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returntothepit >> discuss >> Wood's unemployed, recording an album, going back to college sale! by Wood on Dec 4,2007 4:47pm
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toggletoggle post by Wood at Dec 4,2007 4:47pm
Hey Rev, I still read the forums, I did cut my hair, and I still have shit to sell.

I'm broke, hungry, and need money.

Here is an overview, but more details can be found here:

5 pc. Peavey Radial Pro 1000, Red, great condition, bought new $2500.00 selling for only $800.00

Sonor Giant Step Middle Pedal, New parts, Great condition, Sells new for over $1200.00. Selling mine for only $400.00

Yamaha DTXpress electronic drum kit, everything included Brain, cables, book. I'm adding in an Iron cobra double pedal, thrown, extra cym. pads and clamps. Bought new for $1000.00 selling with all the extra stuff for only $400.00!


toggletoggle post by Wood at Dec 5,2007 7:53am

toggletoggle post by brian_dc  at Dec 5,2007 8:00am
I'll take it all for a hug...


toggletoggle post by ArrowHead likes Ellios Pizza at Dec 5,2007 12:04pm
How many cymbal pads are you selling with the yamaha kit? Also, are the triggers velocity sensitive?

toggletoggle post by murkenstein  at Dec 5,2007 12:53pm
I want your electric kit, where are you located?

toggletoggle post by Wood at Dec 5,2007 1:58pm
All the triggers are velocity sensitive. One of the two cymbal pads in the picture is duel zone and the snare pad has 3 zones. 2 more cymbal pads and a "stick" with 2 trigger zones will also come with it. The kit currently lives in woonsocket, RI but I might move it to my practice space in Cranston RI (near the zoo) cause some people have been wanting to test it out.

toggletoggle post by Undies at Apr 26,2008 7:16am
Are you still looking to sell your Peavey?

toggletoggle post by Wood at Apr 28,2008 12:23pm
Yes both are still very much for sale. Some info and a bunch of pictures can be found here:

I'm located in Rhode Island.

toggletoggle post by josh_hates_you  at Apr 28,2008 3:37pm
That pedal does look neat. Would take some getting used to.

Does the set come with hardware or just shells?

toggletoggle post by Wood at Apr 28,2008 4:34pm
Just the shells, and RIMS, no stands or racks. As far as the pedal goes it feels like two single pedals. Regular double pedals are harder to get used to than this thing. Unless you count taking up less room on stage, comfortable symmetrical setups, and smooth fast double bass something you need to get used to? I did in all honesty. If I weren't broke and hungry, and my current workhorse kit only had one bass drum I'd still be using this pedal.

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