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reviews 0/views 4408
The Last Starfighter
"Feeling Around In The Blood For My Teeth"
Gorgeous Wreck Productions

reviews 3/views 4125
"Desert Northern Hell"
Season of mist

reviews 0/views 4899
The Haunted
"Caught on Tape (DVD)"

Band Name
Record Label
taakenattesditChoose band from list20050
taakeover bjorian graaterwounded love records20024
TaakeNattesidwounded love records19980
Tapout"Answers Unquestioned"Blood in the Pit Records2003-06-280
Tears of Avarel Live at WUNHwunh studios2001-07-100
TeratismService for the damnedPathos productions2004-11-178
TeratismThe human animal preservedTorturemavens 1381999-05-124
Terminal Sound SysterRH-8SBRelapse20020
Terminal Youths/t LPTo Live A Lie2007-01-010
Terminal Youth/Fruit Saladsplit epMoo Cow Records2004-12-030
Terminally Your Aborted Ghostthe art of suicide as self expression2005-12-300
Terminally Your Aborted GhostInanimately Soundless MCDThe Spew Records2005-06-230
Terminally Your Aborted GhostPerscribing the Fractured Forms EPSick Machine Records2005-06-230
Terminally Your Aborted GhostSlowly Peeling The Flesh From The Inside Of A Folded HandMacarbe Momentos2005-04-190
terretron Live at WUNHwunh studios2001-03-190
Terror 2000Faster DisasterScarlet20020
TerrorizerWorld DownfallEarache Records19891
Testamentthe Formation of DamnationNuclear Blast20080
Testamentthe GatheringSpitfire19993
TestamentSings of Chaos: the Best ofAtlantic19970
TestamentSouls of BlackAtlantic19900
TestamentThe LegacyAtlantic19874
TexturesPolarsListenable Records2004-042
the acacia strain2009-01-230
The Acacia Strain3750Prosthetic2006-02-210
the acacia strain...and life is very longDevil's Head2003-01-068
The AIDS VirusWithout FaultOpen Arse Records2004-09-010
The Auburn SystemThe Auburn System EPFive Point Records2005-03-304
The Auburn SystemSelf Titled EPFive Point Records20050
the Automata Live at WUNHwunh studios2002-04-160
The AutomataThrough The Bandage Seeps a WhisperLife Sentence200211
The BindingS/TImagine It Records2005-05-240
The Black Dahlia Murder2005-10-29170
the black dahlia murdera cold blooded epitaph2004-10-240
the black dahlia murderunhallowedmetalblade20040
The Black Dahlia MurderUnhallowedMetal Blade2003-02-2416
the black dahlia murderUnhallowedMetal Blade20035
The BledPass the FlaskVagrant20020
The BledPass the FlaskVagrant20023
The Blinding LightThe Ascension AttemptDeathwish, Inc.2004-10-140
the blood brothers2004-11-250
the break in2005-08-300
the chariotEverything is Alive, Everything is Breathing, Nothing is Dead and Nothing is BleedingSolid State20054
the Classic Struggle2005-08-231
The CrownCrowned of TerrorMetal Blade20023
The CrownDeathrace KingMetal Blade20005
The CrownHell is HearMetal Blade19980
the departed2007-05-170
the devil wears prada2007-05-050
the doosh bags2009-01-250
the failsafe device2005-07-050
The FallenFront Toward EnemyMetal Blade2002-09-100
the farewell chapter2005-04-300
the finite2005-10-260
THE FREEZEgjhRise Records20070
THE FREEZEFreak ShowLost & Found19950
THE FREEZECrawling BlindLost & Found19920
THE FREEZEMisery Loves Companytaang19900
THE FREEZERabid ReactionModern Method19860
THE FREEZELand Of The LostModern Method19840
The GatheringIn Montion - DVDCentury Media2003-02-110
The Haunted2004-11-010
The HauntedCaught on Tape (DVD)Earache2003-03-110
The HauntedOne Kill WonderEarache2003-02-257
The HeavilstbdMetal Blade2003-03-250
The HeuristicThe Transylvania Lotteryself release2004-040
the Hidden Hand / Wooly MammothNight LettersMcCarthyism2004-07-040
the Hope ConspiracyEndnoteEqual Vision2002-09-171
the Hope ConspiracyCold BlueEqual Vision20000
The Irish FrontUniverseSiege Of Amida Records2008-10-140
the jonah veil2007-05-150
The KillingWhat is Yet to ComeEnd All2003-06-240
the last starfighter2004-08-300
The Last StarfighterFeeling Around In The Blood For My TeethGorgeous Wreck Productions2004-08-270
The LimitThe Youth Strike Back SessionsLimit Records: 022002-10-260
the message2006-03-220
the MistGattverlassenRepulse1997-010
the network2003-10-310
The Number Twelve Looks Like You2007-08-050
The Number Twelve Looks Like YouNuclear. Sad. Nuclear.Eyeball Records2005-06-072
The Number Twelve Looks Like YouAn Inch of Gold For An Inch of TimeEyeball Records2005-01-250
The Number Twelve Looks Like YouPut On Your Rosy Red GlassesBrutal Records2003-07-031
The Power & The GloryCall Me ArmageddonDEATHWISH INC2004-06-011
the PromiseBelieverDEATHWISH INC20020
the ramones2003-02-250
The Red ChordClientsMetal Blade2005-05-172
The Red ChordFused Together In Revolving DoorsRobotic Empire200221
the RiseSignal to a NoiseFerret20020
The SummonedIf Only Minds Could Paint Pictures(self-released)2011-11-130
The SummonedHarvestRespawn Records2008-06-250
The SummonedHarvestRespawn20080
The Taste of SilverThe Taste of Silver / Aganihm splitArgentum Decorum Est2005-040
The trouble2010-11-010
The WorstRaw RippinCordial Records2005-05-190
The:encliticself titledDeep Six Records20025
TherionLive in Midgard2003-01-280
theunder murderdnailskillPunktuation! Records2004-08-280
the_arkham_whiterelic radiation(self-released)2009-02-030
the_blackout Live at WUNHwunh studios2002-12-240
the_black_dahlia_murdernigger killingmetal blade2006-02-071
the_black_dahlia_murderMiasmaMetal Blade2005-06-1214
the_failsafe_device Live at WUNHwunh studios2002-11-191
the_freezeONE FALSE MOVEDr Strange19990
the_heuristicParapraxesBlack Box Records20050
the_miles_betweenWho We Are and What We WereSeventh Dagger Records2007-010
the_number_twelve_looks_like_youNuclear.Sad.NuclearEyeball records20050
the_proselyteThe Proselyte(self-released)20070
the_red_chordClientsMetal Blade 2005-05-172
the_summonedHarvestRespawn Records2008-060
the_taste_of_silverThe Taste of Silver / Raising Kubrick splitThird Sin Records / Argentum Decorum Est2005-11-260
This Is CrisisThe Whole Truth EPSkeletal Records2007-05-211
This Is CrisisAsk / InsurrectionSkeletal Records2007-04-161
This Is HellSundowningTrustkill Records2006-05-160
this moment2005-07-240
this moment\2005-07-240
ThorazineThe Day the Ash Blacked Out the Sun Deathgasm20040
Thorr's HammerDommedagsnattSouthern Lord19984
threat signal2008-04-250
Throes of DawnBinding of the Spiritworld war music20010
Throes of DawnDreams of the Black EarthWoodcut19981
Throes of DawnPakkasherraWoodcut19970
Throne of ChaosPervetigoCentury Media2003-02-250
Through The DisciplineNew 3-Song CD/EPtba2003-01-292
THROUGH THE DISCIPLINEThrough The Discipline New CD/EP 20030
THROUGH THE DISCIPLINE"Our Lady Of Death"**20013
through the eyes of the dead2005-11-070
Through The Eyes Of The DeadBloodLustnotsure20052
ThrowdownYou Don't Have To Be Blood To Be FamilyIndecision Records2001-01-3013
Throwing_ShrapnelBLACK !(self-released)2006-06-010
Throwing_ShrapnelEjaculating on the Face of GodDIY2005-03-250
ThyranehypnoticeCentury Media2003-07-170
ThyraneThe Spirit of RebellionSpinefarm20000
ThyraneSymphonies of InfernalityWoodcut19990
ThyraneBlack HarmonyWoodcut19980
TidesFrom SilenceTeenage Disco Bloodbath2006-03-160
Timescape ZeroTotal WarFeast of Hate and Fear1997/20020
Today is the Dayaxis of eden2007-09-190
Today is the Daysadness2004-12-200
Today Is The DayKiss The PigRelapse records2004-08-101
Today Is The DaySadness Will PrevailRelapse2002-09-0335
Today is the DayLive till you dieRelapse20002
Today is the DayIn The Eyes Of GodRelapse20008
Today is the DayTemple of the Morning StarRelapse19963
Today is the Days/eAmphetamine Reptile19967
TomahawkMit GasIpecac2003-05-060
tome of the unreplenished2015-02-260
Tool10,000 DaysVolcano2006-05-021
ToolLateralusVolcano II/Tool Dissectional200127
ToolSalival (CD/DVD set)Volcano II/Tool Dissectional20001
Torn ApartNothing is PermanentLife Sentence20025
Torn AsunderRecollectionsSpare Change Records2005-09-134
Totten Korpstharnheim:ati land-nhi ciclopean crypts of citadelsRepulse20013
TourniquetWhere Moth & Rust DestoryMetal Blade2003-03-250
Toxic Field MiceAlcohol PoisoningSpare Change Records2006-12-050
Toxic HolocaustEvil Never DiesNuclear War Now!20050
trillion barnacle2002-11-130
Triphammers/tLife Sentence20020
TriviumAscendancyroadrunner records20050
TriviumEmber to InfernoLifeforce Records20030
TsjuderDesert Northern HellSeason of mist20053
two the wounded2003-04-130
Type O- negativeSlow, deep and hardi'll look later...19931
TyrLandNapalm Records20080
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