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returntothepit >> discuss >> Patriots? by xanonymousx on Oct 20,2008 11:06pm
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toggletoggle post by xanonymousx at Oct 20,2008 11:06pm
Is this last year?

toggletoggle post by timma at Oct 20,2008 11:20pm
Rodney's done.


toggletoggle post by xmikex at Oct 21,2008 12:03am
Is Harrison officially done? The play didn't look that bad, but the look on his face made me think he knows that might be his last time on a football field. He might have torn a knee ligament.

I'm kind of worried about Sammy Morris though.

toggletoggle post by sacreligion at Oct 21,2008 1:23am
i was at band practice and heard it was 6-0 and didn't hear anything for a couple hours. got in the car and it was 41-7. i ain't complainin...i'm just surprised.

toggletoggle post by ConquerTheBaphomet  at Oct 21,2008 4:08am
I fell asleep and woke up for a few minutes, turned my TV on, saw the final score and my jaw dropped. I think this is the game the Patriots needed to wake up their offense. We could be seeing a turn around this season. 3 TD passes for Cassell!!

toggletoggle post by timma at Oct 21,2008 8:36am
Well it certainly helps that the Broncos run defense was completely absent, and their defense as a whole is decent at best. Turnovers, Cutler's hand, Bailey going down...don't get me wrong, I love the Pats, but they had a lot of things going their way last night.

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Oct 21,2008 9:12am
the pats had a lot of help from the broncos last night, but losing morris and harrison isn't going to be good.

toggletoggle post by SkinSandwich at Oct 21,2008 9:38am
Pats will finish 8-8

toggletoggle post by jere nli at Oct 21,2008 3:43pm
The broncos did indeed help quite a bit, but the playcalling was really good for cassell, screens, ton of run plays, bootlegs, anything to elimate the fact that cassell panics in the pocket. with that said, the defense was very opportunistic, and played hard as shit. I havent heard anything season ending on morris yet, is this the case? at any rate, cassell is learning more every week. if he gets it, this offense could yet be very explosive

toggletoggle post by aril at Oct 21,2008 3:46pm
no way, man. 8-8?
10-6, 11-5. have some faith! i witnessed the slaughter that the dolphins brought, and I still think they're going to be better than 8-8!!

toggletoggle post by timma at Oct 21,2008 3:47pm
That's a very, very big "if", jere.

toggletoggle post by sacreligion at Oct 21,2008 3:48pm
if they have a couple more wins like this i bet we'll see a much more confident and dominant matt cassel.

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