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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1145 playlist up with 48791 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-09-02WEEPING SORESTransfiguration Of Flesh Into DreamFalse ConfessionI, Voidhanger Records
2. 2019-05-20MerrimackSubcutaneous Infection (Of Flesh and Its Decay)Of Entropy and Life DenialMoribund Records
3. 2019-03-18BenumbFlesh for FleshWithering Strands of HopeRelapse Records
4. 2019-02-25ClitortureFlesh PollutionDisassembling the Human Form
5. 2019-02-04Withered EarthFrom Whence the Flesh We ConquerInto the Deepest WoundsOlympic
6. 2018-12-31UlcerrhoeaMaggots In Your Flesh [Dead Infection cover]Rise For The Downfall
7. 2018-12-03WAR TORN NATIONCoroners Macabre FleshfeastRotting In Pestilence
8. 2018-08-06HAEMORRHAGEFlesh-Devouring PandemiaHospital CarnageRelapse Records
9. 2018-07-16ReincarnationThe Way of All Flesh (MCD '95)Seed of Hate (MCD)Xtreem Music
10. 2018-07-02Conspiracy Of SilenceFlesh Burned BleckFacelessShiver Records
11. 2018-02-19KatalepsyCold Flesh CitadelAutopsychosisUnique Leader Records
12. 2017-11-27Macabre DemiseBraindead Flesh Eating BastardDead Eyes
13. 2017-09-18NECROFULGURATE02 Tape 1 - II Flesh ImpalementPutrid VeilCaverna Abismal Records
14. 2017-06-19DENOUNCEMENT PYREThe Flesh of thy MasterWorld CremationHells Headbangers Records
15. 2017-05-01MassmurderFleshfestSlaughtered for SnuffUnmatched Brutality
16. 2016-12-26VpaahsalbroxThe Flesh I Have Given You (vinyl)14 SovereignPale Horse Recordings
17. 2016-12-26InvertiaFleshless In Real TimeThe Biddings of TyrantsSelf-Released
18. 2016-08-22OmnizideRotting Flesh ParadeDeath Metal HolocaustCarnal Records
19. 2016-08-15The Red ShoreFlesh CoutureLost VersesStomp
20. 2016-02-15ACCIDENTAL SUICIDEFlesh ParadeDeceasedGrind Core
21. 2016-02-01Broken Hope10 The Flesh Mechanic RadioEditLive Disease at Brutal AssaultCentury Media Records
22. 2015-12-27Infera BruoProclamation II - The Silence EnfleshedIn ConjurationBindrune Recordings
23. 2015-12-21StigmaFlesh RitualWhen Midnight Strikes!Pivotal Rockordings
24. 2015-10-12FleshcutTexas Flesh EatersGruesome And Vile
25. 2015-08-17Bird fleshDeathgore Of The FleshmasterTime to Face Extinctioncivilisation
26. 2015-04-13TornadoFlesh Crawling NightmareBlack Presidentwormholedeath
27. 2014-10-27KarpOctoberfleshedself-titled epk
28. 2014-10-13GoatwhoreRazor Flesh DevouredCarving Out the Eyes of Godmetalblade
29. 2014-06-02VomitoryFlesh PassionTerrorize Brutalize Sodomizemetalblade
30. 2014-01-27Lizzy BordenFlesheaterThe Murderess Metal Road Showmetalblade
31. 2013-12-30Cold WorkerFlesh WorldThe Doomsayer's Callrelapse
32. 2013-09-23AutopsyFlesh Turns To DustThe Headless Ritualpeaceville
33. 2013-09-23Infected FleshAnd The Flesh Will Sink In The Sea Of PusThe Ascension Of The Abysmal Aberrationhecatombe
34. 2013-09-16FacebreakerZombie Flesh CultDedicated To The Fleshmetalblade
35. 2013-08-26AutopsyFlesh Turns To DustThe Headless Ritualpeaceville
36. 2013-08-12CastleumbraThe Flesh Beyond The UmbraCthulu Wgah'nagl FntagnNuclear Winter Records
37. 2013-07-08BattlecrossFlesh & BoneWar Of Willrelapse
38. 2013-06-24GengrenaFleshwarper Marionette (ft. Rot Screwrot from Morbid Crucifixion)The Zombie Survival Society
39. 2013-04-15Luna Ad NoctumFleshlessHypnotic Infernomassacre
40. 2013-03-25Denouncement PyreThe Flesh Of Thy MasterWorld Cremationhells_headbangers
41. 2013-01-14Denouncement PyreThe Flesh Of Thy MasterWorld Cremationhells_headbangers
42. 2012-09-24GraveFlesh EpistleEndless Procession Of Soulscenturymedia
43. 2012-08-27PorphyriaEnd, Flesh Divinityep 2005self-released
44. 2012-07-23Author & PunisherFlesh AntsUrsus Americanusseventh_rule
45. 2012-02-06Backstabbers IncFlesh Wounds, Target Practice, And How I Became A StatisticBroken Bonesblackmarket_activities
46. 2012-01-30GoreventFlesh Of The DeadAbnormal Exaggerationmacabre_mentos
47. 2011-09-19LeukorrheaFlesh Formed To ArtBreeding Salvationprimative
48. 2011-07-04Children Of The Dying SunFlesh CasketTo Welcome Deathself-released
49. 2011-03-07IncestuousFlesh EnslavementBrass Knuckle Abortionunited_gutteral
50. 2010-12-27VomitorFlesh For SatanDevil's Poisonhells_headbangers
51. 2010-12-20Children Of The Dying SunFlesh CasketTo Welcome Deathself-released
52. 2010-08-30King Of AsgardNever Will You Know Of Flesh AgainFi'mbulvintrmetalblade
53. 2010-08-09The Funeral PyreSeeking Flesh And BoneVultures At Dawnprosthetic
54. 2010-08-09Ares KingdomSilent Mortal Flesh (Convergence)Incendiarynuclear_war_now
55. 2010-07-26The Funeral PyreSeeking Flesh And BoneVultures At Dawnprosthetic
56. 2010-05-31ClitortureFlesh PollutionClitorture-Goreality Splitpathos
57. 2010-03-08Ares KingdomSilent Mortal Flesh (Convergence)Incendiarynuclear_war_now
58. 2010-01-04AutopsyFleshcrawl - Torn From the WombDead As Fucknecroharmonic
59. 2009-07-13BelialFleshless BodyDiabologygoregiastic
60. 2009-04-06Trap themDay Twenty: Flesh and BelowSeizure in Barren Praisedeathwishinc
61. 2008-07-28Supreme PainFlesh CollectorCadaver Pleasurescomatose
62. 2008-07-28IncestuousFlesh EnslavementBrass Knuckle Abortionunited_gutteral
63. 2008-06-23ClitortureFlesh PollutionClitorture-Goreality Splitpathos
64. 2008-06-02Denial FiendFlesheaterThey Riseibexmoon
65. 2008-05-26DimentianonYour Flesh is Mine to ExploitHossanas Novus Ordo Sechurumnon_compos_mentis
66. 2008-05-12Fuck... I'm DeadFlesh FeastFuck... I'm Dead vs Engorged - split CDno_escape
67. 2008-04-21Estuaryflesh and blood dilemmaTo Exist and Endureibexmoon
68. 2008-03-17ImpaledFlesh & Bloodthe Dead Shall Dead Remaincenturymedia
69. 2008-03-10Valorthe Flesh is weakFight for Your Lifewhite_stone
70. 2007-07-02VomitoryFlesh PassionTerrorize Brutalize Sodomizemetalblade
71. 2006-08-28slayerflesh storm
72. 2006-07-03ClitortureFlesh Pollution
73. 2006-07-03Blood Freakthe flesh and blood show
74. 2006-05-29ClitortureFlesh Pollution
75. 2006-04-24PorphyriaEnd, Flesh Divinity
76. 2006-03-13Beyond the Fleshfleshwound
77. 2006-01-16Beyond the Fleshfleshwound
78. 2005-11-21PorphyriaEnd, Flesh Divinity
79. 2005-09-05ClitortureFlesh Pollution
80. 2005-07-04Estuaryflesh and blood dilemma
81. 2005-07-04ClitortureFlesh Pollution
82. 2005-06-20Estuaryflesh and blood dilemma
83. 2005-06-20ClitortureFlesh Pollution
84. 2005-06-20Leukorrheaflesh formed to art
85. 2004-12-27massmurderfleshfest
86. 2004-07-05Beyond The Embracefleshengine breakdown
87. 2004-03-01flesh crawlflesh bloody flesh
88. 2003-12-227th nemesisvitrol made flesh (the legacy of hatred)
89. 2003-11-03Backstabbers IncFlesh Wounds, Target Practice, And How I Became A Statistic
90. 2003-10-137th menesisvitriol made flesh (the legacy of hatred)
91. 2003-10-05Backstabbers IncFlesh Wounds, Target Practice, And How I Became A Statistic
92. 2002-11-26Life at ZeroHuman Flesh Butcher
93. 2002-07-23The ForskaenCold Flesh Colony
94. 2001-11-20MaharahjDying Blind (flesh as art)
95. 2001-06-26ImpaledFlesh & Blood
96. 2000-12-25Theatre of the MacabreParadise in Flesh & Blood
97. 2000-11-14SepsismNecrotic Flesh Tot
98. 2000-11-14SepsismNecrotic Flesh Tot
99. 2000-05-15SepsismNecrotic Flesh Rot
100. 2000-04-03Shadows FallFleshold
101. 2000-04-03BloodFlesh and Blood
102. 2000-03-13Shadows FallFleshold
103. 1999-12-27Malevolent CreationNo Flesh Shall Be Spared
104. 1999-08-09DeathFlesh and the Power it holds
105. 1999-05-10SepsismNecrotic Flesh Rot
106. 1999-04-20DeathFlesh and the Power it holds
107. 1999-04-13SepsismNecrotic Flesh Rot
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