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returntothepit >> discuss >> Level-Plane Signs Bloody Panda by the_reverend on Dec 20,2006 11:17am
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 20,2006 11:17am
Diverse indie label Level-Plane proudly adds New York doom act Bloody
Panda to its ranks.

Driven by the mournful, melodic vocals of Japanese frontwoman Yoshiko
Ohara, Bloody Panda's transcendent sound finds its roots in the
dirge-like power of Swans, the amplifier-worshipping textures of
Earth, and the ethereal tension of Skepticism, as well as in various
traditional styles from around the globe. The band synthesizes its
esoteric influences into focused, powerful, anthemic songs, hailed by
Decibel Magazine as "Khanate-caliber doom metal" and by CMJ New Music
Monthly as "New York microtonal funeral doom".

Backing Ohara are guitarist Josh Rothenberger, bassist Bryan Camphire,
keyboardist Blake McDowell, and drummer Dan Weiss. Weiss' ongoing
work in the jazz and world music genres has earned him worldwide
acclaim; he has collaborated with such players as Mr. Bungle's Trevor
Dunn and has made his mark as a solo artist through his
critically-worshipped reinterpretation of traditional Indian tabla

Bloody Panda has been turning heads since 2003 with its live show --
an intense, theatrical experience in which band members perform in
executioner's hoods -- and, in that time, has shared stages with the
likes of Thrones, Akron/Family, Kayo Dot, Unearthly Trance, Wolf Eyes,
Mouth Of The Architect, Zombi, and Genghis Tron. Among the converted
is Eyehategod's Brian Patton, who witnessed the live spectacle and
personally invited the band to contribute a track to the Eyehategod
tribute album, "For The Sick" (out in January 2007 on Emetic Records,
with Bloody Panda's cover of "Anxiety Hangover".)

Bloody Panda can also be heard on a split EP with experimental act
Kayo Dot, out now on Holy Roar Records.

Bloody Panda's full-length debut will be released on Level-Plane in
April 2007. The album was recorded by Jason Marcucci (Flaming Lips,
White Stripes) and mastered by Sarah Register (Lou Reed, Calla). The
band will be touring in support of the album.

With Bloody Panda, Level-Plane adds a new twist to its ever-expanding
roster; Level-Plane has recently released works by such bands as
Oakland proto-metallers Saviours, Phoenix battle-thrashers Landmine
Marathon, and LA cinema-grinders Graf Orlock.
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Bloody Panda

toggletoggle post by W3 nli at Dec 20,2006 11:38am

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