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returntothepit >> discuss >> Ex Members of The Departed seek bassist and second guitarist by Robbieofthedeparted on Jul 23,2006 5:53pm
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toggletoggle post by Robbieofthedeparted   at Jul 23,2006 5:53pm
I dont post here much but I know this is the place to find the right people This is Robbie formerly of providence-based metal band the departed, a new project is forming with me and the drummer of the departed an we are currently seeking a bassist and second guitarist. Looking to do a Death/tech/Grind/Hardcore project has a drummer guitarist and vocalist just need to get the last two elements to finish the line up. Must be %100 Dedicated, Willing to independently tour in the future, Pay band rent and other band expenses, have live, recording and writing experience (in the genre. Very important) own transportation is a must and road worthy gear. Must have at least 4-5 years of playing/writing experience contact me on myspace or on AIM: Bloodcore666 thanx so much and please repost if you have any friends who are able to do something in this type of direction.

<h1>Please respost<h1>

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jul 23,2006 9:17pm

toggletoggle post by brian_dc  at Jul 23,2006 10:36pm
I'll bump this

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jul 24,2006 6:46am

toggletoggle post by Murph  at Jul 24,2006 11:41am
Can I add some sick kazoo parts?

toggletoggle post by niccolai   at Jul 24,2006 11:54am
where do you guys practice? I'll try out for either or.

toggletoggle post by Robbieofthedeparted   at Jul 24,2006 4:45pm
Murph you better be playing some Kazoo tracks they are allready written ha. Nicollai as of now we havent gotten a space, I am looking into the "band stand" that building in new bedford, and as of now we are mostly writing the string parts so that when we get a space we will have plenty of material to work with. If you have any sample material I would love to hear it

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jul 24,2006 8:10pm

toggletoggle post by craig (the real one) nli at Jul 25,2006 10:22am
bump in the name of love

toggletoggle post by niccolai   at Jul 25,2006 10:26am
We played with you guys at Roman's that one show.. If you don't remember my sick guitaridge, check out the rohis myspace ignore the vocals and the other guitarist's as I lay dying riffs.

I also have some recordings from when I played bass with TYAG, I could IM those to you or some shit.

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jul 26,2006 6:22pm

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