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returntothepit >> discuss >> WINNAAARRRR!! by ConquerTheBaphomet on Oct 17,2008 12:18am
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toggletoggle post by ConquerTheBaphomet  at Oct 17,2008 12:18am

FINALLY, Big Papi hit a home run.

Hopefully Beckett can get it together for game 6.

toggletoggle post by xmikex at Oct 17,2008 12:22am
FUCK YES. Carlos Pena is a disgrace. If/When the Sox come back to win this series, and if anybody in Tampa was awake/watching the game to remember it he'll go down in history as Tampa's Bill Buckner.

toggletoggle post by BobNOMAAMRooney nli at Oct 17,2008 12:27am
I prefer to use .7z

toggletoggle post by narkybark   at Oct 17,2008 12:30am
shit, I was not expecting this after not hearing anything after 7-0 in the sixth

toggletoggle post by larry david at Oct 17,2008 12:32am

anyone else think John Lester on his regular 5 days rest is a better choice!???!?!?!? why did tito just say in the press conference that hes staying with becket

toggletoggle post by ConquerTheBaphomet  at Oct 17,2008 12:53am
The first time Beckett pitched in this series, it was his first start in like 2 weeks. I'm not really surprised about his performance. I think in game 6 he'll be in better command because he's on a regular schedule now. We have a good chance.

toggletoggle post by BobNOMAAMRooney nli at Oct 17,2008 1:34am

toggletoggle post by Hungtableed at Oct 17,2008 1:58am
I care as much about baseball as I do the fate of child molesters, however, here's a good idea as to my night at work:

Co-worker: They're (Red Sox) done, fuckin all done they ain't makin it anywhere.
Me: Naah, they'll win tonight and come back and win it all.
Co-worker: No. They don't have it this year.
Me (after it was 7-0): You were sayin' they were gonna lose and that they were bums, but they will come back and win tonight and you all will be like "whooooooooooooohoooo, fahkin' saaaahx kid...gooin' all the waaay baby. pissaaah, guy"
Co-worker: Fuck that, they lost already, it's the 7th inning.

toggletoggle post by orgymf@work at Oct 17,2008 9:14am
i don't care about sports, but i do like the retarded lookin broad with the giant jugs

toggletoggle post by C.DEaD at Oct 17,2008 9:15am
orgymf@work said[orig][quote]
i don't care about sports, but i do like the retarded lookin broad with the giant jugs


toggletoggle post by aril at Oct 17,2008 9:46am
god damn that was close. when it was 7-0 I decided to put the Windir DVD in and start watching that to ease the pain; but 2 songs in I had a funny feeling about something and put the Sox back on. oh man, that was epic

toggletoggle post by FuckIsMySignature at Oct 17,2008 10:57am
one big ole WOW. that all i have to say. goddamn what a game.

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