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returntothepit >> discuss >> Shrouded Luminosity by susurrate on May 21,2020 10:00pm
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toggletoggle post by susurrate at May 21,2020 10:00pm
in case anyone was curious as to what a former poster here is doing now.

"Shrouded Luminosity is a Epic-Metal band from Rochester, NH. Shrouded Luminosity is a long running project of ex My One Regret Lead Guitarist, Michael Bolton. Yes Michael Bolton, we get it and yes we’ve seen Office Space. “There was nothing wrong with it. Until I was about 12 years old (ours was about 4 years old) and that no-talent ass clown became famous and started winning grammys.” “No way. Why should I change? He’s the one who sucks.” Anyways moving on.
Michael Bolton had a sound in his mind that he had not been able to attain previously. Once long running local band My One Regret broke up for the 2nd and final time, Mike began writing on his own to get the sound he had been hearing for a long time. Well after a few songs Mike really enjoyed where it was going and started making some scratch tracks to try and find people who would want to play his music. This would prove to be the hardest part, finding the right people.
Enter in Gary Tilley II also ex Drummer of My One Regret. Gary was the cause for My One Regret’s 2nd return learning all the guitar parts and slowly bringing back old members. When Mike couldn’t find people to perform his music he reached out to Gary about what he though of the music. Though it was not Gary’s preferred style he enjoyed the music and entered into the band as the Rhythm Guitarist, learning the songs while also building up guitar chops to even play some of these crazy parts Mike had come up with.
Ok so enter and exit several members over a 5 year span, it became increasingly aware to both Mike and Gary that in order to make this band a reality they would need to broaden their member search. Gary bounced between Rhythm Guitar and Drums on the project for those 5 years trying desperately to find anyone who could just play the material and enjoy doing so.
Several friend and ex band members came and went for various reasons none malicious. Time is a difficult thing to share between families and a band. Two ex-members who helped progress things a lot were the Gore Brothers. Jarrod and Joe Gore, both had been in previous bands with both Mike and Gary over the years and were obvious choices when trying to get this band out there. After helping to mold the songs for a year or so both brothers exited the band due to time issues and are still a huge part of where the band came from and has become.
Enter in Robert Leo. While the whole time Shrouded Luminosity never had a bassist. At its most full it was just 2 guitars, drums, and vocals. Mike and Gary both knew if they could find the right person to bring in the low end then things would really take a more full shape. Rob had found the band through which had always been an unfortunately shallow pool to fish from for finding individuals for this style of music. Rob heard the music and fell in love with its orchestration and potential and wanted to be a part of it. Rob quickly learned the material and began helping to “FINE TUNE” the music. With the addition of killer bass skills, Rob is also a very talented vocalist and we knew that would give us the edge we needed.
Shortly after Rob joined Gary threw together a quick teaser video of the material Jarrod and Joe helped create and started to get a buzz going about the band again.
Enter in Dre Lacey. Dre saw the teaser and immediately wanted in. Dre learned 2 songs by ear as close as he could to be prepared for an audition, and that was pretty much all she wrote. Once Dre came in with determination and preparation Mike and Gary both knew this was the guy, but as they had been bit in the past by quick decisions they made Dre sweat it out for a few practices before officially inviting him. Sorry Dre, but it all came together in the end. Dre brought to the band a new ear and a new attitude to things. As a professional DJ on the side Dre hears things that the rest of the band doesn’t necessarily catch right away and that does wonders for tightening the music, and “locking in” as Dre would say.
Enter in Brandon Phinney. Brandon saw the teaser video and had approached the band previously but the timing didn’t work out. He then later saw that the band still needed a vocalist and couldn’t believe that one hadn’t been found yet. So he jumped at the opportunity this time to come audition. Once Brandon showed up and opened his mouth everyone in the room looked at each other and said woah. So much raw talent that could be molded we all saw it. Again no quick decisions was a staple of the band from our past experiences. We had Brandon come several times before officially inviting him into the fold. Brandon’s raw ability to create sounds with his voice is very impressive and what’s even more impressive is his ability to take instruction and mold it into what you hear now.... well not yet but soon!!
The next thing that happened could have broke the band but it just shows how dedicated the individuals in the band are to the music and how powerful it is. Gary was sent away for work for 6 months pretty much immediately upon Brandon joining the band. I think it was maybe 4 practices with Brandon before Gary left for half a year.
The band kept working and tightening the music and molding it into what it has become. The band easily could have imploded right then, but it didn’t. This is the tale of the band Shrouded Luminosity and this is who we are. A group of musicians who all got together to play something that none of us would normally play, save Mike. What it has become is an amalgamation of many genre’s into one Epic band that we all know people will enjoy.
With that being said, keep your eyes and ears open because we are coming, and you better be ready!"

toggletoggle post by boblovesmusic   at May 22,2020 9:08am
That writeup is almost Saint to Sinner level

toggletoggle post by RTTPIsGay at May 30,2020 11:46am
You guys care way too much about someone who hasn't posted here in years and isn't involved in politics anymore. If you want to suck his dick, just ask him directly.

toggletoggle post by The above guy is him at May 30,2020 12:16pm

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 30,2020 2:14pm
A hahaha.

toggletoggle post by boblovesmusic   at May 31,2020 7:59pm
Honestly I’m laughing at the ridiculousness of the write up. Brandon Phinney being in this doesn’t add or subtract from me laughing at it.

toggletoggle post by susurrate at May 31,2020 8:05pm
boblovesmusic said[orig][quote]
Honestly I’m laughing at the ridiculousness of the write up. Brandon Phinney being in this doesn’t add or subtract from me laughing at it.


toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 1,2020 12:16am
I wonder what trend he jumped on now. It's going to be cool to never see this band since no one will book a band with phinney in it.

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