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returntothepit >> discuss >> Celtics vs. Hawks by ConquerTheBaphomet on Apr 29,2008 1:01am
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toggletoggle post by ConquerTheBaphomet  at Apr 29,2008 1:01am
What a bogus series this is so far. How can the Celtics allow them to come back and make it tied 2-2? Celtics defense needs to step up and take away Bibby on the perimeter.


toggletoggle post by FuckIsMySignature at Apr 29,2008 1:15am
whatever atlanta had there fun. lets seem them try to pull that shit on boston.

green or GTFO

toggletoggle post by antny at Apr 29,2008 1:18am
FuckIsMySignature said[orig][quote]
lets seem them try to pull that shit on boston.

Amen brotha. Bring on Game 5.

toggletoggle post by jAD at Apr 29,2008 4:02am
that was a great game to watch tho

toggletoggle post by corpus_colostomy at Apr 29,2008 8:36am
this is turning into a great series!! i love the bad blood...
don't worry about the C's, we will prevail; you don't roast the texas triangle twice in a regular season to come back and let it slip away to the lowly hawks in round 1.

toggletoggle post by aril at Apr 29,2008 9:57am
disappointed, but not worried. celts will win.
If they continue playing like that against the better teams though...

toggletoggle post by brad weymouth at Apr 29,2008 10:53am
the officials hate us

toggletoggle post by ZenErik   at Apr 29,2008 10:55am
Severely biased officiating in Atlanta. Bibby is pretty much fouling someone every second of the game, and the officials didn't do a thing.

toggletoggle post by urinal turd at Apr 29,2008 12:08pm
maybe the shot clock will go out in boston and we'll have tommy counting down for us.

toggletoggle post by aril at Apr 29,2008 12:11pm
celtics vs. lakers in the championship

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Apr 29,2008 12:13pm
aril said[orig][quote]
celtics vs. lakers in the championship
that's what i am hoping for. that would be so great.

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