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returntothepit >> discuss >> Salut Mec by MOROX on Jun 1,2002 8:55am
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toggletoggle post by MOROX at Jun 1,2002 8:55am
Salut Nebo . <br>Je ne sait koi te dire ne seraise ke je m'excuse <br>de ne pas t'avoir donner de nouvelles depuis 4 mois tu me connait ca n'ait pas dans mes abitude . <br>C'etais une periode assez difficile poure j'etais en Bad-trip (limite nervous breakdown)et je ne voulait pas t'emerder avec mes probleme. <br>Sache ke si tu lis ca message ce me fait mal de ne plus te voir car tu est rester et tu sera toujours mon ami.. <br>je repense sans saisse a nos session de Putrid partie de rigolade ou kan on je m'endormais kan ton regardai un film <br>tous sa me menque bocoup j'en passe et des meilleurs. <br>j'avias pommer ton adresse @mail j'ai taper sur google et voila . <br>Sa me ferait enormement plaisir de t'avoir au tel. <br>j'esper avoir de tes nouvelles tres prochainement <br> <br> <br>MOROX. <br> <br>

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 1,2002 8:58am
Nebo Hello. I has not been able koi to say you seraise ke I excuse itself not to have to give news to you for 4 months you connait me Ca does not have in my abitude. It a$$ez difficult poure I was one period were in Bad-trip (limit nervous breakdown)et I did not want to you emerder with my problem. Ke knows if you read Ca message this hurts me more to see you because you is to remain and you is always my friend. I reconsider without saisse has our session of Putrid started from fun or kan one I fell asleep kan your looked at a film all his me menque bocoup I pass from there and from best. I avias pommer your address @mail I have to type on google and veiled. Its would enormously please to me to have you with the tel. I esper to have your news very soon MOROX.

toggletoggle post by jonhostage   at Jun 1,2002 8:59am
j'aime metal et hardcore.

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Jun 2,2002 8:02pm
adsfkjdsfj;ksjdfsjdfkjsadfjjd;sfjg;dfs sdf;jgkjfd <br> <br>boom shaka lacka lasdjf;kjsfdjfaj;jgdfjgfdsjgjfd;gjs;fdjgjfgsfdjg;fdsjglkjsdf;lgjfd;lgjdfljg

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