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Date Added: Jun 9, 2003 Reviews 9 Views 7916
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Band:Poison the Well [add link] [band profile
Title:you come before you
Label:trustkill [add link]
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Poison the Well

Poison the Well

Poison the Well

Poison the Well

Poison the Well
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:Jun 9,2003 9:02pm - post by the_reverend
ready kids? one... two... three... GO!

:Jun 17,2003 1:51am - post by thegreatspaldino

:Aug 12,2003 11:33pm - post by xtornrootsx at
this shit is definitely as gay as it gets.

:Aug 28,2003 11:04pm - post by mikedogg
If you're only argument is that it's gay, then just go listen to something else. Nobody wants to hear what you have to say anyway. Personally, I enjoyed it. It's easy to point our the difference between this work and an older work such as Opposite of December, but I haven't been able to rank one above the other. Opposite essentially defined a genre and was imitated countless times after it came out. You Come Before You was not what I expected from such a band. Sure the album might not be as constantly hardcore as their other stuff (I've even heard people say it reminds them of modern radio metal), but these quick descriptions don't do this album justice. After many listens, it's become one of my favorites of the summer. I've come to appreciate how complicated and detailed some of the songs are, while they still manage to be heavy and brutal throughout. If this was too much to read, I apologize. If it wasn't enough, I've got more I'd love to say. In closing: 4.5/5

:Sep 1,2003 3:05pm - post by taking_a_poop at
I hated almost every second of this album. Their label debut was amazing and their second wasn't as good, but still pretty decent. This album was their geek-out album. Almost every track consists of the standard 'verse-chorus-verse-breakdown-chorus' stereotype. The guitar lines sound like they are staight-outta 'Tear from the Red' which isn't too bad, but the drums and bass fell apart. The frenzied footwork that was on 'The Opposite of December' doesn't exist. In fact, you can barely hear the damn drums. And the new bassist they picked up is horrible. He uses distortion to mask the fact that he cannot play his instrument to save his life. The lyrics aren't as good as 'The Opposite of December' but are still decent. But Jeffrey seems to have lost his scream, which is a damn shame. In short... Forget this album. No, better yet buy a used copy of cd, throw away the disc, and stick a Remembering Never disc in there, and never open the booklet. Yeah, Remembering Never is an imitation act of PtW. But, and I'm sad to say this, they do it better than PtW does now.

:Nov 16,2003 8:41pm - post by mactaggart
this album while not up to the standard of the others is one kick ass album.and all you dickheads who hate ptw with your homophobic tendences i bet your some of those hardcore guys who are nothing but fake fuckin posers. quit the scene losers and go back to being the fashion conscious fucks that you are .i spouse you like new zealands shittest band the datsuns you fucks

:Nov 17,2003 6:38pm - post by Devin
PTW has certainly changed over the years. This album's more punk than anything they've done before, but that doesn't mean it's bad.

:Nov 19,2003 12:56am - post by torturekiller
this cd fucking sucks ass after tear from the red, I knew that they were going to suck even more.

:Jan 18,2004 4:30am - post by anonymous
Far out, some of you dudes are closed minded.

Listen again, to everything.

It's a fucking brilliant album, in my opinion.
Even if it does have a completely differnt sound from the first two, its still fucking good.

How sad, its harder to do a spin kick to. "music lovers".

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