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New:: post by ProgMetalDrumr at Jul 31,2010 4:38am
Subject: what are you talking about?
my attitude, yeah everyone is talking shit to me for no reason..... i have a right to talk shit now because they all started it. but its bullshit, cause i never said anything first. im just defending myself. can i hear some of your music cause i dont see anything posted on your profile either. i can send you the music i have written but you would have get a piano or can you read music notation?

New:: post by ProgMetalDrumr at Jul 30,2010 11:41pm
Subject: reply
did my reply answer your questions?

Old:: post by motm at Feb 27,2008 7:50am
Subject: hey man
Hey ArrowHeadNLI this is Noah from merchants of the macabre. This is going to sound totally fucked up we need to first apologize and then set the record straight. Our so called friend Jay was supposed to do us a favor and try to find us a drummer on return to the pit unfortunately he is immature and belligerent. Not only did he give Martin and I bad names we probably lost the chance to find other musicians in or around our area. I hope his actions will not reflect on us as we are embarrassed by the entire ordeal. That being said we are sorry.

Old:: post by byrd at Feb 25,2008 2:48pm
Subject: hey bro
lets hear some of your tracks. I mean if we are gay sounding to I might just buy your brutal cd. I bet you dont even listen to metal. what a fag you are lol

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