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returntothepit >> discuss >> Pray For Death Fest III by butcher69 on Jan 19,2015 3:09am
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toggletoggle post by butcher69 at Jan 19,2015 3:09am
Who is going to Pray For Death Fest III!!!

toggletoggle post by AUTOPSY_666   at Jan 19,2015 5:41am

toggletoggle post by WHEELS CTDM/OOtW at Jan 19,2015 9:00am
I am, as long as it's handicap accessible!

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 19,2015 9:22am
I don't see anything about this arduous drive. Wait, am I supposed to log out and post as benjamin netanyahu?

toggletoggle post by Benjamin Notloggedinhu at Jan 19,2015 10:11am
Shutup nonjewgget

toggletoggle post by THE ORDER OF DICK WOLF at Jan 19,2015 12:26pm
I can see it now, girl turns up dead behind Cherry St. And what does Dr. Warner find when she examines the victim's body? Several synthetic fibers in her cervix. Fibers used in the production of flexfits. Benson and Stabler pay a visit to the local flexfit distributor, who while filing paper work nonchalantly tells the detectives that the last guy to come in and order black flexfits was some bald creep with a beard who wanted scribbled gibberish all over the hats. He hands over the creep's last known address, which turns out to be his grandmother's foreclosed home. Benson and Stabler catch the suspect moving his CD collection of the building and bring him in for questioning. On his phone? Pictures of the victim he forced himself into to make it look like women actually wanted to be around him. Just then Fin comes around from behind the building with an evidence bag with an Anoxia flexfit in it.


toggletoggle post by Fart Sound at Jan 19,2015 1:54pm
The Urinal Deodorizer Discs are playing AND Pathos Records will have a table?

toggletoggle post by surprise at Jan 19,2015 2:14pm
making fun of UDD after they make fun of you is weak.

toggletoggle post by UDD Boots at Jan 19,2015 2:41pm

toggletoggle post by top hat at Jan 22,2015 7:23am

toggletoggle post by 8-bit MC Hammer at Jan 22,2015 9:02am

toggletoggle post by bottom hat at Jan 22,2015 11:11am

toggletoggle post by bottom hat at Jan 22,2015 1:06pm

toggletoggle post by Middle Hat at Jan 22,2015 2:22pm
Josh Desroisers sucks Scott Stapp's dick and dines on his shitballs.

toggletoggle post by Bungtrollio at Jan 22,2015 2:32pm
^ backed

toggletoggle post by Sacreligion at Aug 4,2015 3:08pm

Good times had by all except when we play.

toggletoggle post by Rttp department of fests at Aug 4,2015 4:43pm
This same weekend the NYDM fest in Providence has Misery Index. Death To False Metal fest also in Connecticut has Whiplash. Pray for death fest has Dumpster Fire. That 100% sums it up.

toggletoggle post by Sacreligion at Aug 4,2015 7:11pm

toggletoggle post by LindaRuby at Sep 10,2018 4:00am

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Oct 31,2018 6:52am
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