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returntothepit >> discuss >> Bogus Rendition zine update by BogusRendition on Jun 8,2006 12:46pm
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toggletoggle post by BogusRendition  at Jun 8,2006 12:46pm
Due to a combination of things (laziness being a big one) Bogus Rendition number 7 will probebly not be around until the middle of July.

The good news however, is that any BANDS OR LABELS LOOKING FOR REVIEWS, there is still time to submit any EPs, demos, full-legnths or what ever you've got. Please keep in mind that I will not go to any websites or myspace pages to review music. A physical copy must be sent through the mail.

There is no "official deadline," but as of right now I'd say that having stuff mailed out by the end of June would be good.

All contact info is below.

For those who don't know, Bogus Rendition is a crusty old DIY zine that focus's on extreme metal in it's ever so many forms, as well as traveling, riding freight trains and anything else that I decide to include.

As of right now, number 7 will STILL have live show reviews of: Nile w/ Hypocrisy/Soilent Green/ Raging Speedhorn/Decapitated and With Passion, Buried Inside, Opeth w/ Dark Tranquility, Kreator w/ Napalm Death, Six Feet Under w/ Job for a Cowboy/Sworn Enemy and Animosity, the Arizona Metal Devistation Fest with Deicide, Vital Remains (Glen on vox), Gorgasm and many more, Job for a Cowboy playing on 4th street in Tempe AZ, Cattle Decapitation w/ Baby Faced Assasins as well as Skinless with a bunch of others up at the Kave, an maybe, just maybe... Pelican.

There will also STILL be a huge section covering numerous trips riding freight trains all over the U$A and back, possibly a fairly large piece written by Owen Curtsinger on numerous travel stories throughout China, a few bizzare news articals, possibly some interviews, reviews of whatever music gets submitted and probebly a ton more.

Should be pretty rad...

Send any material for review to:

Justin Curtsinger/Bogus Rendition
25 Gooding's End
Yarmouth, ME

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