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Joined: Oct 8, 2005
Last Updated: Nov 11, 2006
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This is what I think CBS, the producers of the Letterman show, the networks and governments fear the most - that one man free, expressing his own thoughts and point of view, might somehow inspire others to think for themselves and listen to that voice of reason inside them, and then perhaps, one by one we will awaken from this dream of lies and illusions that the world, the governments and their propaganda arm, the mainstream media, feeds us continuously over fifty-two channels, twenty-four hours a day.

What I realised was that they don't want the people to be awake. The elite ruling class wants us asleep so we'll remain a docile, apathetic herd of passive consumers and non-participants in the true agendas of our governments, which is to keep us separate and present an image of a world filled with unresolvable problems, that they, and only they, might somewhere, in the never-arriving future, may be able to solve. Just stay asleep, America. Keep watching television. Keep paying attention to the infinite witnesses of illusion we provide you over "Luciferís Dream Box". - Bill Hicks
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Guitarist currently looking for people to start a new band with, editor/photographer of
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User Comments
Old:: post by nailskill at Sep 24,2006 2:00pm
Subject: nailskill shot cd music
name josh

Old:: post by SACAPAPADOO at Jun 7,2006 7:30pm
Subject: dude
i love down and i got some bootlegs,you might have em cause i just got into the bootleg shisse...

Old:: post by HailTheLeaf at Mar 17,2006 11:38am
yep, pretty gay...won't have to deal with that anymore..ha, did you see the Ron Jeremy posts?

Old:: post by HailTheLeaf at Mar 17,2006 11:28am
Jun 28, 2003
@Berlin, NH

Apr 27, 2002
@Salvation Army (Berlin, nh)

they come up under "old events" on our band page here...fucked up eh? the Rev is switching the band page name now, so it'll go away soon

Old:: post by HailTheLeaf at Mar 17,2006 11:27am
ahh...they had 2 shows in NH in 2002-2003 that kept showing up as ours

Old:: post by HailTheLeaf at Mar 17,2006 11:21am
who did who play with? eh?

Old:: post by HailTheLeaf at Mar 17,2006 11:16am
no, I'm just gonna have to get the other car on the road ASAP, or have no ride...if I don't fix the exhaust in 2 days they'll suspend my registration, I got a thing from the cop...and I'm not wasting $400 on a new exhaust for a truck I won't even be driving soon..I'd rather put it into the new car

Old:: post by HailTheLeaf at Mar 17,2006 10:51am
heh, that other band Pinion, their old gigs even show up as ours on this site...

Old:: post by HailTheLeaf at Mar 17,2006 10:47am
I donno, read stuff...haha, go to our band thing on here and add yourself as a member.

they haven't changed the damn name on here yet...

Old:: post by F.A.C.E. at Mar 17,2006 10:25am

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