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returntothepit >> discuss >> Dew Scented new CD, Flo back in band, and more side projects by the_reverend on Oct 8,2006 12:45pm
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 8,2006 12:45pm
It?s been a while you last heard from us, but we have been everything but lazy. In fact, we are in the final stages of completing the new album?s material to enter studios, so let?s get started with the news:

- New album recordings / Andy Sneap to mix:
We have 12 new songs completed and are working on some cool cover version idea for the upcoming album which will be released early 2007 via Nuclear Blast Records. Starting by the end of October, we will record with our friend Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio (God Dethroned, Obscenity, Mandrake, etc.) in Northern Germany and then we tapped Andy Sneap (Arch Enemy, Machine Head, Kreator,
Killswitch Engage, etc.) to mix and master the album at his Backstage Studios in England. The album is still not titled, so any good suggestions (you know the pattern!), please send it our way?

- Guitarist Flo officially back in the band:
As most of you will have witnessed on stages already, guitarist Flo Mueller (who wasn?t part of the recordings for ?Issue VI? and its first touring leg) is back in the band. Good news indeed. Him and Hendrik have been writing some killer material for this new album and we can?t wait for you to hear it. Our longtime friend and stand-in guitarist Marvin Vriesde (who played with D-S last year as replacement for Flo) is currently on the road with his main band Severe Torture
on a really long European tour with Polish death metal masters Vader, so go check those dates out at:

- Dew-Scented supporting Trivium on German dates:
Yes, that?s right: Dew-Scented is supporting American metal shooting stars Trivium on three club shows in Germany early December: 04.12. Munich, 06.12. Frankfurt and 09.12. Cologne. Additional support comes from Sweden?s Wolf. We are happy to team up with Trivium again at last - It has been a while, as (probably news to you) we first met Trivium some years back when they played their first ever show in Europe with us in Eindhoven / Holland on October 17th, 2003. Opening band that night was Prostitute Disfigurement. Time flies...

- D-S playing Greece for the first time:
We are proud to announce that Dew-Scented will be at last debuting on Greek stages. It?s long overdue to meet our fellow Thrashers in Greece, so we look forward to this great opportunity! See you soon at the following shows:

SA 24.02.2007 Athens (Greece) - An Club
SU 25.02.2007 Thessaloniki (Greece) - Mylos Club

More info:

- Guest appearances from D-S members, related side projects:
Some trivia for you:

- After vocalist Leif had already been featured with guest spots some years ago on the Night In Gales album ?Nailwork? and also on Holy Moses? ?Disorder Of The Order?, he entered studios with French extreme death metallers Benighted to leave some shouts on their ?Identisick? album. Check the band out at:

Also, he appears on the Lifeforce Records album ?Bloodred Salvation? by Fall Of Serenity. Check song samples out at:

- Bassplayer Alex has a new great death metal album out with his longterm band Obscenity via Armageddon Music. Check the band and album details for ?Where Sinners Bleed? out at:

- Guitarist Hendrik is appearing with some lead guitar stuff on the second Reckless Tide album ?Helleraser?, soon to be out on Armageddon Music as well. More info on our local buddies at:

- Of course, Marvin has a new cool album entitled ?Fall Of The Despised? out with Severe Torture ( on Earache Records and our buddy Reno Kiilerich (who played drums with us on the European tour with Nevermore last year) has a new Panzerchrist material out and most likely tons of other stuff going on.

More of this in the making ;-)

- Myspace:
As you might have noticed, we have an official myspace website going on at:
Please check it out, spread the word, become a friend, etc.

- All upcoming tourdates:
Here is an overview of all coming D-S tourdates. More to be announced soon:

DEW-SCENTED Live 2006:

Nov. 16 - Zürich, SWI @ Jugendkulturhaus Dynamo*
Nov. 17 - Graz, AUT @ Orpheum*
Nov. 18 - Bochum, GER @ Matrix / Brainchrusher Festival*
Nov. 19 - Hollfeld / Bayreuth GER @ Stadthalle*
Dec. 04 - München, GER @ Backstage**
Dec. 05 - Ludwigsburg, GER @ Rockfabrik***
Dec. 06 - Frankfurt, GER @ Batschkapp**
Dec. 07 - Hameln, GER @ Kulturzentrum Regenbogen***
Dec. 08 - Hannover, GER @ Faust / X-Mas Metal Meeting***
Dec. 09 - Köln, GER @ Live Music Hall**
Dec. 15 - Annaberg-Buchholz, GER @ Alte Brauerei
Dec. 16 - Freising, GER @ Lindenkeller

* with Noise Forest and Fallen Yggdrasil
** with Trivium and Wolf
*** with Wolf and more

DEW-SCENTED Live 2007:

Feb. 24 - Athens, GR @ An Club
Feb. 25 - Thessaloniki, GR @ Mylos Club

Dew-Scented Line-Up:
Leif Jensen - Vocals
Alexander Pahl - Bass
Flo Mueller - Guitars
Hendrik Bache - Guitars
Uwe Werning - Drums

Web Links:
Informational and Related Links

Dew Scented

toggletoggle post by vomitthesoul  at Oct 10,2006 9:48pm
I like Dew Scented 2nd and 3rd albums and thats it.But I HATE their choicr for a band name.WTF is it suposed to mean?

toggletoggle post by AUTOPSY_666   at Oct 10,2006 9:54pm
I think that it is one of the best band names ever, no one ever forgets it and people talk about it a lot since it's so unique.

Ever smell the wet grass when the sun is rising and the morning mist is clearing away? The smell of dew at dawn = DEW SCENTED.

I have been a fan since 1994 when I got their "Symbolization - 1993 demo".

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Oct 10,2006 9:59pm
those guys are good dudes.

toggletoggle post by ConquerTheBaphomet  at Oct 11,2006 1:38am

Good fucking thrash.

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