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Date Added: Apr 4, 2005 Reviews 5 Views 5210
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Band:Perpetual Winter [add link] [band profile
Title:The Forlorn Passage
Label:HauntedGates [add link]
Categories:Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal
Tracks:1) Beyond The Dark Passage

2) Shrines of Gadianton

3) Thrones Of Pandemonium

4) Before Their Time
Reviews and Comments: (add review)
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:Apr 16,2005 12:57pm - post by anonymous

:Apr 16,2005 1:11pm - post by anonymous
Perpetual Winter's-"The Folorn Passage"- is a four song demo which could be their first EP is a CD that will take you on a journey into the cold woodlands of New England and there they will murder you.

I had the opporturnity of seeing this band live at Jarrods in MA and I was hesitant at first and thought they would suck-they kicked ass! After watching them I picked up one of their demos.

Beyond The Dark Passage which has to my favorite song on the demo grabs you by the throat and then rips you apart towards the end with the lyrics saying, "Don't You Know Your God Is Dead!!" The second song "Shrines of Gadianton" is slow and grim. "Thrones Of Pandemonium" is fast and can be heard on their website. Then the last song "Dying Young Before Their Time" blends slow and fast parts.

I saw that the Reverand of RTTP said that Perpetual Winter is a ATG's style band without the melodies part and are high energy. I can see now how they are similar to ATG's. I do wish though they had some guitar solos, but hey guitar solos are not for everyone. Perpetual Winter kick ass and I'm looking forward to seeing them again and hearing their full length whenever that comes out.

"The Forlorn Passage" will appeal to anyone that is into black metal, death metal, heavy metal, and hardcore. I'm going to be keeping my eyes on this band becaues they have potential and they may become the next ATG's for America...

:Apr 18,2005 5:55pm - post by anonymous
Perpetual Winter RULEZ!! They domiante all other metal bands! Buy this now!

:Apr 18,2005 7:41pm - post by anonymous
I am friends with the guys from Perpetual Winter, they are definetley taking the right direction with thier music, I have seen them practice hard and with passion and it pays off in the end. "The Forlorn Passage" is a great debut demo, it sounds like a well produced full album even though it is a demo. Check these guys out they are a diamond in the rough. My favortie track off the demo is "Thrones of Pandemonium" a great hell driven song, definetley their single. I couldn't compare these guys to anyone they are quite unique and have their own distinct style, Check them out now!

:May 11,2005 10:01am - post by anonymous
Awesome! Looking Forward To Seeing This Band Live!!

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