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returntothepit >> discuss >> holy faggotry, Batman! by thegreatspaldino on Apr 28,2008 6:40am
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toggletoggle post by thegreatspaldino   at Apr 28,2008 6:40am

just.... wow

i thought taking a dick in the ass while jacking two guys off and sucking a schlong was the gayest thing anyone could do... im ashamed to have found out that you can achieve a whole new level of faggotry. these guys have just reinvented gayness.

toggletoggle post by archaeon at Apr 28,2008 6:51am
I've been meaning to look through all the bands on that christian metalfest thing for lulz

toggletoggle post by Diarrhea_blumpkin nli at Apr 28,2008 6:59am
"move your body, move move your body"

this is horrible

toggletoggle post by Sacreligion at Apr 28,2008 9:12am
i don't know what's worse...the band or the fact that century media picked them up

toggletoggle post by This_Is_Heresy  at Apr 28,2008 9:37am
OK guys... now lets half ass growl "DO THE ROBOT!"

Fuck these guys, fuck christian metal, and fuck century media for this.

toggletoggle post by bradmann   at Apr 28,2008 10:37am
i couldn't listen to more than 40 seconds of that.

you know that feeling you get when you see someone do something so embarrassing that you yourself feel embarrassed? that just happened.

or maybe i was just really afraid of how embarrassed i would be if someone walked in right now.

toggletoggle post by BSV at Apr 28,2008 10:49am
wow, that's aweful. scream the prayer tour?? burn it down!

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Apr 28,2008 10:53am
i shut it off at the "wave your arms like you just don't care" part. i am going to pretend this band doesn't exist and never allow my ears to hear anything from them again.

toggletoggle post by DomesticTerror at Apr 28,2008 5:56pm
they're at the palladium july 10th. what say we go there and throw batteries at them?

toggletoggle post by SlyATNFAC   at Apr 28,2008 6:03pm
hahahahahaha i'm just going to listen to this and laugh all day.

toggletoggle post by thegreatspaldino   at Apr 28,2008 6:29pm
throw batteries? whatever happened to rotten fruit? that will fuck up their $90 designer girl jeans and their expensive faggot haircuts. might even make them puke.

toggletoggle post by FuckIsMySignature at Apr 28,2008 7:01pm
blood is thicker than puke. ... unless its puke with blood in it.

toggletoggle post by paul 2 at Apr 28,2008 7:11pm
this makes me very angry

toggletoggle post by Pires at Apr 28,2008 7:17pm
wow...i've heard bad music, but wow...just wow...i literally LOL'd when i read the "lyrics".
We came to rock your town
To show you what it's like to get down
So turn up, step up, move your body right, show us how it's done
Before we ride into the night

Rocking this hard never felt so good
So rock your body right like you know you should
Throw your hands up into the air
And wave them all around like you just don't care

Whoa keep move your bodies to the rhythm of the beat
Whoaaaa Keep your bodies moving, keep your bodies grooving

Move your body, move move your body
Schools out and its time to party
Move your body, move move your body
We got rock we don't need your money

Throw your hands up
And wave them like you just don't care
Do the robot
Like you were made with sylon hardware
Throw your hands up
And wave them like you just don't care
Do the robot
Come on let me see you throw your hands up in the air

Move to the music
Groove you can do it

man, now i'm on the 2nd song...jesus. h. christ. this is like still remains meets horse the band. not. good. yo. but i bet all the sweet tweens rock to this.

toggletoggle post by largefreakatzero at Apr 28,2008 9:39pm
This band is a good reason to never go to Canada.

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