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returntothepit >> discuss >> Sark Attack by RichHorror on Apr 15,2008 6:10pm
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toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at Apr 15,2008 6:10pm
The Channel Island Sark abolishes the last remaining feudal system in Europe.

Sark (French: Sercq; Sercquiais: Sèr) is a small island in the southwestern English Channel. It is one of the Channel Islands, and is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. It has a population of about 600. The island is a car-free zone where the only vehicles allowed are horse-drawn vehicles, bicycles, tractors, and battery-powered buggies or motorised bicycles for elderly or disabled people. Passengers and goods arriving by ferry from Guernsey are transported from the wharf by tractor-pulled vehicles. Sark's main industries are tourism, crafts and finance. Sark has an area of two square miles. Sark was the last European territory to abolish what some called classic feudalism.

Among the old laws of the Channel Islands is the old Norman custom of the Clameur de Haro. Using this legal device, a person can obtain immediate cessation of any action he considers to be an infringement of his rights. At the scene, he must, in front of witnesses, recite the Lord's Prayer in French and cry out "Haro, Haro, Haro! À mon aide mon Prince, on me fait tort!" ("Haro, Haro, Haro! To my aid, my Prince! One does me wrong!") It should then be registered with the Greffe Office within 24 hours. All actions against the person must then cease until the matter is heard by the Court. The last Clameur recorded on Sark was raised in June 1970 to prevent the construction of a garden wall.

toggletoggle post by FuckIsMySignature at Apr 15,2008 6:11pm
i know a kid nicknamed "Sark". he's a fuckin asshole.

toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at Apr 15,2008 6:11pm
Now you know why.

toggletoggle post by FuckIsMySignature at Apr 15,2008 6:46pm
and knowing is half the battle.

...the other half is killing.

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