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  • :High Command, Red Death, Enforced, Wound Man
    post by the_reverend @ Jan 31,2020 2:41am  [link]
    great show!
    Jan 30, 2020 Ralph's (Worcester, MA)
    enforced - 2020-01-30
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    high_command - 2020-01-30
    High Command(131)
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    red_death - 2020-01-30
    Red Death(85)
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    wound_man - 2020-01-30
    Wound Man(72)
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    :Metal Thursday - Branch Davidians
    post by the_reverend @ Jan 17,2020 1:54am  [link]
    Almost all new bands at this show which ruled. All the bands sounded completely different. The best part was seeing an old friend after a decade and a half. Life's short and it was awesome catching up.
    Jan 16, 2020 Ralph's (Worcester, MA)
    branch_davidian - 2020-01-16
    Branch Davidian(107)
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    imipolex - 2020-01-16
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    plea_of_insanity - 2020-01-16
    Plea Of Insanity(59)
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    randomshots - 2020-01-16
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    wretched_inferno - 2020-01-16
    Wretched Inferno(88)
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    :Bandit in Boston
    post by the_reverend @ Dec 28,2019 1:43am  [link]
    :Integrity,All Out War, Enforced, Maniac at ONCE
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 16,2019 2:00am  [link]
    :Gatecreeper, Exhumed, Necrot, Judiciary at ONCE
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 14,2019 1:54am  [link]
    :King Diamond at the Palladium
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 9,2019 12:36am  [link]
    :Elvis room 20 anniversary Humpmuscle/scissorfight at the Dover Brick
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 31,2019 1:52am  [link]
    :Undeath and Genocide Pact
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 26,2019 8:45pm  [link]
    :Cryptodira and Johnny Booth
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 20,2019 1:28am  [link]
    :Cerebral Rot, Fetid
    post by the_reverend @ Sep 29,2019 3:54am  [link]
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    Opeth, Graveyard the Palladium (Worcester, MA)  
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    RIP Reed Mullin (Corrosion of Conformity) Jan 27, 2020 
    Sean Reinert (Cynic/Death/etc) has died Jan 25, 2020 
    BEDTIMEMAGIC "Pillow Talk" premiere at Decibel Nov 7, 2019 
    First BEDTIMEMAGIC single off of forthcoming LP Oct 9, 2019 
    RIP Pete Maturi (Swarm of the Lotus/Graven) Aug 27, 2019 
    EyeHateGod drummer stabbed/robbed in Mexico Jul 8, 2019 
    Dehumanized breaks up Jul 2, 2019 
    Death Before Dishonor announce new album May 20, 2019 
    Lamb of God guitars thieves found.. oof... May 15, 2019 
    CRYOSTASIUM - "Dystopiate" LP available Apr 18, 2019 
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