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   le Reporte - Middle East (Cambridge, MA) [officially approved] [views 86993]

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The Middle East is Located at 472-480 Mass Ave in Central Sq at the corner of Brookline St and Mass Ave in Cambridge, Ma

From the Mass Pike/I-90
Take Brighton/Cambridge Exit off Mass Pike
After toll booth follow signs for Central Square Cambridge
Merge Onto River St.
Cross over Charles River and take River St into Central Square.
Right turn onto Mass Ave
The Middle East is three blocks down on right

From I-93/Storrow Drive
Storrow Drive West Exit off of 93
Take Mass Ave/Cambridge exit off Storrow (LEFT HAND EXIT)
Merge on to Mass Ave Bridge, cross bridge into Cambridge.
Pass M.I.T, Necco Factory and Shell Station.
Club is on left.

By T
Central Square stop on Red Line
Bus # 1,47,70,64,83,91
walk two blocks towards boston.
Club on right at corner of Mass Ave and Brookline St.
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:Aug 29,2006 11:47pm - post by the_reverend
upstairs, downstairs

and if you have an idea for something else email it
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