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Date Added: Jan 16, 2003 Reviews 14 Views 8517
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Band:Poison the Well [add link] [band profile
Title:Opposite of December
Label:Trustkill [add link]
Tracks:01. 12/23/93
02. A Wish For Wings That Work
03. Artists Rendering of Me
04. Slice Paper Wrists
05. Nerdy
06. To Mandate Heaven
07. Not Within Arms Length
08. Mid Air Love Message
09. My Mirror No Longer Reflects
10. Sucking Dick Anthem
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Poison the Well

Poison the Well

Poison the Well

Poison the Well

Poison the Well
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:Mar 28,2003 6:43pm - post by cnate20 at
simply put---AMAZING! Every song is packed full of everything that makes Poison The Well as good as they are --- insanely loud and crunchy guitars, sick drum beats and rhythms, and intensely meaningful, soulful lyrics! Best song is probably "nerdy" or "slice paper wrists", but my fav is "artists rendering of me". Enjoy this awesome album! 10/10

:Apr 11,2003 12:56pm - post by MrWong
I definitely agree this is truly an amazing album....a masterpiece. If you like this you should try "Tear From The Red."

:Apr 11,2003 2:06pm - post by anonymous
Good, definitely, well-played and executed-- but if I want to listen to Meshuggah, I'll just listen to Meshuggah. They do a good job, and there are some unique elements in there, but for some reason I just couldn't get into this. Seemed hollow somehow, like they didn't fill enough space in the recording-- may be the fault of the production.

:May 13,2003 10:08pm - post by torturekiller
Best poison the well cd by far.With songs like nerdy and slice paper wrists, you have to love this cd!!!

:May 24,2003 12:48am - post by anonymous
One of my favorite cds of all time.

:Aug 28,2003 11:10pm - post by mikedogg
This is one of my favorites of all time. Every song is great. The drumming on this album is amazing, and never gets old. There's no way you could improve this cd without making it into something completely different. Best. 5/5

:Sep 15,2003 10:40pm - post by anonymous
chuggachuggachugg chuggachugg "its in my ass" chuggachuggachugg chuggachugg "its in my ass...." mallcore crap!!!!!!!

:Oct 21,2003 5:05pm - post by ArucardtheKiller
This is Poison the Well's BEST CD EVER!!! Oh yes, it is true. The highlight tracks are "Slice Paper Wrists", "Nerdy", and, my personal fav, "To Mandate Heaven". I can't say enough about PTW, except that THEY RULE!!

:Nov 14,2003 10:09pm - post by peaches
when my daughters dad and i were having troble....blah....blah ....blah this album helped me through the hard times.this cd kicks ass

:Jun 18,2005 3:11pm - post by U_mtherFckers_need_Jesus
Sucking Dick gay

:Jun 18,2005 3:47pm - post by __THeMoor__
man, you don't like anything, do you jesus?

this cd is awesome.

:Jun 26,2005 2:05pm - post by arch_enemy
not what I expected at all. I had heard a few of their songs from their latest effort, You Come Before You. Namely Ghostchant. That song made me wanna check these guys out. Instead of buying the new album, I bought the Opposite of December, since I had been hearing a lot of good things about it. I deffinitely think the vocalists scream is better now than it was on this album, and the singing as well. The vocals are the only thing that really erk me about this cd, but I can look past that. There are some good songs on here and some catchy parts. "I could... never... swallow your false ideals." The lyrics are written very nicely and the transitions into the acoustic parts are done masterfuly. Overall, a pretty good album.

:Jan 5,2007 8:27am - post by anonymous
fucking best band and the fucking best cd of all time!!! no questions asked

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