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  • :Speed/Haywire in Cambridge
    post by the_reverend @ Jul 21,2024 9:59pm  [link]
    Ending a marathon weekend of shows at the Middle East with flute-mosh pioneers, Speed. It was a matinee show and I Was home in time to walk my dogs. Great weekend all around.
    Jul 21, 2024 Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
    death_before_dishonor - 2024-07-21
    Death Before Dishonor(294)
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    haywire - 2024-07-21
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    jackal - 2024-07-21
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    risk - 2024-07-21
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    speed - 2024-07-21
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    :Have Heart in Boston 2024
    post by the_reverend @ Jul 21,2024 3:46am  [link]
    What an night for the books. That as insane. Pictures suck, but it was great getting to see new bands just killing in at a sold out crowd was awesome. New England is spoiled and I love it.
    You can check out a video of the end of the set here. Ig messed up the sound.

    If you want to catch speed again, they are playing tomorrow at 2pm at the Middle East. See you there.
    Jul 20, 2024 Roadrunner (Boston, MA)
    eye_for_an_eye - 2024-07-20
    Eye For An Eye(283)
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    gel - 2024-07-20
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    have_heart - 2024-07-20
    Have Heart(575)
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    initiate - 2024-07-20
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    randomshots - 2024-07-20
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    speed - 2024-07-20
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    wound_man - 2024-07-20
    Wound Man(127)
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    :Cognitive at Ralphs (outside)
    post by the_reverend @ Jul 20,2024 2:11am  [link]
    :High Command at Ralphs (outside)
    post by the_reverend @ Jul 13,2024 4:27am  [link]
    :Tomb Mold in Cambridge
    post by the_reverend @ Jul 7,2024 2:17am  [link]
    :Saetia back in Boston
    post by the_reverend @ Jun 23,2024 12:40am  [link]
    :Life's Torment in Dover
    post by the_reverend @ Jun 15,2024 11:50pm  [link]
    :The Hope Conspiracy comes back to us
    post by the_reverend @ Jun 8,2024 3:25am  [link]
    :The Red Chord in Braintree (night 2)
    post by the_reverend @ Jun 2,2024 4:33am  [link]
    :The Miles Between in New Bedford
    post by the_reverend @ Jun 2,2024 4:33am  [link]
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