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  • :Slapshot night 2
    post by the_reverend @ Mar 12,2023 3:11am  [link]
    I'm glad that I was able to get down to this year's slapshot weekend. See you guys there next year!
    Mar 11, 2023 Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
    crown_of_thornz - 2023-03-11
    Crown Of Thornz(138)
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    fools_game - 2023-03-11
    Fools Game(94)
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    neighborhood_shit - 2023-03-11
    Neighborhood Shit(103)
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    randomshots - 2023-03-11
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    risk - 2023-03-11
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    slapshot - 2023-03-11
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    :Stars and Stripes
    post by the_reverend @ Mar 11,2023 2:18am  [link]
    Day 1 of Slapshot weekend. I hope this one goes on without the COVID from last year.
    Mar 10, 2023 Sonia (Cambridge, MA)
    cinderblock - 2023-03-10
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    conservative_military_image - 2023-03-10
    Conservative Military Image(127)
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    randomshots - 2023-03-10
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    stars_and_stripes - 2023-03-10
    Stars And Stripes(233)
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    the_prowlers - 2023-03-10
    The Prowlers(111)
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    :COA in Concord
    post by the_reverend @ Mar 4,2023 12:18am  [link]
    :Gatekeeperjam No. 10
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 26,2023 1:44am  [link]
    :Gorilla Biscuits
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 25,2023 1:44am  [link]
    :Norma Jean in Cambridge
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 23,2023 2:44am  [link]
    :Pummel's Last show
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 19,2023 1:04am  [link]
    :The Chisel in Cambridge
    post by the_reverend @ Jan 15,2023 10:09pm  [link]
    :Tino Valpa (record release)
    post by the_reverend @ Jan 14,2023 10:46pm  [link]
    :High Command record release day 2
    post by the_reverend @ Dec 30,2022 2:16am  [link]
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