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Date Added: Oct 23, 2004 Reviews 3 Views 5713
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Band:Psyopus [add link] [band profile
Title:Ideas of Reference
Label:Black Market Activities [add link]
Categories:Tech Metal
Tracks:Mork and Mindy (daydream lover)
the White Light
Death, i...
the Long road to the 4th Dimension
Imogen's Puzzle
Bones to Dust
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:Oct 23,2004 10:43pm - post by the_taste_of_cigarettes
Perhaps the current apex of tech metal, PsyOpus really does a number with this release.

I must openly admit that when I first heard this CD, the guitar wizardry of Chris Arp really caught my attention first and foremost. Dually impressive was the consistancy of the rest of the band members in following such work.

For a while, the tehnicality really almost drove me away, however. The CD at times seemed to lag in that it was full of, well, a little too much complexity.

Now, though, after having seen them live several times and having the opportunity to go back and review the CD at this stage in the game, I must say I fully understand their approach to music now. This CD really shines once you see them present it in person -- and with only one guitar live, you really get a grasp at just how proficient not only Chris is, but how incredible everyone else is; Their personalities really come out on the stage, making their contributions that much clearer.

Not to be outshined is track 7 of the disc, a fantastic interlude reminiscent of old carnival songs. The hidden track at the end lags, but aside from that, this CD is very enjoyable.

If you haven't heard it yet, you're missing out on some of the greatest playing you've heard for drums, bass, and guitar in the past decade. The vocals are powerful and creative. Give this disc a spin!!!

:Oct 24,2004 1:26am - post by George
the guitar player is definetly one of the best guitarists in the country, and although this album is impressive, i find that i can't listen to it that often.
i do love tech metal, and these guys definetly take it to another level, but it's too much all the time i think.
also, i HATE the way this album is recorded. WAY too much compression, the whole cd sounds so flat. there's not much bass(big suprise), and it just sounds really really dull. DEFINETLY does not give their live show justice.
i think this is an important band, and one of the best out, but i'm still disapointed with their album

:Jan 8,2005 10:31pm - post by BornSoVile
amazing album. i'm not really into tech metal that much but this album has a great feel and flow to it. i always hear something new in it everytime i listen.

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by nick
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