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returntothepit >> discuss >> CATTLE DECAPITATION announces details of NEW ALBUM! Brand new MP3, album title, track listing & cover art! by the_reverend on Oct 31,2008 10:12pm
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 31,2008 10:12pm edited Oct 31,2008 10:15pm
CATTLE DECAPITATION announces details of NEW ALBUM! Brand new MP3, album title, track listing & cover art!

We’re FINALLY done with all the finishing touches of our new album and we feel we’ve finally done it! Sonically, the band has managed to finally capture and accentuate its live intensity that we’ve become known for and has created one hell of an album from start to epic finish! Conceptually, its misanthropy shall go unmatched. This is it, humans... ferocity at its finest.

The album is called “The Harvest Floor”, a title Travis has been kicking around in his head and working towards for the last 2 albums and will arrive as an enhanced CD and there will also be a picture disc LP version that comes with a giant poster! The actual title refers to the area of a slaughterhouse where the animal (of course in our case it always means the HUMAN) begins the agonizing process of death, usually done with a bolt to the forehead or a slice to the throat. “The Harvest Floor” is a fitting title for an album laden in gore and the anti-human metaphors and sentiments CATTLE DECAPITATION fans have grown to know and love.

Artwork by Wes Benscoter shows the outside of a large slaughterhouse/factory of doom and gloom with the general public being herded inside to meet their demise. The inside of the album layout reveals what’s really inside that slaughterhouse: our misanthropic heroes of GORE (not core) at another hard day of work! Combined with the amazing artwork and conceptually brutal layout, the CD version of The Harvest Floor also contains an enhanced portion which sports an I-pod ready documentary titled “Pandemic: The Damnation Epic – The Making of “The Harvest Floor” which, simply put, makes “The Harvest Floor” an apocalyptic multimedia epic!

Track Listing:
1. The Gardeners of Eden
2. A Body Farm
3. We are Horrible People
4. Tooth Enamel & Concrete
5. The Ripe Beneath the Rind
6. The Product Alive
7. In Axetasy
8. Into the Public Bath
9. The Harvest Floor
10. Regret & the Grave

No strangers to guest appearances, CATTLE DECAPITATION have enlisted some old friends for guest vocals including Ross Sewage (Impaled/Ludicra) and Dino Sommese (Dystopia/Asunder). The band is also very pleased to announce there is a special appearance by Jarboe (Swans), lending her beautifully haunting voice to the epic death dirge “The Harvest Floor”. Jackie Perez Gratz (Grayceon/Amber Asylum) graces a couple tracks with her electric cello and Los Angeles noisician John Wiese also lends his electronic/atmospheric expertise to the album further separating the band from the typical “cookie-cutter” approach applied all too often by today’s extreme acts.

The Harvest Floor shows a return to the engineering and production skills of Billy Anderson (Mr. Bungle, Melvins, Swans) with a combination of drum recording by Zach Ohren (All Shall Perish, Decrepit Birth) to create a modern but unique sound that is disturbingly pummeling. Holed up in Sharkbite studios in Oakland, CA for nearly a month away from the punishing light of day, CATTLE DECAPITATION hid in the depths and have sprouted new hell with the masterpiece that is… The Harvest Floor.
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Cattle Decapitation
Labels: Metalblade Records

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toggletoggle post by susurrate at Dec 24,2018 1:53pm
never cared for this band. had humanure when it came out and it was just ok.

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