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returntothepit >> discuss >> BASS & VOCALS NEEDED!!!!! by ForNoneAndAll on May 17,2005 8:23am
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toggletoggle post by ForNoneAndAll at May 17,2005 8:23am
We are currently a 2 piece band looking for members. As of right now we are in serious need of a BASS PLAYER & VOCALIST (If you can do both that would be great, if you can sing and play guitar that would also be great). We are looking for someone with a dynamic range. No "creed type" vocals please. Ages 21-29 would be ideal. We have quite a few songs already and are constanly making more. We practice in Methuen, MA but I live in Quincy and could provide transportation if necessary. All we want to do is to make some real music, no bullshit, we just want to create something meaningful and fill that void that so many people are seeing in the music "industry" today. Most of our stuff is dark but very dynamic and emotional...we like to f@..k around with meter a bit, but nothing crazy...SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY PLEASE! We are looking for someone who wants to be a professional if the fates allow!! email me- or IM cerpintaxt666 PLEASE HAVE SOME OF YOUR STUFF AVAILABLE FOR US TO LISTEN TO!! you can hear us at or Some of our influences are:Opeth, Radiohead, Mars Volta, Beatles, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Tool, Perfect Circle, Bob Dylan, RATM, Weezer, Ben Folds, At the Gates, System of a Down, Soundgarden, AIC, The Who, Bad Religion, NOFX, Down, Pantera, Isis, Cave In, jazz in general, hip hop to some degree, classical music, video game music and much more...

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