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  • :Crom & Escuela tour kick-off
    post by the_reverend @ Jun 22,2017 1:13am  [link]
    My first show back since MDF. I love that all the bands played such short sets! it went by surprisingly fast. Funny that the singer mentioned that they were in Worcester 9 years ago... I was there at the wheelchair! You can catch them tomorrow at Firehouse 13 in PVD

    Jun 21, 2017 Bungalow Bar And Grill (Manchester, NH)
    crom - 2017-06-21
    flash animated slider show
    escuela - 2017-06-21
    flash animated slider show
    goolagoon - 2017-06-21
    flash animated slider show
    horrible_earth - 2017-06-21
    Horrible Earth(105)
    flash animated slider show
    in_the_shit - 2017-06-21
    flash animated slider show
    i_am_become_death - 2017-06-21
    I Am Become Death(99)
    flash animated slider show
    tripper - 2017-06-21
    flash animated slider show
    willzyx - 2017-06-21
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    :Maryland Death Fest (MDF) XV 2017 day four
    post by the_reverend @ May 29,2017 7:13pm  [link]
    Apparently, I totally forgot to post here after getting the pictures up. Oopies. So I did everything I usually do, running from stage to stage and then in the end of the night, drove straight home. It worked out great. My feet aren't sore, no blisters, minimal sleep, and I'm getting ready for the radio show tonight. This years MDF was just as awesome, but more low key without the Edison lots. I actually got to talk to a lot of people for 10-15 minutes between sets. I'm sure next year will be back to the main outside stages, but this year on the 15th anniversary was much more like it used to be. For those who were there for years know what I'm talking about. To those newbies, this was a glimpse of the foundations of MDF. Thanks to all the people I talked to, the stage divers, the staff of Soundstage, Ran's Head Live, and the whole MDF crew. I miss you all already. See you next year.
    May 28, 2017 Baltimore Sound Stage (Baltimore, MD)
    die_choking - 2017-05-28
    Die Choking(100)
    flash animated slider show
    genocide_pact - 2017-05-28
    Genocide Pact(47)
    flash animated slider show
    iron_lung - 2017-05-28
    Iron Lung(112)
    flash animated slider show
    junior_bruce - 2017-05-28
    Junior Bruce(55)
    flash animated slider show
    night_raids - 2017-05-28
    Night Raids(53)
    flash animated slider show
    p.l.f - 2017-05-28
    flash animated slider show
    skeletal_remains - 2017-05-28
    Skeletal Remains(74)
    flash animated slider show
    suppression - 2017-05-28
    flash animated slider show
    terrorizer - 2017-05-28
    flash animated slider show
    uxdxsx - 2017-05-28
    flash animated slider show
    May 28, 2017 Maryland Death Fest (Baltimore, MD)
    randomshots - 2017-05-28
    flash animated slider show
    May 28, 2017 Rams Head Live (Baltimore, MD)
    acheron - 2017-05-28
    flash animated slider show
    akercocke - 2017-05-28
    flash animated slider show
    angelcorpse - 2017-05-28
    flash animated slider show
    behexen - 2017-05-28
    flash animated slider show
    candlemass - 2017-05-28
    flash animated slider show
    encoffination - 2017-05-28
    flash animated slider show
    in_the_woods - 2017-05-28
    In The Woods(137)
    flash animated slider show
    kerasphorus - 2017-05-28
    flash animated slider show
    october_tide - 2017-05-28
    October Tide(76)
    flash animated slider show
    oranssi_pazuzu - 2017-05-28
    Oranssi Pazuzu(114)
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    :Maryland Death Fest (MDF) XV 2017 day three
    post by the_reverend @ May 28,2017 3:05am  [link]
    :Maryland Death Fest (MDF) XV 2017 day one
    post by the_reverend @ May 27,2017 3:10am  [link]
    :Maryland Death Fest (MDF) XV 2017 day one
    post by the_reverend @ May 26,2017 2:21am  [link]
    :Angelcorpse in Somerville
    post by the_reverend @ May 22,2017 1:32am  [link]
    :Devastation On the Nation tour kick off
    post by the_reverend @ May 20,2017 1:35am  [link]
    :The Obsessed in Sommerville
    post by the_reverend @ May 18,2017 1:36am  [link]
    :New England Metal and Hardcore fest 2017 day two
    post by the_reverend @ Apr 23,2017 2:22am  [link]
    :New England Metal and Hardcore fest 2017 day one
    post by the_reverend @ Apr 22,2017 2:09am  [link]
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    Violet's new album streams online. May 1, 2017 
    RIP Rob Bazylewicz (Flood This Earth) Apr 12, 2017 
    Vomit Remnants is back with new material Mar 22, 2017 
    Gorod is releasing a thrash EP Mar 22, 2017 
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