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returntothepit >> discuss >> mitch mcconnell is one ugly mother fucker by saxby chambliss on Mar 25,2010 11:29pm
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toggletoggle post by saxby chambliss at Mar 25,2010 11:29pm
forget your politics - right, left, conservative, liberal, tea bagger - whatever. can't we all agree that this fucking guy is about the ugliest son of a bitch you've ever seen? i am sick of seeing this fucker's hideous face on my tv, computer screen and in newspapers. it makes me want to vomit.

toggletoggle post by goatcatalyst   at Mar 25,2010 11:33pm

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Mar 26,2010 10:08am
he looks like roger ebert in his current mandible-less state

toggletoggle post by punk potenza at Mar 26,2010 11:35am
he looks like one of the aliens from they live fuckin creepy bastard

toggletoggle post by SkinSandwich at Mar 26,2010 11:44am

toggletoggle post by Fix News Channel at Mar 26,2010 1:41pm
How un-American of you people, making fun of a man because of his looks. I bet Senator McConnell could get any woman he wants. Perhaps Linda Ronstadt or another popular music artist. He definitely does NOT look like a turtle, tortoise or terrapin.

toggletoggle post by Greta Van Susteren at Nov 2,2010 11:47am
This is nonsense, Mitch is so hot he makes my cunt wetter than an illegal alien's back!

toggletoggle post by BobNOMAAMRooney nli at Nov 2,2010 11:58am
He's a dead ringer for Mason Verger

toggletoggle post by FuckIsMySignature at Nov 2,2010 11:59am

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 2,2010 12:52pm
he's a turtle.

toggletoggle post by largefreakatzero at Nov 2,2010 12:54pm

toggletoggle post by Yeti at Nov 2,2010 12:56pm

toggletoggle post by brichard at Aug 6,2011 10:01am
I completely agree. Sometimes I can't tell if McConnell has teeth. It's amazing that, for someone who runs his mouth so much, you can never see his teeth.

toggletoggle post by thuringwethil at Aug 6,2011 11:17am
haha the guy's accent too. His voice sounds like a butt trumpet

toggletoggle post by Aegathis  at Aug 6,2011 11:45am
FuckIsMySignature said[orig][quote]


toggletoggle post by ancient master at Aug 7,2011 1:48pm
i guess some reptilians are able to hide their true features less than others

toggletoggle post by demondave at Aug 7,2011 1:53pm

toggletoggle post by demondave at Aug 7,2011 1:54pm

toggletoggle post by ridahsofdizoom at Aug 7,2011 1:55pm

how about this butt plug, spray tans biggest investor

toggletoggle post by bristol palin's dank balloon knot at Aug 14,2012 3:40pm
you liberal scumbags disgust me!

toggletoggle post by Yeti at Aug 14,2012 5:18pm
bristol palin's dank balloon knot. there you have it folks.

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