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returntothepit >> discuss >> Anyone own a Salt Water fishtank? by Kinslayer on Apr 14,2008 1:56pm
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toggletoggle post by Kinslayer at Apr 14,2008 1:56pm
For some reason my neice bought me a 15 gallon aquarium for my birthday yesterday...

Its got the lights, filter and all the doo dads you need to get started but I'm not sure if I can have it be salt water or not...

I want hermit crabs and star fish and shit in there...a nice, cold east coast style salt water tank.

How do you get salt water to refill/clean the tank aside from making treks to the ocean?
Do you need a special filter? Is it THAT much harder/more expensive? Do they sell salt you can just add to tap water or do I need actual ocean water?

I'm not looking to have some ill coral and tropical fish tank with eels and neon fish (though that would be sick)...I just want a simple salt water tank.

Any help!?


toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 14,2008 2:39pm
I was just thinking about this. 15 gallons is sort of small for salt.
Most tanks like what you want need to be cooled since most tanks will adjust slowly to room temp.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 14,2008 2:41pm

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 14,2008 2:41pm
I have a 48 gallon tank that I'm not doing anything with and I'm seriously thinking about a salt water tank for it. I'm looking for a cabinet and lighting hood.

toggletoggle post by Kinslayer at Apr 14,2008 2:48pm
I'm not looking for reef tanks...I know a few people with those and it's too much work.

I just want a small, take with a few fish, star fish and crabs. Nothing fancy.

Whatever, I'll just talk to the dude at the pet store.

toggletoggle post by cav nli at Apr 14,2008 2:50pm
my dad actually tried to do this a few years ago before he started an actual salt water tank.

pretty much what happens is...

A. if you use regular water and add the salt like you would for a normal salt water tank and then get fish from the ocean they will all die within a few days.

B. if you get water from the ocean the fish will live but the water will quickly become so dirty that you cant even see into the tank. the filters they sell for salt water fish tanks arent really strong enough to deal with all the crap thats in regular ocean water. but you can keep the tank going if your willing to completely change the water say twice or three times a week.

my recommendation to you would be to just start a regular salt water tank and get tropical fish, you can still get tropical starfish and eels as well. its a lot better off.

also keep in mind i live in bristol RI where right down the way from Fall River so maybe if you live near a really clean beach you might have a better chance at getting some really clean and clear natural salt water.

toggletoggle post by Kinslayer at Apr 14,2008 3:08pm
You can buy salt water kits that you just add to tap water to make it 'salt water'...and I wouldnt take fish from the ocean, I'd buy the salt water kit and the fish and crabs etc from the same pet store...

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 14,2008 3:21pm edited Apr 14,2008 3:22pm
I live 4 minutes from the rocky beaches of NH. I'm so tempted to just grab a butt load of water and bring it home. my filter is not a salt water filter though. I'm probably just going to buy a top and stand and set up something like maggot (atnfac) has with plants, etc... very interested in that. Since I tried to clean a fish tank with clorox when I was like 3, I have never had a successful plain fish tank.

toggletoggle post by alexc  at Apr 14,2008 4:23pm
this is entirely possible. i have had two reef tanks that were under twenty gallons, currently i have a 3 gallon.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 14,2008 4:34pm
what sort of a filter on it?

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