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returntothepit >> discuss >> vocalist wanted by heimdall on Jun 28,2004 4:29pm
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toggletoggle post by heimdall  at Jun 28,2004 4:29pm
vocalist wanted male or female, for southern new hampshire band

for more details aim anubisxviireborn

or email

toggletoggle post by heimdall  at Jun 29,2004 12:50pm

toggletoggle post by heimdall  at Jul 1,2004 6:19pm
dam you all are there none in all of new england, this post is so open you could be a mallcore singer and try out!

toggletoggle post by ieatpeople4god back at the library at Jul 1,2004 6:51pm
do you have any music recorded or where do you practice? i live in so. nh and i am a vocalist i might be interested and you might be intersted in me if everything clicks. my email is "" drop me a line or post back on this thread and let me know whats up. i play keyboards and drums and sing in another band where we play chinese firedrill for different songs in our set, hope that's not a problem- we practice mondays and thursdays.

toggletoggle post by heimdall  at Jul 1,2004 7:27pm
ok good one reply, I sent an email out to you.

or if you feel better iming me its at the top

toggletoggle post by Dissector   at Jul 1,2004 7:33pm
You need more info, what kind of music do you guys play? You need to give the important details in order for people to reply.

toggletoggle post by heimdall  at Jul 1,2004 7:49pm
the whole point was to keep the details hidden till someone replied so that way they would not be scared off by details, for example if I said we played melodi death, some one might think hey this band probely sucks and just has random noise and calls it music.

I left it very open to get more replies

and to tell you what kind of music we play is very hard, its a type of metal, but very diverse, we all have different influences, one of our guitarists loves old metal, and classic guitarist like joe satriani,
the other one likes thrash
I like meldoic death, symphonic black, power metal, folk metal
my drummer loves power metal
our keyboardist...well he likes porn music, classical composers and alot of strange metal artist.

so technically I cant label us till we get a singer into the mix

but thus far we are a breed of metal that is part symphonic metal/power/ a little black and thrash influences , some folk metal

toggletoggle post by ieatpeople4god@ sexy lisa's house at Jul 2,2004 1:41am
I'll check that e-mail it sounds cool that yall are diverse, people with closed minds are hard to work with.

toggletoggle post by xmikex at Jul 2,2004 2:07am
im a singer. im available. but you're a fucking idiot.

toggletoggle post by heimdall  at Jul 2,2004 1:17pm
ah fa real mike I is an idiot well me thinks ill rub iceles together and make fire then me thinks ill put the scene "X's" in front on my name to be cool but not two x's thats so last year

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jul 2,2004 4:21pm
i'll come try out, IM me on AIM, dropdeadfred732

toggletoggle post by jens at Jul 3,2004 1:44am
alright I will if I see you on where is your city located to nashua,north west, or east? I have never heard of it

toggletoggle post by heimdall  at Jul 3,2004 10:38pm

toggletoggle post by Dissector   at Jul 3,2004 10:57pm
ieatpeople4god@ sexy lisa said:
people with closed minds are hard to work with.

Like me.

toggletoggle post by xmikex at Jul 3,2004 11:27pm
x's went out at least 3 years ago, shows what you know. have fun with your imaginary band.

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