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  • :Cro-Mags
    post by the_reverend @ Apr 14,2024 5:27am  [link]
    Tonight was something special. Heilung bought out representation of our own local native populations. It's very cool how they merged together nature and symbolically. The pictures are slowly uploading due to a DDOS and Hack. Do yourself a favor and go see Heilung on Monday (4/15) in CT or some where else on their tour.

    (Also to the person trying to hack my site tonight, bless your heart).
    Apr 13, 2024 The Hanover Theatre & Conservatory for the Performing Arts (Worcester, MA)
    heilung - 2024-04-13
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    randomshots - 2024-04-13
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    post by the_reverend @ Apr 11,2024 2:08am  [link]
    I heard many people ask the same question at this show "wait, which cor-mags is this". Thankfully, it was the Harley version. The night ruled. You can check out the pictures or head to genos and catch the real cro-mags playing.
    Apr 10, 2024 Jewel Music Venue (Manchester, NH)
    burn_kit - 2024-04-10
    Burn Kit(207)
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    cromags - 2024-04-10
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    face_fist - 2024-04-10
    Face Fist(184)
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    hard_target - 2024-04-10
    Hard Target(207)
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    hate_still_burns - 2024-04-10
    Hate Still Burns(187)
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    randomshots - 2024-04-10
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    :Vio-lence - Eternal Nightmare!
    post by the_reverend @ Apr 6,2024 3:29am  [link]
    :Mortal Wound
    post by the_reverend @ Apr 5,2024 2:45am  [link]
    :WUNH Spring Fever 2024
    post by the_reverend @ Mar 28,2024 12:46am  [link]
    :Hulder tour
    post by the_reverend @ Mar 11,2024 1:06am  [link]
    :Moisturizer in Dover
    post by the_reverend @ Mar 2,2024 11:05pm  [link]
    :Mortician in Cambridge
    post by the_reverend @ Mar 2,2024 2:48am  [link]
    :Author and Punisher
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 24,2024 1:54am  [link]
    :Sacred Profane
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 12,2024 1:03am  [link]
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