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returntothepit >> discuss >> considering selling a dw9000 by ouchdrummer on Apr 15,2008 2:07pm
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toggletoggle post by ouchdrummer   at Apr 15,2008 2:07pm
so as the title says, i am considering selling my dw9000 pedal. In almost perfect condition. Nothing wrong with it, just normal use. I am finally comfortable with my axis pedal so i was thinking of selling the other. Any offers?

toggletoggle post by ZenErik   at Apr 15,2008 2:08pm edited Apr 16,2008 4:26pm
There will be something wrong with it soon enough. The drive shaft on DW pedals suck. I know from personal experience.

toggletoggle post by mOe  at Apr 15,2008 2:37pm
i might be interested if you're lookin to move it in May/June

toggletoggle post by menstrual_sweatpants_disco   at Apr 16,2008 4:19pm
zenerik: i've had my dw9000 for like 15 months and my universal joint (is that what it's called?) on the part that connects the two pedals broke. it's out of warantee and the part is $75 to replace. same exact thing happened to chris from the accursed/smite the righteous/polaris/the death perception. Eliot's talking me into getting some Pearl Eliminators.

toggletoggle post by ZenErik   at Apr 16,2008 4:29pm
I had a DW5000 before. The linkage between the pedals didn't break, but it got to the point to where the slave pedal had no power and was extremely sluggish. There was way too much play in the parts.

I have some strap drive Eliminators that I'm getting rid of. But they're lefty. You could reverse them, but it's slightly annoying. I also have 2 extra cams for each. And extra spring assemblies.

toggletoggle post by ouchdrummer   at Apr 16,2008 4:33pm edited Apr 16,2008 4:33pm
everybody said the axis Adouble longboards are too hard to use, and they were almost right. It took about 3weeks of playing 40 hours a week to finally feel as comfortable with them as i did with my 9000s. And honestly the hardest part of which was doing slow things with triplet patterns within them. like L R L RLR L R LRL R and so on. the balance needed for parts like this gets WAY harder with such a sensitive pedal.. BUT once your used to it, it was worth the time with how much EASIER really fast parts are. boo ya.

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