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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1154 playlist up with 49216 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-11-18Cloak05 INTO THE STORMThe Burning DawnSeason Of Mist
2. 2019-06-03Pestifer08 - Riding the Storms of Hate MMXVIExecration DiatribesLavadome Productions
3. 2019-05-20Funeral GoatCalling Forth the StormMass ov PerversionDaemon Worship Prodroduction
4. 2019-05-13The KovenantFrom the Storm of ShadowsIn Times Before the Light (re-release)
5. 2019-05-13RazorEye of the StormViolent Restitution
6. 2018-12-17TYTUSThe Storm That Kill Us AllRain After DroughtFighter Records
7. 2018-11-19Quo VadisSilence Calls The StormDefiant Imagination
8. 2018-10-29Tengger CavalryIn The StormBlack Steed
9. 2018-10-01Kyprian's CircleKun puhui myrskyn henki (Speaking of the storm spirit)Noitatulen vartija (The wreath guard)Werewolf Records
10. 2018-05-14HellhammerThe Third Of The StormsDemon Entrails
11. 2018-01-15Colin of ArabiaEye of the Storm...Illegal Exhibitions of SpeedRock Vegas Records
12. 2017-12-11KaamosThe Storm of ComingKaamosCandlelight Records
13. 2016-03-14Averse SefiraWithering the StormBattle's Clarion
14. 2016-02-29fogthe Storm unholyThrough the Eyes of Night
15. 2015-09-28Cold Northern VengeanceEye Of The sTormMaelstrommoribund
16. 2015-06-08HammerfallRiders Of The StormOne Crimson Night (CD1)nuclearblast
17. 2014-11-10SaxonCalm Before The StormDestinyemi
18. 2014-09-29RiotThrough The StormThrough The Storm
19. 2014-08-18WolverineThe Storm InsideWindow Purposeearache
20. 2014-06-16Liege LordEye Of The StormMaster Controlmetalblade
21. 2014-03-24Liege LordEye Of The StormMaster Controlmetalblade
22. 2013-12-16Night To DieThe Storm Is ComingNon Omnis Moriar
23. 2013-08-12WolverineThe Storm InsideWindow Purposeearache
24. 2013-06-17Dew-ScentedThe StormInsurgentprosthetic
25. 2013-05-13Ablaze My SorrowRise Above the Storming SeaIf Emotion Still Burnsno_fashion
26. 2013-04-08AngelcorpseInto the Storm of SteelExterminateosmose
27. 2013-02-25NeaeraOurs Is The StormOurs Is The Stormmetalblade
28. 2013-02-18EmperorLord of the StormsScattered Ashes: A Dacade of Emperial Wrathcandlelight
29. 2013-02-18Obsidian TongueBecoming The StormVolume I: Subradiant Architecturedissociation
30. 2012-10-293 Inches of BloodLord of the Storm (Upon the Boiling Sea II)Advance And Vanquishroadrunner
31. 2011-11-28AngelcorpseIn the Storm of SteelExterminateosmose
32. 2011-04-04SepulturaFrom The Past Comes The StormSchizophreniaracercar
33. 2010-12-27ImmortalAt The Stormy Gates Of MistBattles in the Northosmose
34. 2010-12-27MortemiaThe Eye Of The StormMisere Mortemnapalm
35. 2010-12-27Fogthe Storm UnholyThrough the Eyes of Night
36. 2010-12-20Estuary of calamityUnheard In The StormThe Sentencingself-released
37. 2010-06-28DisfearLive the StormLive the Stormrelapse
38. 2010-03-08Colin of ArabiaEye of the StormIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
39. 2008-10-27Fuck the Factsthe StormDisgorge Mexicorelapse
40. 2008-07-21Fuck the Factsthe StormDisgorge Mexicorelapse
41. 2008-04-28DekapitatorEye of the Storm-earthscorcherBefore the Calmrelapse
42. 2008-03-10DisfearLive the StormLive the Stormrelapse
43. 2008-02-04Sworn EnemyWeather the StormManiacalcenturymedia
44. 2008-01-14BereavementEye of the Stormthe Advent of Lossself-released
45. 2007-12-31Ithe Storm I RideBetween Two Worldsnuclearblast
46. 2007-10-22SSSQuiet before the stormself-titledearache
47. 2007-10-08BereavementEye of the Stormthe Advent of Lossself-released
48. 2007-08-27Dekapitatorthe Storm before the CalmBefore the Calmrelapse
49. 2006-12-04ithe storm i ride
50. 2006-02-06in flamesreflect the storm
51. 2005-04-04Colin of Arabiaeye of the stormIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
52. 2005-01-17Colin of Arabiaeye of the stormIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
53. 2004-12-13the Autumn Offeringcalm after the storm
54. 2004-07-12heaven shall burnto hearvest the storm
55. 2004-07-05heaven shall burnto hearvest the storm
56. 2004-01-26Angelcorpseinto the storm of steel
57. 2004-01-05AngelcorpseInto the Storm of Steel
58. 2002-08-20KovenantFrom the Storm of Shadows
59. 2002-07-30Ablaze My SorrowRise Above the Storming SeaIf Emotion Still Burnsno_fashion
60. 2002-07-23Kaamosthe Storm of Coming
61. 2002-06-04KaamosThe Storm of Coming
62. 2001-06-19Averse SefiraWithering the Storm & Death Hymn
63. 2001-06-05AngelcorpseInto the Storm of Steel
64. 2001-05-08Fogthe Storm Unholy
65. 2000-07-10AngelcorpseIn the Storm of Steel
66. 1997-06-09BenedictionRiders of the Storm
67. 1997-05-19BenedictionRiders on the Storm
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