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Date Added: Aug 3, 2005 Reviews 2 Views 5600
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Band:Pillory [add link] [band profile
Title:No Lifeguard at the Gene Pool
Label:Unique Leader [add link]
Tracks:1. Glandular
2. Somewhere Between
3. The Morning Grind
4. Welflare Gun
5. Irritated as a Hangnail in a Fingerfuck
6. Nipples to Napalm
7. No Room for Retards
8. Siren
9. Dust
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:Aug 3,2005 9:34pm - post by attendmyrequiem
I caught this band's first show at the All Asia cafe after hearing a bunch of hype about them. There is no way anyone in the Boston area wouldn't know about a band with ex-members of Virulence and the drummer of Goratory. I was very impressed with how tight and technical they played and knew they would blow up in time. I caught a handful more of their shows and noticed their songs were continuing to get more technical and they were playing way better as a band.
I've been hearing demo tracks along the way, so I knew what to expect exactly. Technical death metal influenced grind. Much influence from Obscura-era Gorguts and Discordance Axis can be heard throughout this album. There are even riffs that you would expect to hear on a Dillinger Escape Plan album or even Cryptopsy can be heard while Darren blasts away precisely at his drums.
This album should definitely be picked up by anyone who liked Virulence. I would also recommend it to fans of Gorguts, Ion Dissonance, and Despiseed Icon. This is definitely an album any technical metal fan should have in their collection.

:Aug 14,2005 8:45am - post by anonymous
‘Sick’ is a term used quite often as a complimentary word describing a death metalband. What is mend exactly when hearing this is not clear to everyone, but that this debut disc qualifies for the term is a sure thing. Incredible, what violence! Without giving the listener a moment of rest nine musical bombardments are fired at you. The sometimes seemingly impossible succession of riffs, rhythms and roars challenges your open-mindedness and the overall intensity makes your nervous system work overtime. Put Ion Dissonance, Goratory, Cephalic Carnage and a pig in a blender of reinforced concrete and your metalshake will taste like Pillory. Surprisingly original the band sounds at the same time hardcore-ish energetically, hallucinating weird and mostly just hysterical maniacally. The vocals are done by no less than three band members and are truly amazing; it’ll surprise you what the human voice is capable of. I find it hard describing the music, but it’s sick for sure - as is the nice artwork including some merry babies. Albeit with this slightly different band in the family, the Unique Leader label again proves the righteousness of her name.'



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