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: post by ConquerTheBaphomet at 2008-04-18 12:09:32
This was in a Myspace bulletin from Earache:

GLEN BENTON, vocalist and bassist for death metal legends DEICIDE, claims to have seen a Sasquatch or Bigfoot in a Florida state forest.

In the latest issue of Terrorizer magazine, Glen tells the tale of one strange night in the middle of nowhere, where he believes he saw 'the Florida Sasquatch':

"I see this big fuckin' thing lurched down on the side of the road... It's this big grey thing... it fuckin' clears the road in one fuckin' leap, 'ROOOOAHHR!' then into the woods.


Glen describes following the creature into the woods in his jeep: "This thing's snapping down trees left and right. All around was a smell like the inside of a dumpster... This thing looked like a primate of some sort. Fuckin' huge eyes, but like part-orangutan and part-chimp.


After calling Florida Wildlife, the area was checked and tracks are said to have been found. GLEN's experience was documented as an official sighting.

Was it really a Sasquatch that GLEN BENTON witnessed that night? One thing's for sure, it had to be something pretty weird for it to scare the man who some people call the Devil incarnate.

Check out the famous original video footage of a supposed Bigfoot creature here.

Two brand new exclusive tracks from the upcoming DEICIDE album, TILL DEATH DO US PART, are available for streaming and download at the official DEICIDE MySpace page here.

TILL DEATH DO US PART is released on April 28th in Europe and May 13th in the US. The album will be released as a special edition CD with a free "GLEN FOR PRESIDENT" woven patch (while stocks last), or as a standard CD, limited edition 12" picture disc LP and limited edition 12" colour vinyl LP.

Pre-order your copy of TILL DEATH DO US PART now: US store or Euro store.

To view the videos entered into the "In The Eyes Of God" video competition so far, go here.
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