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returntothepit >> discuss >> Draft Recap by xmikex on Apr 28,2008 11:05am
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toggletoggle post by xmikex at Apr 28,2008 11:05am
What's everyone think about the Pats draft day performance? I like Mayo. I like everything I've heard about him. I think it was a smart pick, and they didn't get over excited about the hype around Ellis, or Rivers. If this guy is as smart as everyone says he is, and he can put on some bulk he's gonna be a beast. Look at some of the highlights on youtube of this guy. He's really goddamn athletic. I've also heard good things about Wheatley at corner. I think he could develop nicely.

These black guys seem to be pretty impressed with the Mayo pick

"Belichick, I hate ya guts, I hate New England but you a hell of a muthafucka boy. You did it."

My other draft thoughts:
I thought Jacksonville gave up too much to get Derrick Harvey
The Jets can fucking have Vernon Gholston.
Matt Ryan is gonna have his work cut out for him in Atlanta.
Not like it's all that difficult to accomplish with the #1 overall pick, but I think the Dolphins did an exceptional job drafting, and the Parcells administration might actually put together a real football team

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Apr 28,2008 11:12am
i'm happy ryan went to atlanta. the falcons have always been my favorite non-hometown football team. i hope ryan turns into the great QB they are hoping for. that team needs something good to happen to it.

toggletoggle post by Dankill at Apr 28,2008 4:36pm
Mayo was a great pick and I think will become an impact player in short time.
The rest of picks are up in the air to me.
Personally, I was pissed on a few people they passed on in rounds two and three. (Dan Conner at Penn State! You let him slip!)

Otherwise, I agree with XmikeX across the board.

toggletoggle post by xmikex at Apr 29,2008 12:42am
I forgot all about Conner. That would have been a great pick. I think they were committed to drafting a corner in round 2 though.

toggletoggle post by BSV at Apr 29,2008 12:56am
oh man, I wanna kick it wit dem fat boys. nfl draft is definately the greatest draft to watch. but yeah, I have nothing to add. watched the habs vs. flyers tonight and then the celtics. watched the sox yesterday.

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