Guitar and Vocals
Mitchell Stykalo - Drums

For More Info:

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Nov 5,2018 4:13pm
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