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returntothepit >> discuss >> Stuff for sale: T-shirts and Unused Auto Tools by MarkFuckingRichards on Nov 6,2006 3:30pm
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toggletoggle post by MarkFuckingRichards  at Nov 6,2006 3:30pm edited Nov 6,2006 4:45pm
My dad used to own a Matco Tools Franchise, and has some unused tools and accessories that he needs to get rid of. I know it's probably a long shot trying to sell this stuff on here, but it's worth a try. If you or anyone you know may need anything listed below, PLEASE get in touch with me here, or email me at, or IM me at "meamogre" if you happen to catch me on AIM. Any additional information or pictures available upon request. I've listed the retail cost as well as how much it cost my dad to buy; there are no set prices for these, so make an offer!!!

My dad used to own a Matco Tools Franchise, and has a bunch of unused tools and accessories from the business laying around. I've listed the retail price and the cost to him, but there is no set price for anything. These are just for reference. MAKE AN OFFER!!! More info/photos available upon request.

-Matco Pro Enhanced Scan Tool (model number MD2001A)
Suggested retail price is $711.60, cost to him was $565.22.
Retail: $40.55; Cost: $21.25
-Matco Pit Boots, size 10, Black w/Red
Retail: $89.95; Cost: Unknown
-Redback 100% Austrailian Boots, size 10, Black
Retail: $135.00; Cost: $94.50
-Matco Visual Voltage Test Light (model number MD20ZE); Incandescent w/ Convertible Probe Tip
Retail: $43.95; Cost: Unknown
-Matco 7 Pin Connector Cleaning Brush (6 available); Removes corrosion on both sides of 7 pin connectors.
Retail: $10.00; Cost: Unknown
-Matco Automotive Air Tools: Ratchethead Replacement Kit (model number MT 1825B-RHK)
Retail: $30.35; Cost: $20.54
-OTC Chrysler Fuel Injection Fitting (model number 7902)
Retail: $41.95; Cost: $31.46
-Matco Inflatable Dent Remover (IDR) LT800
Retail: $83.95; Cost:: Unknown
-Miller Special Tools: Torx Bit Set (model number C-4794-B)
Retail: $135.47; Cost: $108.38
-Matco Airline MIF-12; Size: 1/22; Red. Pressure Range: 250
Retail: $54.25; Cost: $25.90
-Matco MT1873 1/4" Angle Die Grinder (90 Degree Angle Head)
Retail: $138.95; Cost: $86.76
-Matco Orbital Sander (model number MT1864)
Retail: $144.95; Cost: $102.86
-Matco 3" Mini DA Sander (model number MT1779)
Retail: $132.55; Cost: $74.16
-Matco 3/8" Reversible Drill w/ Keyless Chuck (model number MT1789K)
Retail: $236.60; Cost: $160.96
-Matco Straightline Sander (model number MT1768)
Retail: $183.50; Cost: $100.95
-Matco 8" DA Sander (model number MT1777)
Retail: $234.50; Cost: $171.46
-Matco's Redline HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun and Cup RL85
Retails: $161.95; Cost: $115.15

T-Shirts; all shirts are black and short sleeve:

-XL Bleeding Through: tattoo style drawing of Virgin Mary's decapitated head; 2 very tiny holes in armpits, slightly worn
-L Terminally Your Aborted Ghost: meat cleavers/teeth design
-M Terminally Your Aborted Ghost: logo design (2 available)
-XL Opeth: logo on front, band picture on back; slightly worn
-XL From A Second Story Window: naked lady by window, only available on one of their earlier tours; there is a 3/4" or so cut on the back of the shirt just under the collar.

buy my shit dammit!!!

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Nov 6,2006 5:09pm
that's awesome that your dad's tool franchise sold metal/hardcore shirts.

toggletoggle post by MarkFuckingRichards  at Nov 6,2006 7:45pm
well aren't you just a regular funny man, haha

i wish he sold metal and hardcore shirts. i would have been his chief advisor on that subject.

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Nov 6,2006 7:47pm
i'm a very funny man and everything kewl kewl else

toggletoggle post by MarkFuckingRichards  at Nov 6,2006 7:51pm
you are so kewl kewl fucking fuck everything else.

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Nov 6,2006 7:54pm
i want to chowe down on poop that is and date a hot hot man and everything else.

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Aug 6,2020 8:13am
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