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returntothepit >> discuss >> Ghost B.C. now selling dildos and buttplugs to adoring fans by Alx_Casket on Apr 26,2013 2:19pm
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toggletoggle post by Alx_Casket  at Apr 26,2013 2:19pm

I couldn't give a shit, but I know some of you swoon over these Swedes. May their retail endeavors finally bring some long-awaited pleasure to some fans.
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 26,2013 2:24pm
their agenda is clear

toggletoggle post by goatrider  at Apr 26,2013 2:36pm edited Apr 26,2013 2:38pm
That pussy of a singer's stupid hat already looks like a dong. Why did they have to include his whole head? Egotistical neckbeards.


No pyro no care.

toggletoggle post by narkybark   at Apr 26,2013 2:41pm
It would explain all the moaning coming from the stage

toggletoggle post by Gene Simmons at Apr 26,2013 2:50pm
Dildo with my face on it, hmm. KISS buttplugs, hmm.

toggletoggle post by goatcatalyst   at Apr 26,2013 2:55pm
When comes the Phyllis Diller picture disc? Those turds went full Scooby-Doo

toggletoggle post by fixxxed at Apr 26,2013 3:16pm
goatcatalyst said[orig][quote]
Those turds went full Scooby-DOOM

Fixxxed for her pleasure!

toggletoggle post by AndrewBastard  at Apr 26,2013 3:16pm
i know its old news, but whats the deal with the B.C. addition to their name?

toggletoggle post by BBoANP at Apr 26,2013 3:29pm
Copyright issue in the US but not elsewhere, some kinda shit like that.
Gay band, gayer fans, sorry I didn't think of it first, they're laughing all the way to the bank a'la Dreidel of Filth.

toggletoggle post by goatrider  at Apr 26,2013 4:11pm
BBoANP said[orig][quote]
Dreidel of Filth.

It's a nice pun but Mortiis is the J-O-O... Dani "Doobz Von Marley" Filth is a rastafarian of some type.

toggletoggle post by KEVORD  at Apr 29,2013 9:07am
Listened to the first few songs on the new album. I'm Sure the butt plug is less painfull and shitty.

toggletoggle post by goatcatalyst   at Apr 29,2013 9:56am
Nothing doom about this new one. Circus pederasty, maybe.


toggletoggle post by Happy Hipster at Apr 29,2013 11:29am
Album of the year so far. It is SO FUCKING GREAT!!!

This is what REAL metal should sound like!!!

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