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reviews 7/views 6238
The Haunted
"One Kill Wonder"

reviews 0/views 3974
trillion barnacle

reviews 0/views 4469
Terminally Your Aborted Ghost
"Inanimately Soundless MCD"
The Spew Records

Band Name
Record Label
taakenattesditChoose band from list20050
taakeover bjorian graaterwounded love records20024
TaakeNattesidwounded love records19980
Tapout"Answers Unquestioned"Blood in the Pit Records2003-06-280
Tears of Avarel Live at WUNHwunh studios2001-07-100
TeratismService for the damnedPathos productions2004-11-178
TeratismThe human animal preservedTorturemavens 1381999-05-124
Terminal Sound SysterRH-8SBRelapse20020
Terminal Youths/t LPTo Live A Lie2007-01-010
Terminal Youth/Fruit Saladsplit epMoo Cow Records2004-12-030
Terminally Your Aborted Ghostthe art of suicide as self expression2005-12-300
Terminally Your Aborted GhostInanimately Soundless MCDThe Spew Records2005-06-230
Terminally Your Aborted GhostPerscribing the Fractured Forms EPSick Machine Records2005-06-230
Terminally Your Aborted GhostSlowly Peeling The Flesh From The Inside Of A Folded HandMacarbe Momentos2005-04-190
terretron Live at WUNHwunh studios2001-03-190
Terror 2000Faster DisasterScarlet20020
TerrorizerWorld DownfallEarache Records19891
Testamentthe Formation of DamnationNuclear Blast20080
Testamentthe GatheringSpitfire19993
TestamentSings of Chaos: the Best ofAtlantic19970
TestamentSouls of BlackAtlantic19900
TestamentThe LegacyAtlantic19874
TexturesPolarsListenable Records2004-042
the acacia strain2009-01-230
The Acacia Strain3750Prosthetic2006-02-210
the acacia strain...and life is very longDevil's Head2003-01-068
The AIDS VirusWithout FaultOpen Arse Records2004-09-010
The Auburn SystemThe Auburn System EPFive Point Records2005-03-304
The Auburn SystemSelf Titled EPFive Point Records20050
the Automata Live at WUNHwunh studios2002-04-160
The AutomataThrough The Bandage Seeps a WhisperLife Sentence200211
The BindingS/TImagine It Records2005-05-240
The Black Dahlia Murder2005-10-29170
the black dahlia murdera cold blooded epitaph2004-10-240
the black dahlia murderunhallowedmetalblade20040
The Black Dahlia MurderUnhallowedMetal Blade2003-02-2416
the black dahlia murderUnhallowedMetal Blade20035
The BledPass the FlaskVagrant20020
The BledPass the FlaskVagrant20023
The Blinding LightThe Ascension AttemptDeathwish, Inc.2004-10-140
the blood brothers2004-11-250
the break in2005-08-300
the chariotEverything is Alive, Everything is Breathing, Nothing is Dead and Nothing is BleedingSolid State20054
the Classic Struggle2005-08-231
The CrownCrowned of TerrorMetal Blade20023
The CrownDeathrace KingMetal Blade20005
The CrownHell is HearMetal Blade19980
the departed2007-05-170
the devil wears prada2007-05-050
the doosh bags2009-01-250
the failsafe device2005-07-050
The FallenFront Toward EnemyMetal Blade2002-09-100
the farewell chapter2005-04-300
the finite2005-10-260
THE FREEZEgjhRise Records20070
THE FREEZEFreak ShowLost & Found19950
THE FREEZECrawling BlindLost & Found19920
THE FREEZEMisery Loves Companytaang19900
THE FREEZERabid ReactionModern Method19860
THE FREEZELand Of The LostModern Method19840
The GatheringIn Montion - DVDCentury Media2003-02-110
The Haunted2004-11-010
The HauntedCaught on Tape (DVD)Earache2003-03-110
The HauntedOne Kill WonderEarache2003-02-257
The HeavilstbdMetal Blade2003-03-250
The HeuristicThe Transylvania Lotteryself release2004-040
the Hidden Hand / Wooly MammothNight LettersMcCarthyism2004-07-040
the Hope ConspiracyEndnoteEqual Vision2002-09-171
the Hope ConspiracyCold BlueEqual Vision20000
The Irish FrontUniverseSiege Of Amida Records2008-10-140
the jonah veil2007-05-150
The KillingWhat is Yet to ComeEnd All2003-06-240
the last starfighter2004-08-300
The Last StarfighterFeeling Around In The Blood For My TeethGorgeous Wreck Productions2004-08-270
The LimitThe Youth Strike Back SessionsLimit Records: 022002-10-260
the message2006-03-220
the MistGattverlassenRepulse1997-010
the network2003-10-310
The Number Twelve Looks Like You2007-08-050
The Number Twelve Looks Like YouNuclear. Sad. Nuclear.Eyeball Records2005-06-072
The Number Twelve Looks Like YouAn Inch of Gold For An Inch of TimeEyeball Records2005-01-250
The Number Twelve Looks Like YouPut On Your Rosy Red GlassesBrutal Records2003-07-031
The Power & The GloryCall Me ArmageddonDEATHWISH INC2004-06-011
the PromiseBelieverDEATHWISH INC20020
the ramones2003-02-250
The Red ChordClientsMetal Blade2005-05-172
The Red ChordFused Together In Revolving DoorsRobotic Empire200221
the RiseSignal to a NoiseFerret20020
The SummonedIf Only Minds Could Paint Pictures(self-released)2011-11-130
The SummonedHarvestRespawn Records2008-06-250
The SummonedHarvestRespawn20080
The Taste of SilverThe Taste of Silver / Aganihm splitArgentum Decorum Est2005-040
The trouble2010-11-010
The WorstRaw RippinCordial Records2005-05-190
The:encliticself titledDeep Six Records20025
TherionLive in Midgard2003-01-280
theunder murderdnailskillPunktuation! Records2004-08-280
the_arkham_whiterelic radiation(self-released)2009-02-030
the_blackout Live at WUNHwunh studios2002-12-240
the_black_dahlia_murdernigger killingmetal blade2006-02-071
the_black_dahlia_murderMiasmaMetal Blade2005-06-1214
the_failsafe_device Live at WUNHwunh studios2002-11-191
the_freezeONE FALSE MOVEDr Strange19990
the_heuristicParapraxesBlack Box Records20050
the_miles_betweenWho We Are and What We WereSeventh Dagger Records2007-010
the_number_twelve_looks_like_youNuclear.Sad.NuclearEyeball records20050
the_proselyteThe Proselyte(self-released)20070
the_red_chordClientsMetal Blade 2005-05-172
the_summonedHarvestRespawn Records2008-060
the_taste_of_silverThe Taste of Silver / Raising Kubrick splitThird Sin Records / Argentum Decorum Est2005-11-260
This Is CrisisThe Whole Truth EPSkeletal Records2007-05-211
This Is CrisisAsk / InsurrectionSkeletal Records2007-04-161
This Is HellSundowningTrustkill Records2006-05-160
this moment2005-07-240
this moment\2005-07-240
ThorazineThe Day the Ash Blacked Out the Sun Deathgasm20040
Thorr's HammerDommedagsnattSouthern Lord19984
threat signal2008-04-250
Throes of DawnBinding of the Spiritworld war music20010
Throes of DawnDreams of the Black EarthWoodcut19981
Throes of DawnPakkasherraWoodcut19970
Throne of ChaosPervetigoCentury Media2003-02-250
Through The DisciplineNew 3-Song CD/EPtba2003-01-292
THROUGH THE DISCIPLINEThrough The Discipline New CD/EP 20030
THROUGH THE DISCIPLINE"Our Lady Of Death"**20013
through the eyes of the dead2005-11-070
Through The Eyes Of The DeadBloodLustnotsure20052
ThrowdownYou Don't Have To Be Blood To Be FamilyIndecision Records2001-01-3013
Throwing_ShrapnelBLACK !(self-released)2006-06-010
Throwing_ShrapnelEjaculating on the Face of GodDIY2005-03-250
ThyranehypnoticeCentury Media2003-07-170
ThyraneThe Spirit of RebellionSpinefarm20000
ThyraneSymphonies of InfernalityWoodcut19990
ThyraneBlack HarmonyWoodcut19980
TidesFrom SilenceTeenage Disco Bloodbath2006-03-160
Timescape ZeroTotal WarFeast of Hate and Fear1997/20020
Today is the Dayaxis of eden2007-09-190
Today is the Daysadness2004-12-200
Today Is The DayKiss The PigRelapse records2004-08-101
Today Is The DaySadness Will PrevailRelapse2002-09-0335
Today is the DayLive till you dieRelapse20002
Today is the DayIn The Eyes Of GodRelapse20008
Today is the DayTemple of the Morning StarRelapse19963
Today is the Days/eAmphetamine Reptile19967
TomahawkMit GasIpecac2003-05-060
tome of the unreplenished2015-02-260
Tool10,000 DaysVolcano2006-05-021
ToolLateralusVolcano II/Tool Dissectional200127
ToolSalival (CD/DVD set)Volcano II/Tool Dissectional20001
Torn ApartNothing is PermanentLife Sentence20025
Torn AsunderRecollectionsSpare Change Records2005-09-134
Totten Korpstharnheim:ati land-nhi ciclopean crypts of citadelsRepulse20013
TourniquetWhere Moth & Rust DestoryMetal Blade2003-03-250
Toxic Field MiceAlcohol PoisoningSpare Change Records2006-12-050
Toxic HolocaustEvil Never DiesNuclear War Now!20050
trillion barnacle2002-11-130
Triphammers/tLife Sentence20020
TriviumAscendancyroadrunner records20050
TriviumEmber to InfernoLifeforce Records20030
TsjuderDesert Northern HellSeason of mist20053
two the wounded2003-04-130
Type O- negativeSlow, deep and hardi'll look later...19931
TyrLandNapalm Records20080
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