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  • :The Cryptics 10th anniversary show
    post by the_reverend @ Aug 25,2018 11:46pm  [link]
    I had wanted to photoshop that picture, but my computer is bring a jerk. Anyhow, this show was great. I almost didn't go, but I'm glad that I did. It was over in under 4hrs and made me want to shoot more shows. I haven't shot a show since the deceased show last month. This had the vibe that I'm missing from my life. Yes it was at the DBH, but it had that basement show feeling to it that I love. As jonee says DIY or die.
    Aug 25, 2018 Dover Brickhouse (Dover, NH)
    jonee_earthquake_band - 2018-08-25
    Jonee Earthquake Band(109)
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    the_cryptics - 2018-08-25
    The Cryptics(225)
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    timeout_for_timmy - 2018-08-25
    Timeout For Timmy(76)
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    uncle_spudd - 2018-08-25
    Uncle Spudd(50)
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